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1-elven has a woman in your line up how the band see a woman in your own line up? in other bands?make difference the metal scene is very sexist?

BERG:I think metal is for everyone if a woman is a good musician or she´s naturally talented loves metal i don´t understand why she couldn´t be part of the metal scene or even better the diversity can stimulate and make evolve the whole genre and finally metal women are almost always beautiful he-he!...in our case we chose to have a female voice in ELVEN because even if we partially dedicate to an extreme genre we love also melody and atmosphere and i think the female voice is naturally more related with these ad express these better the feeling we had with with lvy´s voice was almost immediate the work we´ve done till now has been always appreciated she also writes all lyrics for ELVEN and she does it in a way we love suggesting appropriate atmospheres and uses history and legend like metaphors to tell todays reality she gives the meaning of what we play that´s it and she revealed an excellent responsible for nthe band too so it´s even better right? he-he!...)
HAMMER:female singers have been widely increasing lately trying to copy or be an imitation os styles like those of nightwish or epica it´s kinda fashion well this is not case why can´t metal consider women playing or singing in a band? as to me there are women able to kick the ass of some goats sold as musicians
IVY: we are very close in and out of the band and we work both having fun and giving each other trust and respect is metal scene very sexist? I have two answers:1) people like us are not interested in this since we consider first of all ability and heart in what one´s doing I know metal girls of superior level that´s why can´t accept the sexist question: 2) the opposite consideration is that in the last years king business has inverted the situation and right now very often a strong scenic presence and a female voice- even absolutely insignificant-over all the instruments are enough to put up bands that have really too little to say to the audience like on tv in conclusion worlds always been sexist and this will last until we give this question an importance I think music is world´s mirror somehow the mixture of genres is everywhere metal scene is part of all this so... try to say where metal was 20 years ago is ridiculous even more than impossible hey we are everywhere,boys,accept it:girls power... with love,he-he!
ILDEN:ivy´s presence in ELVEN is very important a priori the fact that she a woman it´s only an advantage because it gives us the possibility of different points of view personally,I don´t think it makes any difference whether there are women or not in other bands too because being a good musician it doesn´t depend on the sex if the metal scene is very sexist... well.I think it´s the case to think about it...

2- how is the band opinion about ancient civilizations as egypt.greece,rome, etc where the human beign had apex in culture,science and technology?is there some similitude between ancient and contemporaneous civilization in values?

HAMMER:technology´s in constant progress the only problem is that the ancient one was useful most of all to satisfy primary needs the actual one serves peoples whims
IVY:sometimes it seems that we really involved and not evolved we are robots(remember kraftwerk?) without technology 90% of the modern western tecnologized population won´t be alse to survive ancient values are forgotten for many reasons but sadly we are still good in making war
BERG:the romans were great conquerors egyptians were spiritually and mentally above others and of the greeks I really love their gods pantheon and mythology but I dont´see any point of contact between modern civilizations and those ancient and rich cultures
ILDEN:all these civilizations have been pillars of world´s history but not its definite apex,perhaps only in their age I think that now we are at our apex in culture/science/technology(even if there are big differences between the populations)as to similitudes...yes there are:rome began decadence when its politics became a receptacle of corrupted and worms...I think you´ve heard talking about berlusconi so you can see that we haven´t changed so much...

3-the band talk about folklore how do you see phantasy in the air worldwide people are living in a big lie the truth never is revealed?

IVY:who´s able to read between the lines will get truth this is also what every tale and story teaches us ins´t perhaps fantasy the mantle that covers reality?
HAMMER:it is not necessary everything to be clear and perfect to tell stories it´s never been and never will be
ILDEN:in this period indeed above all in music fantasy is generally too little if compared to the 60-70 period fortunately it´s not the rule(but the effort to make it such is big enough)there are good bands and not only bands that are able to extract a high quality situations/reality and thanks to internet they all have the possibility to bring thier estrus where they can´t do it physically

4-which age of the humanity would you like to lived?

BERG: at the time of the roman empire or at the medieval times. I could also tell you in the 900 in the 50s in chicago!
IDEN:I don´t mind our age and period even if it´s very confused and complex sometimes time ago I was thinking that it could have been cool to live perhaps during the middle ages or in ancient egypt but having studied better those periods their epic and romantic aspects become weaker considering the high level of everyday life difficulties
IVY:thracian celtic and babylonian cultures fascinate me I´m curious in specific places and cultures rather than precise moments in history itself but it could have been nice to me living also at the end of 1800 in paris
HAMMER: any age(even the present one but with more decent politics where church is absent!but also middle ages

5-would you like to change the story of some legend that you have admiration?

BERG:I would make ulysses go back home sooner and faster he-he!
IDEN:not for now I consider them nice as they are
IVY:I would have chosen a different punishment for prometheus I would have horribly cursed neptune the raper instead of his poor victim the beautiful medusa...
HAMMER: no otherwise they wouldn´t be legends but regular stories

6- in folklore,legends, we can see the existence of many beigns in real life in the universe the band believes another form of life beyond human beign life another form of life is make believe?

IVY: it´s a big presumption to think that we´ve been and we always are the only ones to populate this universe as it is also to believe that our time and space are the only possible dimensions I love einstein!!)
BERG:exactly there are so many things we don´t know about that it could exist really anything it´s scientifically impossible that other forms of life do not exist...
ILDEN:absolutely the universe´s so vast I think they can exist also many of those creatures featured ion the myths or that they at least existed but urbanizing and life far from nature made us more insensible to all these things
HAMMER:I WANT TO BELIEVE! he-he! but I love this one I think belongs to s,thomas:IF I DON´T SEE I DON´T BELIEVE

7-describe in your own words what is folklore?legend?

ILDEN:folklore is a very important part of every civilization and population and forgetting it means to forget ones own past and history both the national and the personal one that one of everyday life and the ancient wisdom
BERG:legends are true stories magnified in the time folklore has clearly marked the character of the tales
HAMMER:a legend is a historical fact that passing through time becomes a myth then you put some fantasy in it and some words passed in the right/wrong way and here you have the legend folklore is the passive believing and accepting of the legend
IVY:folklore is something typical local that can express within stories,rites,exc something that still lives and repeats in that certain zone and in that certain moment legend is sometimes a literary story and sometimes a true story but we are not given the possibility to know where these two things collide and fuse in one and where they separate

8-what are the musical influences of the band?which favorite bands?

BERG:my musical influences and favorite bands/musicians are pantera,emperor,keep of kalessin,arcturus,dissection,opeth,bloodbath,morbid angel,sepultura,nile,zyklon and all together with them the giants of music pink floyd,s.r. vaughan,van halen,black sabbath
IVY:I love lots of artists so different between them some give me simply great energy(hypocrisy,emperor,nevermore,soilwork,testament,old cradle of filth,borknagar.enslaved...) some are talents I quietly and deeply admire (opeth,ayreon),others are interesting to me because of the way they write and perform their songs(my dying bride,arcturus,katatonia,faith no more,moonspell,alice in chains) my main inspirations as a singer are the unique bulgarian voices lisa gerard(dead can dance),anneke(ex-gathering),a lenox,anathema,kr. rygg(ulver/ex-arcturus),andrea nebel (hagalaz runedance),fiona apple, clannad,r.j. dio (the one and only...r.i.p),the 3rd and the mortal,blues and soul female voices too
HAMMER:for me nile and behemoth are above all other bands are keep of kalessin,watain,carpathian forest and soon...
ILDEN: I think extreme scandinavian music is basic influence here

9-how you define your music?where comes the inspiration?

BERG:it´s a melodic extreme metal mostly influenced from black and death metal inspiration is an unpredictable thing it depends on situations but for me an excellent moment to create music in my mind before creating it with my guitar is during the night when I go to sleep:silence,relax,only me and my thoughs...
IVY:the listeners will define better our genre we´ve got many different opinions and definitions on it probably because we´ve changed from dammed marsh till now and most of all now considering that the forthcoming album will be more direct and full of energy... my inspiration comes sometimes from my dreams at night sometimes from nature sometimes from literature and art but mostly from everyday life that provides so many intense stories... and from the music itself in the moment I listen to what the guys are writing in that precise moment something emerges from my mind and that´s the moment to put it in lyrics... as to singing I don´t need inspiration I simply do it because it makes me feel alive it´s like breathing I always sing if I can(even in the shower yes!)
HAMMER:brutal legend black metal D... inspiration somes spontaneous while listening to other music than yours then comes out the instinct and here we go there´s nothing planned
ILDEN:I think it´s a perfect mix of black and death metal and thanks to the continous variations and the female voice it is somehow of an easy-listening for all and not only for the purist of those styles

10-final legend?

BERG:this way a very funny interview so I wish to thank ´the glory of pagan fire zine`for the interest in us I salute all the readers and remind them that we´re are recording our full lenght album so feel free to come and visit our myspace or reverbnation profiles and to check our blogs for updates, and to listen to the new songs of course stay metal!
HAMMER:final legend? it´s 2012 soon...be ready!!! thank you for your curiosity!
IVY:to salute you...hmm...I don´t know if you prefer me to tell you one final story or a legend or to tell you that your country fascinates us since a long time so I decide that we can leave each other with this wish we´re looking forward to meet you live to tell you our stories from the stage why not! allt he best from ELVEN! and remember fortune presents gifts not according to the book so don´t ever stop dreaming having big desires thinking positive and most of all believing in yourselves!! kisses!


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1-we are living in a world wide human society decayed where the important values are changing we don´t know who is who the thoughts feelings and desires of the people are not clear there is a big confusion in the air,politics corruption,enviromental degration how the band see this scenery?

JAN AG: It’s human behaviour, directed by greed. New standards should be set to make this world a better place for all.

2-the universe has 04 millions of years approximately in 200 hundred years the mankind changed all structure of the earth currently we can feel the effects of this change as the change of the weather,absence of food of water,etc the actual human society has pride of your technology,progress civilization but the question is are we really civilized?

JAN AG: Humanity is too intelligent and this intelligence makes mankind dumb. No other animal than mankind has the power to self-destruct.

3-all of us are living in a self called modern civilization at the same time we see abominable practices the man kill animals to satisfy your desires to taste of meat, to have power there is genetic modifications of the food stupid wars,manufacture of weapons to destroy it self and others machin es to control the life of peoples are we developing or retrograding?

JAN AG: Mankind is self destructing. When we will continue like this, all will be gone for our next generations. Radical change of standards is needed.

4-what is the ideology behind agathocles lyrics?what do you want to speak?

JAN AG: AG is based on social autonomy. We believe in a system which gives everyone what he needs. At the moment, there is no balance in that. So the system must be corrected, by all means, for all of us.

5-the human beign created the machines to make easy your life but the machines becomes the man obsolete the technology of the chips are to control us like implantable human chip the digital cameras to observe etc what the opinion of the band about this bad technology?

JAN AG: Technology will soon live an own life, not controlled by mankind. At the moment, mankind controls mankind, but it’s not science fiction to say that in a near future computers will control mankind.

6-do you have some personal dream or a bands dream will not realized?

JAN AG: I don’t have any special dreams. The more dreams you have, the more disappointments you will face.

7-exist a truth behind the things no doubt but we can see one reality created by man tv,school,religion,radio,internet,etc around the true facts, where the lie is evident in band opinion is it easy to detect the truth when our mind is exposed to the lie?

JAN AG: To have a more complete view on what is happening around the world, you have to get your news from different media sources. All media is subjected to an ideology.

8-what the band is listening at the present? which bands?

JAN AG: At the moment, I am listening a lot of the Russian band GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA. Other bands that I have played a lot lately are BLAFKAT, DNA, ARROGANTA AGITATORER, SORELLA MALDESTRA and UNHOLY GRAVE.

9-last words?

JAN AG: Thanx for your interest in AG and for giving us space in your zine. Good luck with your work in the future. Cheers to all people who have taken the time to read this interview. I hope it was a little bit interesting, if not, tough luck. Keep the DO IT YOURSELF flame burning ! GRIND IS PROTEST , NOT POSING ! MINCE ON !!!


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1-Could you come back in time in which age would you like to live?

First I would like to see how it really was when this so called "Jesus the saviour and son of god" was and if he really was that kind of
glorious and "swindlering" person that so many millions in this crazy,insanity world believes that he was and is?!And that is responsible
together with his so called "father" (God) for so many wars during the whole mankinds history.And then after that I would prefer to
live around the time of the medieval age or maya/inca era or the time of the old vikngs or the Babylonian era.Maybe also live side by side
with the real ancestors in USA also, the indians.That would also probably be a great time and adventure.As I have nothing much left for
this todays modern world society or kind of living.What I mean by this is that in the past and old history all humans lived with the nature
and served it well with their own sweat and tears.They had no faked gods,they had their own vision and belief in what was right and wrong.
Today millions follows one or two gods thru an old "fucking" book and does what it tells them to do.No normal sexual belief accepted
before marriage,no masturbation,sacrifice yourself for some crucified asshole that just was a little hypocrite.And all those things has
also caused a weak and sick depressive world.I mean shall we now today let a little pedofile pope with a funny hat rule our world?The
same I believe it is with judaism and all other fanatical religios shithole.I accept other religions and beief, but when it comes to
insanity and fanatic ideas, then I think we could drop them all into sea and hope the fishes will have a good meal.God means death and
slavery,follow your inner voice and dont let yourself be a slave by hypocrites and faanatic mainacs.Live with the anture,live and take
care of mother earth instead of follow something that is false and truly evil.This story I could go on and on with, but I end it here.
I dont call myseld satanist really (the thing is to misunderstood tragically),but I believe in the universe, nature and mother earth
and their inner powers and soul.Call it paganism, satanism, occult views or ideolgy, whatever you want to call it.
Something or anything is not necessary needed to be called something either.End of God a day of a new dawn.

2-Currently how is it have a metal band?

I would like to say that I love music of nearly all kinds and is in a bit higher age today and not that young.And started my musical
journey all back in the stoneage,haha in 1981. And from that date I have played in several bands and it has been all from punk,grind,
gothrock,Oi,death metal,doom,heavy and black metal. The list can be miles away long I guess.The same is it nearly with Alltears my
bandmate in the band.He have played in the well known band Steelattack and Tragic Serenade,Persecution,Zephyr and much more.
I have been active myself in several bands like Equinox,Tragic Serenade,Obey,Killteam,No Agony,Kollaps,Exotic Flower,Tales,Harvey
Wallbanger,Affliction and many, many more.In younger age and this is just as I feel like, is that then when you played in a band
you always wanted to reach higher and higher and also dreamed of some fat contract/signing with some big label.But that type of
thinking is not actual the same today,haha.Now I play just for the fun and also to hopefully be remembered for something unique
and original and I never really seeks for glory,money or other shit.We are a undergroun metal band and will continue that way
even if we becomes bigger, but I can promise that we never will be a band that some typical profit label can rule and say what to
do.We will never creep in shit for others, that thing can those who love continue with, we will not.

3-How do you see the release of some materials like vinyl,tape and ep?

We have made one album in 2009 "Back to the glorious past" on cd,two split albums also on cd and one tape release so far.And back
in 2007 we also did our two demos that nowdays are sold out since a long time.But about vinyl, that is a dream that I have I can tell
as I remember that time before cds made it´s debut.And the difference is that to hold a vinyl lp or ep is much more cool than a cd in
my own opinion.But nothing bad to say about cd either as I love that format also,hehe.But vinyl is old and still a greater format than
cd if I have to choose.Tape format is also a underated format as it lives more than less longer than a normal cd does today.I can promise
on that, cause I have a tape that still function perfectly from late 70s.And how cool is not that, haha.We have plans to do some kind
of production on vinyl, maybe a split with some other band or an ep.Omen from Malayisa is interested in such things with us so who knows?
But the problem is to find some label interested in doing that as today it does not exists that many labels that still does it
on vinyl.We can just give our hope that sometimes it may return.As the vinyl format is so brilliant and original and better looking too.

4-Which bands are you listening now? What kind of books you like to read?

Hmm,hard question,haha.Alltears I knows that he likes bands like Dimension Zero,Children Of Bodom,In Flames,Samael,Frozenpath,Bathory
and Kovenant to mention some there.I maybe listen to some more bands myself as I have a record label also that I runs and in that way
you comes in contact and touch with so many bands beside of your own personal favorites also.But some of my favorite band is Bathory
that is eternal gods and one of my main inspirations,Hellhammer,Celtic Frost,Burzum,Hate Forest,Nokturnal Mortum,Apraxia,Witchfinder
General,Count Raven,Pagan Reign,Cry,Nocra,Lost In Darkness,Purgatory,a doom,Frozenpath,Sorg Innkallelse,Illapa,Al-Namrood,Necromanteion,
Samael,Skullfist,Frost,Loits,Freedom Call,Mortelo Negro,Herpsed and Bestia and so many more.But those are some of the bands I use to listen to
and love and will probably always do.I have also some favorites in other musical genres too, but mostly weak for metal and some hc/punk.
Books I read,hehe..In fact I dont read books today jsu newspaper and maybe some cartoon magazines.But some years back I read much and
some books that still is some of the greatest I have readed is Bram Stokers Dracula,Titanic and Crime And Punishment.But I have also
readed a so called "forbidden" book, but could not manage and fix the whole one as it was to hard and big and which one it is,
people have to guess there, hehe, I just say second world war.

5-Do you think there is no evolution in metal scene in present time what is your opinion to put new elements non conventional instruments in metal sound inside?

I am open for all kinds and believe it is interesting and unique in some way when bands uses some new and original instruments
in their music beside of just the regular ones.And I also believe the metal scene always will go up and down thru the years as
it always have done.Today I feels and believe that the underground scene specially is very good and grows for every day.I mean
so much bands it exists today have I never ever before noticed.Instruments I believe suits great in metal of all subgenres is
violin,keyboards,flute,piano and much more.And if the bands knows how to use it right it can bring in something real great and
special sound too.Nothing has just to be regular guitars,bass and drums, why not spread that journey as long it is met

6-You think those events that happened in norway helped spread the black metal around the world and these facts we can highlight the positive and negative?

Just one answer there, YES absolutely.But the black metal scene is quite big now everywhere and it is growing and growing
even in the middle east and asia.So where it will headed too will be real interested to see.One thng else I would like to
say is that today black metal is much more accepted also and that is in some ways good, but also bad.As that can bring bad
rumours about the scene compared to the regular metal scene.And we can just hope that the black metal underground does not
come to some kind of profit,glammy dark dressed rockers that just running around and screams satan just cause it is cool or
something,haha.Then it goes straight to the wrong place and situation I believe.As long a real underground scene exists in
both black metal and death metal as well too, it will exists real black metal music and musicians.Together we are all a united
force against the normality and the profit hungry and religios bastards.

7-How you define your music?

From the first days back in 2001 when we started the band and were called Curse, we were maybe more inspired by death metal
and some industrial elements.Back then our most inspirations were bands like Rotting Christ,Samael,Kovenant and Celtic Frost.
But since 2007 when we started to play more seriously we are more inspired by much black metal and pagan/folk metal.But
as we both are much older in the band and have played together since many years back in time and in other bands too, we
have in some way a very spreaded influence to create our own music.But we plays and describe our music as epic pagan black
metal with some death influences in the style as well.And some people also thinks we sounds little industrial inspired in the
music, but that is not on purpose at all.It just getting that way even that we dont try too.But we are not a typical black metal
band maybe,we do it in our own way and that is how we want it to be.We dont want to be like all others.We wants to create something
own and unique and we love it that way.We just follow our inner feelings and that becomes Demorian.

8-Your lyrics talk about what? your lyrics are put on the for whom?

Our lyrics are about many different topics.And much of it is about old glorious time and ancient history and our ancestors
and specially about the viking history,paganism,celts,occultism,war,religions and also about deeper inner darker feelings as
depressive thoghts,doomsday,spiritual things,demons,mother nature and much more.The main topics is old times,nature and old
history and about our earth as it is and was.

9-How are the concerts of the the band?

As we are just two members in Demorian we have no possibility to do concerts yet as it is to hard with just the two of us to do it.
On our debut album we were more than less 3 in the band as my wife was a helping hand for that, but now we are just two again,
but no one knows what the future can bring.We have been asked from some places to come and play and mexico is one country that we
have been invited to.And that is to sad that we reall cannot do it.But the problem is not just that we are to few in the band.We
have both families and many kids so that is also a thing that causes some trouble.But if anoyone some day can help us out for a gig
as session members to play with us, it is maybe not longer a impossibility that we can do it.But as the reality looks right today
we are just a studio band and we try to do the best of the situation anyway.We creates hard,raw antichristian metal and that is in
the first place what it is all about.

10-Sweden has big bands recognized worldwide how do you see sweden metal scene right now?

There is several good bands in Sweden today as Korpblod,WAN,Höstmörker,Islamofobi,Galla,Blodsband
,Godhate,Stellar Winter just to
mention some good ones.But the scene is a bit to flashy and famous seeking in some way, but that is not all bands that is like
that of course, but the old years back in late 80s and 90s was better in some way.Today it seems that many try out to be the best
band and the most evil one,worst,bloodiest and such things and that I believe is splitting up the underground scene a bit.But
those bands that is not like that and tries to follow in that direction have harder times I believe to be recognized and known.

11-Last words?

Many thanks for this great interview and a big salute to all out there in the whole world that gives support in us.And all those
that keeping the underground alive.Without you all we would never ahve reached where we are today.Thanks to all bands,labels and
zines who have supported us in some way or another.Together we all are strong and together we cannot fail.

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1. Are you Nihilist's? What is your opinion about Life and Death?

Are we Nihilist's? No. Are we nihilistic? Yes...obviously our music and imagery are very dark and misanthropic. This sound and look appeals to us on a primal level. Do we hold to a specific doctrine or philosophy? No...we reserve the right be and do what we want from moment to moment; this is in line with the selfish artistic compulsion within us. Perhaps this is from that which calls to us from beyond. No one can ever know for sure. We don't respond well to boundaries. Life and Death? Is there a difference? I know not. Perhaps this is all a dream or construct. I yearn for that which is beyond.

2. How are the infernal gigs of the band?

I like to think of our gigs more as rally's. The Kommandant aesthetic is very provocative and challenging. We operate on many levels. There is of course in a metal sense the intense assault of our sound and music. We are very purposeful about all aspects of the live performance or rally as I said. There are the visual aspect as well. Some are drawn to the overall dark and oppressive imagery of our visage. This is intentional. Some comprehend the overall truly terrifying element we are trying to embody. There are those who do not get it and are threatened by what we do. Some like to read political stances into what we do. Some have left our shows very upset. This pleases us as well. It pleases us that without a word, we have upset someone to the point of forfeiting their entrance fee merely by how we look. THEY have read into us...we have reached out and affected them; controlled them if you will, with our APPERACNE. This is powerful. Metal...truly aggressive metal is not meant to be "safe", or "happy". I do not wish to be a part of some hippy love fest music. I want our audience to feel we are at war with them on some level. I want them to feel elated that they survived our set and have received a sort of dark communion with us and that is something in which we are touched by. We reserve the right NOT to be simply a predictable or typical metal band. Kommandant is truly a thing to behold live. This is KNOWN.

3. To live in this world is war, so who is the enemy to destroy in this war?

Those who oppose us.

4. What are the elements to compose a strong and powerful song?

There are two of us who compose the "music" in Kommandant. We draw on a lifetime of metal influence as well as from that which speaks to us from beyond. We know what is necessary and that indeed is the aim; To create potent dark art that we as lovers of this form would like to be a spectator for ourselves. Then there is the aspect of catharsis. There is a lot going on in us behind the mask of sanity. I have already said to much.

5. Talk a bit about the history of the band.

We are all veterans of this dark art and have been creating it for many years combined. I don't wish to bore you with a list of past members and gigs and recordings. Kommandant was conceived in 2005. Iron Hands on Scandinavia E.P.. Stormlegion Lp (Planet Metal) and now Kontakt E.P. (Planet Metal). Many successful rally's

6. What feelings do you have when listening to the sound of Kommandant.

Immediately my pulse quickens. There is an anger response within and I am at one with that within me that is destructive and hateful. I am elated to be in this band. I feel as I did the first time I heard Thrash, the first time I heard Death Metal and the first time I heard Black Metal . I feel connected to the evolution of extreme metal music.

7. What do you think about:

George W. Bush- An uninspired pawn and puppet liar and deceiver................ as is the way of the politician.
Anton LaVey- I think he is a thief and liar, but bold and calculating. I admire this.
Charles Manson- a fool and crazed megalomaniac who almost became a god, by following the path of all "saviors"...he could have become the next Christ.

8. What are you trying to express through your letter?

I do not understand the question. If you mean through Kommandant, listen and it will speak to you as they do to us.

9. Who would you condemn to the death penalty?

The list is far too long for your publication.

10. Last words?

Kommandant is rising. It is not for all. True lovers of extreme music, try it and see if it speaks to you. If it does...join us.


1-what is the meaning behind the band´s name curimus? is it a finnish word?what is curimus exactly?
Finnish word “kurimus” means vortex or maelstrom in English. So we just changed the first letter. That name describes our music and lyrics very well

2-we can see a worldwide scenery of ignorance in humankind blid people leading blin people seeing a true mind confusion on deep darkness without values about good and evil living in sub-human conditions of life like animals killing themselves what the band opinion around that all it?

. When you watch news or read newspapers you don’t have to be a genius to realize that people have really fucked up. Unfortunately I don’t see the future any better. People trust in pointless values. Greed and hate are controlling the World nowadays and human lives are worthless

3-in curimus album ´humanity for sale´we can see similar people blind following a standard of living with bars code currently some people know about human implantable chips how do you see this kind of technology for example in human society can be another kind of mass control the end of human ´freedom´?

I really don’t want to see tattooed bar codes or microchips in people’s head. That kind of life is not worth living. Freedom is one of the most important things in humanity. I don’t think that people will agree that kind of plans. At least it will take a lot of bloodshed before

4-what are musical influence of band´s members?which bands you like?

Machine Head, Sepultura and Pantera have been big influences for us. All the members have a little bit different taste of music. Here are few favorite bands to mention: Sepultura, Slayer, At the Gates, Katatonia, Judas Priest and Rob Zombie

5-unfortunately we see a chaotic situation everywhere in each part of the world human history in common historical books like a big lie the liars behind goverments the mass media with your alienation the religion with your fake theories all of that as a big hypnosis where is the truth?inside of each of us or out there?

All the people should use their own brains to decide what is true and what is false. People don’t question the acts of media and governments enough. I think everyone should determine their own truth and not to base it only on other people’s beliefs

6-there is bloodshed since the beginning of humanity till today for nothing because of difference of religious political,ethnical rules based hypothetical on truth do you really think that humanity human being is intelligent?

Yes, I think that human being is intelligent. Stupid species cannot kill each other so effectively. Human race has three tools for self-destruction: money, power and organized religions. All big problems in the World are connected to those three things somehow

7-what are the top heavy metal albums for the band?tell about 05 albums?

Here is one album from each guy:
Rainbow - Rising
Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
Katatonia - Night is the New Day

8-so many people believes in influence of devil behind each bad act of human being do you think the devil is human being that all bad acts are of total responsibility of us?not of the devil?

I don’t believe that the devil or any god will guide us to do something. People can destroy themselves without help. But if the devil is walking among us we surely have plenty of them

9-what kind of counsciouness you like to speak in your owm music?

We write about subjects that mean something to us. I don’t even care if other people are interested in those things we write about or not. Writing lyrics is some kind of soul-searching. At least I feel that way. Some of our lyrics are quite critical but we don’t want to preach to anyone. Those are only our thoughts about our lives and what we see around us. Everyone can read the lyrics and make their own conclusion about them.

10-last word ?

We will upload a few new songs on our Myspace site soon. Welcome to check them out at www.myspace.com/curimus Cheers from Finland.

segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010


1 - talk about the scene in your country?

In Russia black metal scene is developed not so bad. Unfortunately, large labels prefer to release hordes, whose music confessedly disharmonizes with black metal ideas, finding the good response in the crowd of teenagers. I’m understanding that this situation concerned with commercial reasons. But realy estimable interesting bands are doomed to exist in deeper underground, contenting very small editions of their releases. I wanna mark out Gmork, uRAn 0, Eres', Veretragor, Necrolatreia, Ghornumn, Tenebris, Forestgrave.

2 - what vision you have of death?

Death is a gift which we can outlast only once. Primordial canons of our world are made so faultlessly. I think, that human essence is only maggot. It’s a stage on long way to the higher form, which can live in the global primal chaos and not depend from time and matter.

3 - because the forbidden always fascinates us?

Certainly, forbidden attracts everyone, but everyone have his individual limit. Always there will be the one who will go further than others. But nobody thinks about outcome... Supervise your desires and possibilities, they have property to come true!

4 - his war and against whom?

Through my music I’m trying to inform since earliest times idea of struggle against human herd, and showing how insignificant two-legged scoff with his ambitions, avidity, ardour to progress before grandeur and might of the nature surrounding us. I feel a pain when walking to the places, where at one time birchwoods and boundless fields were lie, now here only heaps of shit presented by nugatory civilisation. The human does not honour that has given his life, instead of this, he amuses itself any type of delirium, like religions, drugs, inadequate lust, homosexualism and others. The similar creature is not worth the rights to existence.

5 - ha world that we are led through your music?

It is the world of fool, that standing on the edge of chasm, and not suspecting what horrors and pain the chasm has prepared for him. Some tracks from the first album were created under impression of tales of HP Lovecraft. Second album is the almanac of human inferiority before that over what it thought himself the master. Another branch of my creative way is ambient, impregnated with beauty and danger of the nature.

6 - suicide is a form of relief to life in this morbid world?

My opinion is unequivocal. Suicide is only for weaklings, not for warriors. Since Black Metal is war!

7 - emerges from where his inspiration to compose the lyrics of the band?
In general I write the lyrics spontaneously for my poison. I obtain inspiration from internal experiences, walk to the primeval nature, books and films, so, from all that can hurt the strings of my soul and imagination.

8 - making nature is so mysterious and intriguing to us has a certain fascination about her?

Yes, I already mentioned about it above.

9 - end suffering

Thank for interesting questions. Successes in support of the true underground! Everyone have his path, sometimes it winds and goes uphill. In that moment the main thing is not to surrender and not to betray your ideals. Listen to your heart, listen to your rage. Be strong and stay metal! Stay black fucking metal!!!

sexta-feira, 2 de julho de 2010

Dragged into sunlight(Reino unido)

1-Do you think that the climate of Europe and the intense winter somehow influences the composition of the music of the bands in Europe?

Winter is cold, stark and bare. Life is totally frozen. It’s that harshness towards nature which pairs well with the sound of Dragged into Sunlight. If you immerse yourself in total darkness, you stand a better chance of achieving and portraying total darkness.
Whether you’ll emerge with your sanity intact is unclear. Reading the works of Jason Moss, the insight gained from his friendship with John Wayne Gacy yields uniquely sinister results, but the guy hung himself six years later. It’s a double edged sword.
There are many extreme bands in the UK and whilst it’s impossible to decipher whether any others appreciate the unique climate we have over here, Dragged into Sunlight subscribe to a definite and meteorological influence.

2-currently what is your opinion about metal scene?

The scene works in cycles. At the moment, underground extreme metal is on a high. It’s predictable that any scene will attract the unwanted attention of coattail riders. The same scene ends up flooded with bands, some of which will inevitably possess colossal talent, others not so much.
At present, there seems to be an overwhelming weight towards ambient black metal. A concern is the lack of thought which goes into some of the material out there. Dragged into Sunlight is meticulously planned and if that means we take longer, you’ll have to wait.

3-the internet advent get the possibility to have some materials easy for everyone what the good and bad side of internet for you?

The internet has its advantages and disadvantages. People are able to access music easier, but whether they still appreciate content which is so readily available becomes questionable.
The upside is that technology drives evolution and everything is possible, the downside is that it takes one idiot to overstep the mark and end the world.

4-do you think black metal only must speak about satanism or can speak about other themes?

Traditionally, black metal carried a satanic connotation, the more contemporary approach is towards ambient black metal and there’s a definite tendency to dress music in ambiguity. The lack of focus is atrocious, yet because underground extreme metal is on a high at the moment, it’s lapped up.
This isn’t a romantic meal for two, it’s extreme metal. Whilst amongst the contemporary scene, the subject matter of black metal has a wider scope and the audience has a wider pallet, extreme metal by nature is extreme and black metal is blackened. And so, the ability of the listener to distinguish genuine contributions to extreme metal from those bands here for the moment is matter of musical integrity
5-whom you hate for?

Hate is wasteful. It is neither a constructive or destructive emotion. Collectively, we loathe; a far more corrosive and destructive emotive dedication. How many pages do you have?

6-what are your favorite black metal albums?

At present and in no particular order – Deathspell Omega “Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum”, Weakling “Dead as Dreams” and Vetus Obscurum “Blood Revelations”.

7-you think a song can influence a person to commit a suicide or kill someone?

A song can influence a person to pick up a gun, whether you turn it on yourself, someone else or both, remains a personal discrepancy. Some are more easily influenced than others. As before, if you choose to indulge in total darkness, whether you’ll emerge with your sanity in tact is the risk you take.
For every Ted Bundy, there’s a handful of normal. Eventually, another mind ends up fucked on violence and goes hunting with a hacksaw. As Bundy said, “You are going to kill me, and that will protect society from me. But there are many, many more....”.
So yes, similarly to any social phenomena, a song ‘can’ influence a person to commit suicide or kill someone, but the success rate is relatively low.

8-do you think the music and a good way of expressing our dark feelings?

Definitely, there are 365 days this year, you’re guaranteed to have one where you feel like loading up a nail gun and firing off some rounds. Extreme music thrives on that emotion.

9-last words?
“Kiss my ass” John Wayne Gacy, 1994.

sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

deformity br (Brazil)

1-the chaotic world that we are living today with war,terror,blood is an inspiration for the band?

Of course it does! The way society degenerates, the obliteration of mankind, the crazy and sick way the human being fight to survive, like animals… primitive beings. Human on its roots, covered with ambition, with the thirsty for power, money, and influence… on its thirsty for vengeance, and for blood, for entertainment. All these things serve as inspiration, for what we call a gory poetry. Many people may find it disgusting, or something that we live only in our music. Something considered not true. Well, I’d ratter think of these as inspiration for the most horrible, visceral, aggressive, and rotten type of music. That’s what we’re proposed to.

If you think a little about, all this blood, war, chaos, and terror (good name for a song, ain’t it?) are not something that we could see as a modern way of conducting things. Weren’t ancient civilizations crueler? Weren’t them more irrational (thinking as nowadays)? How can we justify all the blood that was spilled all over these centuries? How ask forgiveness for all the dead? Can you imagine how they treated the ill, the unhealthy children, the elder, the weaker, the slaves, the losers, the skeptic, the different, etc.? Can you find deep inside you head something to justify all the torture people resorted of? Indeed, sometimes I think that this selvage impetus is actually in a kind of hold nowadays, because we all know humans are dirty, are odd. I’d even think that human kind is far way from intelligence, peace, and clean thoughts. So, some people like to talk about good things, about flowers, love… we’d rather talk about this true and real dark side of human mind. The human kind itself is the inspiration.

2- I remember very well in a concert of the band in palco do rock the stage of rock in salvador,Bahia,Brasil you played a cover of a famous brazilian rock n rol band titas years ago how was the repercussion on metal scene?

Does anyone still remember this really old fact? Well, I think people from within the underground entrails are extremely radical about the thought of a pure, real and straight Metal scene. This position is positive when we think of the maintenance of the scene itself, with all its bands, metalheads, and specialized media. On the other hand, this position brings other negative points… as not accepting strangers and new people, or a great closing for new and transverse ideas (which not necessarily dismount the main characters of Heavy Metal). I know I’m choosing to talk about a really delicate subject. But someone needs to get to this spot!

The last thing I should add is that bands from abroad come with some nonsense experiments into their music… but people accept it right the way! If this happens to be, why can’t Brazilian bands do unusual (but not nonsense) things? We just player a Death Metal version of this band we all like. Did people like it? I think not because everyone was steady at that moment. Other complained a lot about that song! But I you guarantee, if we didn’t announce it, many people would be banging!

3-which was the most hindrance for the band until now?

Hehehe... Many, many of them... It’s kind of funny, because in the beginning we had many difficulties, now they are completely gone, but others have appeared. And I guess it will be always like this. The problems and difficulties are part of the human being, part of the complex human living… it sounds, sometimes, like no problem, no life.

So, I think our main problem was due the fact of we be living in a sort of small town. This fact really added negatively on our difficulties. Or maybe not… hahahaha! Well, our first problem was the lack of knowledge on playing the instruments. And, as everyone may know, lack of people to play with us and believe our work. This is the reason for Lucio to pretend to play the bass, besides the vocals. And many others… but if we keep on marching… keep on fighting, I think we can get over these difficulties.

I can mention some of the problems related to the debut album, just as an example: first of all, sufficient budget to make this investment; sound technicians prepared for metal; instruments and related equipment for the recording sections; a better planning; professionals for developing the graphics; and, the last, but not least, the problems related to the release and promotion of the album itself…

4-what you hate more in this world?
Really? Can I pick someone and do it? It would be fucking awesome, so we could get our own gore cover art picture! Well, it would be very simple to define someone: the mayor of my city. It would be a good start in this career of killing politicians!!! Do they need to get a bus, or use our public health system? Do they live in a suburb, or in extreme conditions? Well, that’s the main reason for them to keep on destroying Brazil!

5- what is your opinion about the fucking world we are living and human being?
Mentioning my first answer, I’d say it’s now easy to be in the world described there. Sometimes we just need to forgive philosophy, dialectics, and resort of power. That’s the way most people understand, that most respect. We’re not on times were things were dealt with the steel of sword, nor with a fast draw. But would you think different of that in an extreme situation? And besides, don’t we resort of influence, of pretension while accomplishing tasks? Some means are quite less aggressive, but we still are trying to get to the top, always. This reflects that not everyone can be there…

6-talk about the new release of the band the distribution of the same and some idea for a release of full album in the future?

Hey man, be prepared, we really have some news on releases!!! The last demo we had released was “There’s More Blood Coming”, back in 2006. Have you got a copy of it? Well… I would classify it as a start for the efforts of our debut album. We tried to spread it as much as we could… Many people and zines got it, but complained it had only two songs. To show that we didn’t stop on crushing, we released in 2009 an advanced promo, containing some songs that will be enclosed in our album. The main purpose of this release was to show the labels our work. But it was sent to other people too… Well, the main plan right now is to finish all the works for our upcoming debut album – at this exact moment we’re developing the graphic design. I think it should be all set and ready to go by September/October 2010. Well, it will be released with the fucking great help of the guys from ThunderGod Productions, and will be called “AnthroposDeadDisgustingPhagia”. The album comes with 10 tracks, which translates all these tough 15 years inside the underground, and many surprises. To be honest, many of the songs inside the album were released in our previous demos, so we tried to get them with some extra shit!!! Hope people like it… Hope we can celebrate together this fucking late (you bet, it was ultra hard to get it done) release!

7-the radicalism is necessary on metal scene and the same thing must be disseminated thru violence or thru conscious attitude?

Well, this question is highly connected with your previous one about the Titãs cover song we played some years ago. So we could come up with the question: what is the limit for radicalism? Let think that the radicalism is really necessary not only for Metal, but for all small and closed group activity. We can take the example of cultural groups… they are really radical. Why is this so? I think the radicalism is the essential element for the maintenance of these groups, is a way of keeping alive the ideals, keeping alive the ideology! So, like this people always can remember that is necessary to hold the same flag!

On the other hand, this same element we are talking about is also very negative for the maintenance of the groups. It decreases the possibilities of having other people, or new ideas flowing on the group. It keep the “new” outside the circle! Well, it’s very dangerous to work like this, because of the possibility of death for them.

Talking about the ways this radicalism should walk and be implemented, I couldn’t point one. But, for me, one thing is clear, violence is not the way. Let’s not practice this sort of ingenuous radicalism; we need to have clarity at this moment!

8-final rottennes?

So great blood metal brother Julio, I’d like to thank you very much for this opportunity in talking a little more about us and our work. I really appreciated this help and opportunity you’re giving us.

Well, you people keep you eyes fucking peeled; “AnthroposDeadDisgustingPhagia” should be out by the end of this year (2010). In advance I thank all the support the metalheads gave us, listening and vibrating on gigs, helping with our promotion, helping to make things possible. A bloody hail for all!

We couldn’t leave this interview without sending huge thanks for ThunderGod Prods. Without their help, patience, and trust, it would be very difficult to release, distribute and promote our album by ourselves. I hope this release will also help them in spreading their name in all over this globe! You guys know we respect and admire your efforts and hard work for the sake of Metal, for the sake of underground! Long live ThunderGod (www.thundergodzine.com.br)!

domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


1-which means arallu?

Arallu is a demon from the Mesopotamian mythology who is destined to lead the armies of hell in the final battle

2 - where you get inspiration to compose the lyrics of the band?

I live in Jerusalem. this is a center of religious hate. My country is always under attack by religious terrorist. I’m surrounded by war and terror since I was born, and my parents and grandparents were as well. My family and friends have been living in the middle of this religious war under the threat of terrorism for a long time. A lot of my lyrics are inspired by that, the hatred, the terror, the religious war.Some of my lyrics come from Mesopotamian mythology. We are part of the Mesopotamian region and history. There was always war in this region, and some of the stories go back thousands of years. I use some of those stories as metaphors.Some lyrics come from my personal life, for example, In the last album, I wrote a song to my daughter, and in the album before that, I wrote a song about my brother, who was held hostage by the ELN in Columbia.

3-What inspired you to play a black music as black metal?

Well, it is mostly about philosophy and the occult. I am attracted to the mystery beyond what is seen, to the unknown. I’m not only interested in what I see and know, but also in what I don’t see and what is unknown, the universe and mankind. This music really brings it out in me, makes me feel it.

4-like and live in Israel and play a song like unholy black metal in the land of no salvation?

In Israel, our music remains fairly underground, so we go mostly unnoticed by the religious fanatics. Although in the past there was a big issue in the newspapers about Satanism, but most bands didn’t cooperate with the reporters and the issue died out.There is no danger in playing this music here, and we play it mostly for us and those who are like us. We speak out against religion, We are not afraid of the religious freaks. We can handle ourselves.

5-what is your opinion about the conflicts that occur there as the Palestinian and the neighboring countries of the Middle East?

Well, you can’t really escape it. We have no issue against the Palestinians or anybody else, but when terrorists try to blow us up and mortars and rockets are falling on our houses, suicide bombers explode on our buses, in shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs, we have to defend ourselves. We really have no choice, regardless of political views. I think most people here want to live in peace with the neighbors, but Israel is an odd entity in the Middle East. We are a Jewish state in an Arab region; we are a democracy surrounded by tribal states, kingdoms, military regimes, and dictatorships. We are “stuck like a bone in the throat” of the surrounding countries. So they want to remove us, eliminate us. They blame all their problems on us, their leaders declare war on us, and their religious leaders declare Jihad (Holy War) on us.Until they come to terms with our existence here, we will have to defend our homes and families.

6-what vision you have of the war?

A pessimistic one, if I have to place trust in human beings, especially the religious ones, well, I believe it’s just going to keep on going until one day someone will push the button and the first warhead will launch, from there, the end is near.

7-when will the end of Christianity which will soundtrack that was to bury this wretched plague?

I believe that religion is the main factor in wars. It is the fuel that lights the fire. It is a powerful tool that recruits people, and it’s often used and taken advantage of by warlords. If you end religion, you can end those wars.Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or whatever, we don’t care.

8-we can expect from the new album?

Every Arallu album takes the music one step ahead. The next one will be the same.We will go deeper to the Mesopotamian sound and add to it the pure aggression of our metal sound. Take it one step further

9--bombing final?

Thanks for the interview and for keeping the underground metal alive.We would love to play in your country, so if any band or promoter is interested, contact us.And finally, we would like to shout out to all those who don’t buy into all the propaganda, not the musical one and not the political one.You want your metal pure, aggressive, real and non-commercial, you want to make your own mind about things and not be forced-fed them, and we respect that. Arallu.

quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

diktat (france)

1-metal and a lifestyle for you or an ideology?

Metal is for us an everyday life because we must defend what a lot of french people does not consider like music, and speaking for myself, metal cannot be an ideology because I reject any kind of ideologies

2-which literary and musical influences of the band?

Diktat is influenced mostly by disagreements of life if I can say so and our musical inspiration comes ,first, from all our metallic background of all genre, but we also like other kind of music like flamenco or jazz, classical music,as much as we get something from it

3 - what are the issues addressed by the band?

We do not have real message to give to anyone but live your life and follow your dreams, do something ! we first try to make music for itself and we hope to share our energy with you!

4-Who do you like to send to the guillotine?

The first people I will send to the guillotine are those who are playing with our money every single day on markets! then will come politics followed by millions of people I choose personally!

5 - what happens with great bands that come in majors that after just changing the sound?

I think that today's majors are interested by bands with heavy & clear sound, easy to listen, but they do not care much for having real new bands with real personality that will change from mass media metal bands! Due to the loss of benefits on cd products (thanks to internet downloads) they must be focused on band's skills on stage to get incomes for their bands (from concert tickets & merchandising), a musical life can appear harder than ever.

6- as playing alongside bands like immolation incantation and among others?
Diktat got very lucky at the start because it's true we had the opportunity of opening shows for famous bands like Immolation, Incantation, Master, Dying Fetus and other great names ! All those guys are fucking great and we had good time with all of them!

7-what is your opinion about French personalities such as: marques de sade, Napoleon Bonaparte ,charles baudelaire?

The names remind me of school time ,that means a lot, but I know Sade was a really tormented mind and a lot of people consider him as a mad man considering the violence of his writing, I like the atmosphere in his books.
Baudelaire was more poetic, I remember Les fleurs du mal, I loved that book when I was a teenager! Napoleon is my favorite because I have roots in Corsica ,so you understand… This man made Europe the way it is now ,more or less. He also was a mad man! Are you trying to show me that french famous people are all mad?

8-what kind of message you try to express through your lyrics and your music
I told you Diktat have no specific message , music comes first, but don't let anyone fuck up with you, metal brothers!
9-as you see a return to scene of bands like Destruction, Venom and others?

You're right ! legendary bands are still on the road now and I think that's great and in a way this shows that people knows where to find quality entertainment . This is also good for young metal heads to see what was before all these blasting great bands we have now!

10-carnage end?

I know you Brazilian metal brothers are really involved into metal music and we, french people, say you are the best crowd ! We all in Diktat hope to come and play in your great country one day, do not hesitate to contact us through Myspace we'll be very happy to talk with you!

Thanks a lot Julio Cesar for your interview! your questions were not usual ,Thank you for that! Keep it hot!

Alex & Diktat

(This interview was made by Alex guitar player in DIKTAT)

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headhunter d.c (brazil)

1 - How do you see the revival of classic albums from bands of the 80s by Mushroom Records?

Sergio "Baloff" Borges: Death metal greetings to all! I find interesting, man, it gives opportunity to those who had no access to these albums, for one reason or another, to finally buy them. We are pleased by the Mushroom finally include "Punishment At Dawn" in its Remaster Series, although this only be happening 16 years after its original release. Despite all the turmoil in which the current scene is (trends, fashions, banalization ...), is great to know that there are still people in need of real Death Metal as it was born to be.

2 - The band in general has problems with the record that prevent a continuous release of your work?

Baloff: Yes, unfortunately we have faced some problems with seals over the years, which has prevented us from releasing albums more often. Of course, there are other factors to this situation, but problems with seals is certainly a major.

3 - How does this tribute band as the band participated in some?

Baloff: All our holdings in taxes were the most honest and sincere as possible, ie the goal has always been the real tribute to the bands. Unfortunately we had some bad experiences with taxes, which led us to think twice before contributing to this type of release from now on. Incidentally, recently recorded a cover of Death, "Summoned To Hell", a tribute to the band via heavier Records of Peru to be launched soon

. 4 - What is the opinion of the band with respect to matters such as religion, politics, war, society?

Baloff: What I can say is that shit comes from another, and all are creations of human ignorance. Politics and society are unfortunately necessary evils, but the way there are not even deserve our deepest contempt! TOTAL FUCK OFF AND DIE !!!!!!

5 - What is your opinion regarding the return of bands like CHAKALI, atom, etc?

Baloff: I am somewhat skeptical with respect to all such returns of the bands'80 's, especially at a time when we have this boom turned to metal today, with all this support from media and accessibility to everything, then it is very easy to leave scene in "the lean season" when everything was very much more difficult now and again. Anyway, what does each think is best for you, then lucky for them! What it does not agree is just to give more value and recognition to bands that have again after 15, 20 years of inactivity than the bands that crossed all the time in an active and faithful to its roots, but as I say, this is the sign of the times ...

6 - How does the band banda Death Metal and the public now?

Baloff: As always, there are pros and cons. We are not here for judging anyone, although we have much luggage and authority for this. That it is who it says is part of the scene to make it for themselves, or questioning themselves what their role in the scene and they have done positive for the same. Speaking only for me, very little of which has been launched in the scene lately has called me out, but fortunately we can count on real bands within the genre, whether they are older bands or younger. The same for the public. Of this, only interested in the intelligent side, and it is for that that our efforts are focused. On stupid, ignorant, parasite, we want to distance!

7 - In 21 years of career of the band were the victories and difficulties encountered by banda?

Baloff: The victories have been many over the years, and in the midst of an arduous saga, much more difficult than what the bands today often face, each of it, that may seem minor, it is celebrated with great pride for us . Most of them certainly is keeping us alive, active and stronger than ever after years and years in a scene in which all true values of the past seem to have been completely exchanged. The problems are endless, man, a lion killed a day to keep the firm in banda journey. Unfortunately not always have the recognition we deserve in our own country (as well as other bands that are already there for years on the road), but in any event, the saga continues, with the same passion, dedication, sacrifice and loyalty ever.

8 - What do you think about the revival of the 80 bands that many preach today?

Baloff: It has something to do with what I said in question # 5. Actually it makes me a little disgusted in some cases, as much could have sounded forced to fit a pattern of current fashion, and this thing of Thrash "eighty", "old school" just became a fashion fudida. As always, only time will tell who is in you be ... I would say the same for other styles.

9 - It's Christianity that other types of cancer (in allusion to the title "God's Spreading Cancer ...") devastate humanity today?

Baloff: Many old, mankind is at an end thanks to his own ignorance, and most of the fault is of Christianity and religions in general, that the Lame humans in their ability to progress and blind to the real world. Christianity ... CANCER OF THE WORLD!

10 - Explain what the title "God's Spreading Cancer ..." actually mean?

Baloff: "God's Spreading Cancer ..." means "The cancer that spreads from God ...." The idea came from a song of Cat Stevens called "Love is Magick" which part of the letter with this phrase was censored at the time. The concept behind the title is that we, the so called "heretics" (from the point of view of Christians and religious in general), are the cancer that spreads into "God", ie everything that he (or rather , the concept) and that fear was imposed against their son, according to the Christian fable. Everything revolves around that stupid concept of "God" and his son "savior." "God's Spreading Cancer ..." is our display of blasphemy against the true cancer of humanity called Christianity and against everything that is so-called "holy." 11 - Final Message ... Baloff: Thank you, Caesar, Max & The Glory of Pagan Fire 'zine for valuable support Headhunter Death Cult! To readers, to join us in an alliance death metal for the true spirit of (Death) Metal and against mediocrity in the current scene. New songs of death and brutality are profane way ... DEATH METAL RULES SUPREME! LONG LIVE THE DEATH CULT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PO Box 548, Central Ag. - Comércio, Salvador, BA 40001-970 BRAZIL

segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

distant past (switzerland)

1-how you feel playing a noble music as heavy metal?

It’s great. Although I’m more of a hard-rocker, than a ultra-brutal Death Metal Fan, I do enjoy speed metal. For me it’s the best way to express opinions and address different issues in a manner that is not political correct. It’s always about light and shade, metal is more effective when you have fast or heavy parts opposed to slow/melodic parts. It’s about the black and the white.

2 basically says that the band's lyrics?

Apart from Lyrics about the greed of people and secret societies leading the world to ruin, there’s a lot of modern myths and legends: The Hollow Earth Theory, The Code. I like these Conspiracy-things, as they open people’s minds to other than just what you see. There is more than meets the eye.

3 - feelings that you try to pass through the lyrics and the band's sound?

As mentioned, if someone’s gonna search the web for any theories or legends I write about: One more who can sees beyond the matrix of everyday routine. In Case of sound: they don’t need to be headbanging all the time, but they might like to listen to DISTANT PAST while driving or just to listen to great music.

4-which represents the band name for you?

The new album’ theme is a bout the reptilian race, who enslaved the earth population and they started in the distant past. So I totally believe tin Erich von Daniken saying that they came from the stars and created humanity. Hey, they cannot rebuild the great pyramid with nowadays techniques, doesn’t that say it all

5-what are the main influences of bands?

I like a variety of bands, here are my main influences: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dio, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind, UFO, Thin Lzzy and Blue Öyster Cult.

6-what metal albums that marked your life?

“Live after Death” – Iron Maiden, “Holy Diver” – Dio, “Heaven and Hell” – Black Sabbath, “Appetite for Destruction” – Guns n’ Roses, “Battle Cry” – Omen, “No heavy petting” - UFO

7-what is your opinion on vehicles such as the Internet, mp3?

The Internet is a great tool for musicians to make your music heard. Heard – not sold. Not even the big bands sell mp3’s nowadays, but free download is everywhere. If you’re not AC/DC or Iron Maiden, no one’s gonna buy anything of of you. Thanks to the few who do, but overall the times are bitter.

8-what would your biggest dream today?

That I could get the theories in my songs across the globe and that the people wake up from the matrix. But others tried before me and only could shine a small light on a few crazy music fans. I guess I’m happy if I can shine a light on some music fans. But DISTANT PAST needs to get more attention and maybe become a live-band and do more albums.

9-metallic talk about the scene in your country?

There is definitve a scene, where I live. I play in Emerald, the biggest true metal band in Switzerland We got: Shakra, Crystal Ball, Eluvetie, China and Gotthard, which are all famous. Krokus just did a reunion. Battalion is a new band on the rise. There are lots of other bands in my Area that have potential: Deadflow, Remote Lane, Cideraid….

10-end heavy metal?

There will never be an end to heavy metal, cause it’s beyond the mainstream or the trend of the time It’s timeless, and timeless art survives, forever…

sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Lebanese metal (Lebanon)

1_In the first place, I’d like you give me a brief description about the Lebanese Metal scene. What is the reality of Headbangers in Lebanon?

Where should I start? It's like a timed bomb ready to go off and make this huge explosion. This is the Lebanese Metal scene; an unstable community, yet very powerful and ready for the "timer" to finish ticking and the bomb to explode. The Lebanese Metal scene is currently a major scene in the Middle-East and home to many of the leading Metal bands in the area. It’s like the start of your Metal journey to the Middle-Eastern world. The future of the Lebanese Metal scene is definitely uncertain, though I have high expectations since we have hosted one of biggest bands and I feel something great is going to happen; however, I know that we are growing slowly, due to the lack of support; it’s like the scene is establishing itself, by itself. As long as we have the support of the Metalheads and the bands, we won’t ask for more.

2_how do Lebanese Headbangers see politics and religion in Lebanon? How do you see Christianity, Islam (Shiite and Sunni Muslims)? Hezbollah? War?

We're FAR FAR ... FARRR away from all that! As much as the Headbangers focus on the music and concerts and supporting the local bands, there is no place for Politics nor Religion nor anything related.... the only thing we feel sorry for is that people like Hezbollah (since you mentioned them) are in this amazing country and you wouldn't know when you’re facing the next war and when our scene will go downhill because of that. But you know, on the positive side, it keeps our government’s eyes away… HAHA!

3_how do Lebanese bands make concerts? Is there freedom?

Is there freedom? It’s as if you’re talking to me like I’m a camelhead lol. Freedom is, and will remain, in Lebanon; it's one of the things which makes this country amazing. Yes, we’ve faced censorship before; the whole Metal music faced it in the world, but we’ve reached a stage where freedom is thrown at us and we’re free to do concerts and events. Of course we still get attacked by religious people; it's normal. Many Metal festivals, around after years of remaining, keep getting negative vibes from priests and other religious figures in their regions. However we’ve learned, as far as the concert is clean and there are no drugs, you’re even free to throw in some strippers (imagine haha)

4_Talk about Heavy, Thrash, Death and Black Metal bands from Lebanon. What are the main bands?

We mainly have one or two major bands from every style you mentioned.... a few to talk about: Blaakyum as a Heavy Metal with a slice of Thrash, Postmortem as a Thrash with a slice of Death,Oath to Vanquish as a death metal with a slice of grind…
We also have some very well-known bands like Kimaera, who’ve been around for ten years, in the Doom/Death category, Blood Ink in the Metal Core category, Ayat as the most extreme Black Metal band in the Middle-East…. I could mention Weeping Willow for their long term in this scene and they would be included in the Death Metal category. Kaoteon for the aggression they hold in their music driven from Black metal with a slice of Death. Tristmoon, Melancholy, and Element 26 are the bands to release their first full length albums and I’m sure it's going to be a kick ass release for each band! However, I feel sorry for losing bands like Cimmerian Path, Void, and Nightchains as I feel they could have made some history in this part of the world.

5_Do foreign bands play in Lebanon?

Of course, as I said before, we're not camelheaded. We’ve hosted many major international bands, whether they are Rock or Metal. Some to mention are: Macbeth, Apocalyptica, Anathema, To/Die/For, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Hail!, Theater of Tragedy... and not to forget our neighbors who chose Lebanon to appear on stage as it was forbidden for them in their countries. Last thing to add, some of the bands I mentioned are bands that have performed in Lebanon since the 90's, when censorship was striking the Middle-East, so I think it was a great push for Lebanon back then.

6_Most people in Lebanon are of Arab origin. Does the Arabic society/culture accept and see Heavy Metal with good eyes and in a good way?

Whenever a Metal head interacts on a social level with an “ignorant”, it will take him a few minutes to change that person’s mind from hating this music to accepting it and not being bothered by it. What we lack in Lebanon is GOOD MEDIA EXPOSURE! There’s something I’d like to correct in your question though; I wouldn't call Lebanon or the Lebanese people Arab since every culture is taken from its roots, and our roots are Phoenician. If you know history you would understand how open minded the Phoenicians were and how much they discovered and invented. So I see the Lebanese are always up to understanding and accepting anything, as long as you explain and deliver to them the good image and, mainly, the TRUTH.

7_Is the Heavy Metal scene strong in the Middle East?

If you gather all the Metalheads in the Middle East, you will be shocked! Many of them are very important people in the society, whether they were from the Royal Family of a specific country or a Manager in a major worldwide company. The number of Metalheads in the community is still closed or unknown; however, I believe if you throw a huge event with some well known big bands in Lebanon, you will definitely get the Middle Eastern metalheads’ attention and you could see 80% of the true number… Hopefully soon! :)

8_How does the Lebanese society see Headbangers there? Because you play Western music some people in the West, see you, in Middle East, as terrorists?

I believe, and it's a fact, that the music community, and especially the MetalHeads, are the only people in Lebanon who are delivering the right image about our music, our country, and our neighbors. You ask me how? Well simply, as every metalhead (or any kind of western music listener) has around 5 to 10 western friends ATLEAST who they speak with EVERYDAY, and I’m sure the Lebanese people are explaining and fixing those false facts the Media have been delivering. I myself keep my schedule busy during my free time explaining to my friends abroad and to major bands in the world what Lebanon is and how we roll in Lebanon as Metalheads.
Coming to the terrorists part; Lebanon was NEVER a terror country. It's not the fact that we are in the Middle-East that makes us one of the bad guys. We’ve always supported foreign countries against terrorism and we’re always neutral about tensions.

9_Thank you for the interview. I would like you (Lebanese Headbangers) to give us, Brazilian Headbangers, some last words.

I would like to thank you so much for this interview, as I got to deliver the RIGHT truth about Metal in Lebanon and about Lebanon in general. I would also like to tell our Metal brothers in Brazil, YOU ARE SOME SICK BASTARDS! All the support from the heart of Beirut, Lebanon! KEEP THE BEERS ROLLING! Hope someday we share the stage, the crowd and the insane METAL ATMOSPHERE!

Decayed (Portugal)

1 - hate against christianity is it the main theme of the band or the band looks other chaotic mankind matters?
JA - Basically, my words are against the Church and all those who live by their laws or according the laws of hypocrisy.

2 - whats your opinion about life and death?
JA - Life was ruined by Christians. Death is the release from this Hell.

3 - how do you see the conflict between good and evil inside all human beigns?
JA - There is no good and there is no evil. Those are christian concepts. There is only right and wrong.

4 - is there god? is there satan? is the redemption for mankind or total destruction?
JA - Which god are you refering to? Satan as seen by the christians is of no importance to me. I sincerelly hope that this whole shit goes to waste soon.

5 - for you what is the truth? the lie people can trust in something or someone?
JA - Truth is reality. You can trust, after people have proven themselves. But remember, words are nothing, only actions are real.

6 - what do you think about the fusion of black metal with ,industrial etc?
JA - Metal is Metal! If you feel the need to change Metal, maybe you're listening to the wrong type of music.

7 - what are the main influences of decayed? band members only listen black metal? read some specific books?
JA - The main influence is VENOM. We listen to real BM, stuff released in the 80's alongside Thrash, Speed, Heavy, Death. My fave books are the ones written by Tolkien.

8- what black metal signify to you?
JA - Honour!

9 - how do you black metal scene from 80´90´and see new scene?
JA - Fuck this scene. It all went to shit when the norwegian started their little joke back in the early 90's.

10 - do you think so that radicalism will be the unique from to exterminate mode that infects the actual scene?
JA - What scene? Is there a real BM scene? Where? I only listen to clone bands.

11 - war final?
JA - Check us out!

Witchburner (Germany)

1 - talk in a brief words about bands history?
The idea of Witchburner came to life in 1992. Me (Tankred) and Florian Schmitt (guitarist on the first album) were just fans and wanted to play our own music. In the beginning it was just the two of us jamming around and we didn..t take it that serious. Everything developed to the next level when we met Tony and Seegel. As soon as we got into our first rehearsal room we were writing songs for the first album and in the meantime we played our first gigs. In 1997 Florian Schmitt left the band because of personal reasons and we recruited Christoph Ungemach as our new guitar player. We continued to play gigs and recorded our second album "Blasphemic Assault" which got us the deal with Undercover Records. After a short 3 day tour with Goddess Of Desire and Sacred Steel I left the band in 1998 and Seegel continued to keep Witchburner alive within the years. The band had to struggle several line-up changes, Tony left and Andy joined to fill the bass players position, but always managed to play shows and record new albums as well as material for other releases. In 2008 Marcel left the band and I joined Witchburner on guitar again. At the moment we are working on new songs for the follower of "Blood Of Witches".

2 - what the band talk about behind your lyrics?

The lyrcis have to fit with the music. It..s all about the typical thematics thrash metal bands in the 80..s were writing about. We are not philosophers or something we write our lyrics as they come. Mostly they are about party, war and death.

3 - what do you think about modern thrash metal?

We are not into modern stuff. Most of those modern oriented bands have nothing to do with "real Thrash Metal".

4 - what are musical influences of the band

All german thrash bands of the 80..s. Especially Sodom and many other bands.
But we also try to do our own thing and every member of the band for sure has its own personal influences as well.

5 - what do you think about split release with brazilian band bywar?
It..s definitively a good thing which stands for the friendship and connection between Bywar and Witchburner.

6 - one day everyone will die how the band see the death?

We don..t think about it. We are just “now”.
Sooner or later everybody will pass away.
So why should we waste time thinking about it?

7 - what the band knows respect brazilian metal scene?
Sure we have respect for the barzilian metal scene.
A lot of good bands are from Brazil, Bywar, Violator and many others.

8 - what are the plans of the band for a new full lenght?
We already started to write songs for a new album. As soon as there is enough material composed we will enter the studio and start to record . In my opinion it will turn into the best Witchburner album so far.

9 - witchburner thinks humanity is in the end?
Yes, humanity will kill itself!

1O - thrash final?
Greets to all the thrash maniacs out there!
For the future we hope to play some shows in Brazil.
We..re sure it will happen some day.