sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

deformity br (Brazil)

1-the chaotic world that we are living today with war,terror,blood is an inspiration for the band?

Of course it does! The way society degenerates, the obliteration of mankind, the crazy and sick way the human being fight to survive, like animals… primitive beings. Human on its roots, covered with ambition, with the thirsty for power, money, and influence… on its thirsty for vengeance, and for blood, for entertainment. All these things serve as inspiration, for what we call a gory poetry. Many people may find it disgusting, or something that we live only in our music. Something considered not true. Well, I’d ratter think of these as inspiration for the most horrible, visceral, aggressive, and rotten type of music. That’s what we’re proposed to.

If you think a little about, all this blood, war, chaos, and terror (good name for a song, ain’t it?) are not something that we could see as a modern way of conducting things. Weren’t ancient civilizations crueler? Weren’t them more irrational (thinking as nowadays)? How can we justify all the blood that was spilled all over these centuries? How ask forgiveness for all the dead? Can you imagine how they treated the ill, the unhealthy children, the elder, the weaker, the slaves, the losers, the skeptic, the different, etc.? Can you find deep inside you head something to justify all the torture people resorted of? Indeed, sometimes I think that this selvage impetus is actually in a kind of hold nowadays, because we all know humans are dirty, are odd. I’d even think that human kind is far way from intelligence, peace, and clean thoughts. So, some people like to talk about good things, about flowers, love… we’d rather talk about this true and real dark side of human mind. The human kind itself is the inspiration.

2- I remember very well in a concert of the band in palco do rock the stage of rock in salvador,Bahia,Brasil you played a cover of a famous brazilian rock n rol band titas years ago how was the repercussion on metal scene?

Does anyone still remember this really old fact? Well, I think people from within the underground entrails are extremely radical about the thought of a pure, real and straight Metal scene. This position is positive when we think of the maintenance of the scene itself, with all its bands, metalheads, and specialized media. On the other hand, this position brings other negative points… as not accepting strangers and new people, or a great closing for new and transverse ideas (which not necessarily dismount the main characters of Heavy Metal). I know I’m choosing to talk about a really delicate subject. But someone needs to get to this spot!

The last thing I should add is that bands from abroad come with some nonsense experiments into their music… but people accept it right the way! If this happens to be, why can’t Brazilian bands do unusual (but not nonsense) things? We just player a Death Metal version of this band we all like. Did people like it? I think not because everyone was steady at that moment. Other complained a lot about that song! But I you guarantee, if we didn’t announce it, many people would be banging!

3-which was the most hindrance for the band until now?

Hehehe... Many, many of them... It’s kind of funny, because in the beginning we had many difficulties, now they are completely gone, but others have appeared. And I guess it will be always like this. The problems and difficulties are part of the human being, part of the complex human living… it sounds, sometimes, like no problem, no life.

So, I think our main problem was due the fact of we be living in a sort of small town. This fact really added negatively on our difficulties. Or maybe not… hahahaha! Well, our first problem was the lack of knowledge on playing the instruments. And, as everyone may know, lack of people to play with us and believe our work. This is the reason for Lucio to pretend to play the bass, besides the vocals. And many others… but if we keep on marching… keep on fighting, I think we can get over these difficulties.

I can mention some of the problems related to the debut album, just as an example: first of all, sufficient budget to make this investment; sound technicians prepared for metal; instruments and related equipment for the recording sections; a better planning; professionals for developing the graphics; and, the last, but not least, the problems related to the release and promotion of the album itself…

4-what you hate more in this world?
Really? Can I pick someone and do it? It would be fucking awesome, so we could get our own gore cover art picture! Well, it would be very simple to define someone: the mayor of my city. It would be a good start in this career of killing politicians!!! Do they need to get a bus, or use our public health system? Do they live in a suburb, or in extreme conditions? Well, that’s the main reason for them to keep on destroying Brazil!

5- what is your opinion about the fucking world we are living and human being?
Mentioning my first answer, I’d say it’s now easy to be in the world described there. Sometimes we just need to forgive philosophy, dialectics, and resort of power. That’s the way most people understand, that most respect. We’re not on times were things were dealt with the steel of sword, nor with a fast draw. But would you think different of that in an extreme situation? And besides, don’t we resort of influence, of pretension while accomplishing tasks? Some means are quite less aggressive, but we still are trying to get to the top, always. This reflects that not everyone can be there…

6-talk about the new release of the band the distribution of the same and some idea for a release of full album in the future?

Hey man, be prepared, we really have some news on releases!!! The last demo we had released was “There’s More Blood Coming”, back in 2006. Have you got a copy of it? Well… I would classify it as a start for the efforts of our debut album. We tried to spread it as much as we could… Many people and zines got it, but complained it had only two songs. To show that we didn’t stop on crushing, we released in 2009 an advanced promo, containing some songs that will be enclosed in our album. The main purpose of this release was to show the labels our work. But it was sent to other people too… Well, the main plan right now is to finish all the works for our upcoming debut album – at this exact moment we’re developing the graphic design. I think it should be all set and ready to go by September/October 2010. Well, it will be released with the fucking great help of the guys from ThunderGod Productions, and will be called “AnthroposDeadDisgustingPhagia”. The album comes with 10 tracks, which translates all these tough 15 years inside the underground, and many surprises. To be honest, many of the songs inside the album were released in our previous demos, so we tried to get them with some extra shit!!! Hope people like it… Hope we can celebrate together this fucking late (you bet, it was ultra hard to get it done) release!

7-the radicalism is necessary on metal scene and the same thing must be disseminated thru violence or thru conscious attitude?

Well, this question is highly connected with your previous one about the Titãs cover song we played some years ago. So we could come up with the question: what is the limit for radicalism? Let think that the radicalism is really necessary not only for Metal, but for all small and closed group activity. We can take the example of cultural groups… they are really radical. Why is this so? I think the radicalism is the essential element for the maintenance of these groups, is a way of keeping alive the ideals, keeping alive the ideology! So, like this people always can remember that is necessary to hold the same flag!

On the other hand, this same element we are talking about is also very negative for the maintenance of the groups. It decreases the possibilities of having other people, or new ideas flowing on the group. It keep the “new” outside the circle! Well, it’s very dangerous to work like this, because of the possibility of death for them.

Talking about the ways this radicalism should walk and be implemented, I couldn’t point one. But, for me, one thing is clear, violence is not the way. Let’s not practice this sort of ingenuous radicalism; we need to have clarity at this moment!

8-final rottennes?

So great blood metal brother Julio, I’d like to thank you very much for this opportunity in talking a little more about us and our work. I really appreciated this help and opportunity you’re giving us.

Well, you people keep you eyes fucking peeled; “AnthroposDeadDisgustingPhagia” should be out by the end of this year (2010). In advance I thank all the support the metalheads gave us, listening and vibrating on gigs, helping with our promotion, helping to make things possible. A bloody hail for all!

We couldn’t leave this interview without sending huge thanks for ThunderGod Prods. Without their help, patience, and trust, it would be very difficult to release, distribute and promote our album by ourselves. I hope this release will also help them in spreading their name in all over this globe! You guys know we respect and admire your efforts and hard work for the sake of Metal, for the sake of underground! Long live ThunderGod (!