sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010


1-we are living in a world wide human society decayed where the important values are changing we don´t know who is who the thoughts feelings and desires of the people are not clear there is a big confusion in the air,politics corruption,enviromental degration how the band see this scenery?

JAN AG: It’s human behaviour, directed by greed. New standards should be set to make this world a better place for all.

2-the universe has 04 millions of years approximately in 200 hundred years the mankind changed all structure of the earth currently we can feel the effects of this change as the change of the weather,absence of food of water,etc the actual human society has pride of your technology,progress civilization but the question is are we really civilized?

JAN AG: Humanity is too intelligent and this intelligence makes mankind dumb. No other animal than mankind has the power to self-destruct.

3-all of us are living in a self called modern civilization at the same time we see abominable practices the man kill animals to satisfy your desires to taste of meat, to have power there is genetic modifications of the food stupid wars,manufacture of weapons to destroy it self and others machin es to control the life of peoples are we developing or retrograding?

JAN AG: Mankind is self destructing. When we will continue like this, all will be gone for our next generations. Radical change of standards is needed.

4-what is the ideology behind agathocles lyrics?what do you want to speak?

JAN AG: AG is based on social autonomy. We believe in a system which gives everyone what he needs. At the moment, there is no balance in that. So the system must be corrected, by all means, for all of us.

5-the human beign created the machines to make easy your life but the machines becomes the man obsolete the technology of the chips are to control us like implantable human chip the digital cameras to observe etc what the opinion of the band about this bad technology?

JAN AG: Technology will soon live an own life, not controlled by mankind. At the moment, mankind controls mankind, but it’s not science fiction to say that in a near future computers will control mankind.

6-do you have some personal dream or a bands dream will not realized?

JAN AG: I don’t have any special dreams. The more dreams you have, the more disappointments you will face.

7-exist a truth behind the things no doubt but we can see one reality created by man tv,school,religion,radio,internet,etc around the true facts, where the lie is evident in band opinion is it easy to detect the truth when our mind is exposed to the lie?

JAN AG: To have a more complete view on what is happening around the world, you have to get your news from different media sources. All media is subjected to an ideology.

8-what the band is listening at the present? which bands?

JAN AG: At the moment, I am listening a lot of the Russian band GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA. Other bands that I have played a lot lately are BLAFKAT, DNA, ARROGANTA AGITATORER, SORELLA MALDESTRA and UNHOLY GRAVE.

9-last words?

JAN AG: Thanx for your interest in AG and for giving us space in your zine. Good luck with your work in the future. Cheers to all people who have taken the time to read this interview. I hope it was a little bit interesting, if not, tough luck. Keep the DO IT YOURSELF flame burning ! GRIND IS PROTEST , NOT POSING ! MINCE ON !!!