THE TRUE ENDLESS-TUNDRA-INFERNO-SEKHMET-UNITED IN HELLL Satanic version of this split tape containing four hordes with evil intent to spread hatred in the form of black metal satanic ritual starting to have the true endless horde that spreads the pandemonium on the ground through two chalice of blood in the name of the supreme and severe intense black metal then comes the horde sekhmet discharging their artillery through two black sonic massacre in the name of unholy war, and giving continuadade satanic unholy pact to have a horde tundra to distill through his Armageddon chaotic sound of three ruthless attacks on land and closing the circle have the satanic horde hell initiating a new era of darkness, fear and terror through two satanic pacts that cover only dedicated to real fans of the evil underground

This album is dedicated to those who revere the black arts of making the old hymns in praise of black metal spirits this cd find the purest and most furious and extreme black metal totally dedicated to the warriors together satanic guitar riffs supreme and barbarians who praise hymns satanic and bestial vocals and devastating bass that baying for blood and pain creating a fantastic atmosphere to the dark sound this cd contains 9 blood pacts of an intense and violent black metal and played with great honor, respect, loyalty and thus spreading through the atmosphere flame of true black metal closing this circle we have the black cover of this great marduk black ordnance ending a magnificent album that becomes indispensable to the war satanic worshipers

This demo contains seven nuclear warheads from more intense old school satanic black metal totally unclean and perverted satanic atmosphere played with all their music pure blasphemy and destruction in the old vein of extreme and true black metal that is fast, nasty and dirty and dark heavy riffs powerful guitars vocals profane optimal demo tape to be assessed by the legion of unholy black metal

SATOR MARTE-Odešel èas vychladlé hlavnì
followed a ritual mutilation and human sacrifice and possessed by the desire to spread evil over the land through five reigns supremacy hammered hell where the dark and unholy black metal in this demo-tape where all displayed in black magic and violent harmonies where to find many variations bestial skills and vocal riffs intensely chaotic intense drums and a wicked evil album indispensable for the worshipers of blasphemy sound

invoking the hidden side of the infernal legions in six acts of pure black magic expressing all his hatred of Christianity through the black metal played a bloodthirsty hatred and with all reverence to the lord of darkness without your letters expressing all feelings in black carrying all your music dark emotions poetically united black and satanic vocals and riffs that create a climate of war all black or black metal is a fast violent and profane that make this a demo-tape material sinister and chaotic warriors dedicated solely to the satanic metal

Satanic war still more intense and sadistic and perverse joining 15 invocations of pure hate, sex, drinking a lot of metal and blood and Satan in this nefarious demo-tape reigns supreme black metal full of songs of war and riffs designed to be heard are great cause we have a sense of pride black vocals that are sung exaltation of the darkness dirty and cruel black metal supremacy reigns where the true black metal cult dedicated to an entirely hellish creatures

annihilating the human race by seven satanic sound bombardment leading to devastation and chaos of sound through their war machine by lifting the flag of the satanic metal satanic black metal a high quality and originality of his music and majestic atmosphere of evil with much fury and misanthropy a great material to enhance the spirit of true black metal

MORAVSKA ZIMA-Pod Praporem Vítìzstvi
satanic alliance in order to spread the human race on the most sadistic and sick black metal like the massacre of hell in our veins by injecting impure most supreme black metal tearing enemies with your machine of war sound in seven satanic satanic creations of pure war satanic black metal which reigns through the hatred and chaos of overwhelming drum riffs with a vocal extreme insane proliferation of heresies what old school satanic black metal as their own had to be quick, ruthless and profane totally dedicated solely to the warriors of satan

Howl, winds, storms announce this black artifact totally dedicated to the profane black metal misanthropy in this demo-tape find most authentic and original black metal in 10 acts of pure blasphemy to stress that all the chaos of sound that the band performs in his vocal music through from the depths ally of hell guitars that give excellent all-weather funeral and aggressive war mystical sound and a bass to play their role with mastery and quality drums and a governing supremacy with his attack on this demo-tape sound will find all the elements that make this demo-tape a great sound artifact ready to be acclaimed and revered by followers of the real black metal