this band come from finland that this album presents 10 tracks of a diabolical technical black metal, brutal, consistent, aggressive and full of melodies together this quick and bloody war techniques guitars riffs and blistering solos performed and a destroyer of bass vocals bloody skulls attached to that dao a whole climate of an unholy battle this orchestra drums versatile and technically we have a great material to please all real and true metal warriors

 this chaotic war artifact loading of pure hatred ready to unload all its blasphemy sound hellish weapons in eleven of the most supreme and hellish black metal as allies with vomiting and bloody black passages with well rotted before dark and desperate instruments of pain dense riffs and macabre the drums to give an even more energy to this bestial satanic cult around him and this material devoted to true metal brothers profane

eight hymns of destruction of a ruthless and bestial black metal causing chaos and war tearing and crushing the bones of the traitors through a violent and chaotic music the best way to define his music would sound a real satanic attack orchestrated by unclean vocals from the depths hell ready to pour out your vomit sound riffs that are true ally cutter ready to cut the heads of false and a bass that plays its function with great mastery and supremacy finalizing this nuclear attack have the drums sound that propagate with great quality sound on your pandemonium an earth material of high quality sound a cult of war and the profane

six missies satanic ready to start the massacre the sound on mankind take the infernal regions of the world their message through a bloody war and evil black metal horde where it discharges all its warhead satanic cult musical in six unholy war where it is difficult cites some music because every song sounds earthquakes are true about humanity all together desecration of his vocals sound a huge riffs sound atmosphere of a totally insane bass drums a cohesive and competent destroyer this material we find all satanic elements that make this a worthy promo satanic orchestra

 this cd band unloads their artillery in our skulls black in seven torpedoes and two bonus satanic ritual satanic black black target through a crude and harsh satanic metal satanic starting the bombing range have excellent dark ages of witchery and giving contiunuadade the massacre have sound satanic band hyberborean nostalgia all tracks on this cd are beautifully satanic music played with real spirit of the real black metal with great bitterness, hatred, technique, harmony, supremacy of the ancient spirits of the satanic metal pouring in over our heads unholy satanic ritual uniting competent musicians it performs its functions with extreme quality and supremacy thus spreading its black music and taking calls from the authentic black metal