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1-which means arallu?

Arallu is a demon from the Mesopotamian mythology who is destined to lead the armies of hell in the final battle

2 - where you get inspiration to compose the lyrics of the band?

I live in Jerusalem. this is a center of religious hate. My country is always under attack by religious terrorist. I’m surrounded by war and terror since I was born, and my parents and grandparents were as well. My family and friends have been living in the middle of this religious war under the threat of terrorism for a long time. A lot of my lyrics are inspired by that, the hatred, the terror, the religious war.Some of my lyrics come from Mesopotamian mythology. We are part of the Mesopotamian region and history. There was always war in this region, and some of the stories go back thousands of years. I use some of those stories as metaphors.Some lyrics come from my personal life, for example, In the last album, I wrote a song to my daughter, and in the album before that, I wrote a song about my brother, who was held hostage by the ELN in Columbia.

3-What inspired you to play a black music as black metal?

Well, it is mostly about philosophy and the occult. I am attracted to the mystery beyond what is seen, to the unknown. I’m not only interested in what I see and know, but also in what I don’t see and what is unknown, the universe and mankind. This music really brings it out in me, makes me feel it.

4-like and live in Israel and play a song like unholy black metal in the land of no salvation?

In Israel, our music remains fairly underground, so we go mostly unnoticed by the religious fanatics. Although in the past there was a big issue in the newspapers about Satanism, but most bands didn’t cooperate with the reporters and the issue died out.There is no danger in playing this music here, and we play it mostly for us and those who are like us. We speak out against religion, We are not afraid of the religious freaks. We can handle ourselves.

5-what is your opinion about the conflicts that occur there as the Palestinian and the neighboring countries of the Middle East?

Well, you can’t really escape it. We have no issue against the Palestinians or anybody else, but when terrorists try to blow us up and mortars and rockets are falling on our houses, suicide bombers explode on our buses, in shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs, we have to defend ourselves. We really have no choice, regardless of political views. I think most people here want to live in peace with the neighbors, but Israel is an odd entity in the Middle East. We are a Jewish state in an Arab region; we are a democracy surrounded by tribal states, kingdoms, military regimes, and dictatorships. We are “stuck like a bone in the throat” of the surrounding countries. So they want to remove us, eliminate us. They blame all their problems on us, their leaders declare war on us, and their religious leaders declare Jihad (Holy War) on us.Until they come to terms with our existence here, we will have to defend our homes and families.

6-what vision you have of the war?

A pessimistic one, if I have to place trust in human beings, especially the religious ones, well, I believe it’s just going to keep on going until one day someone will push the button and the first warhead will launch, from there, the end is near.

7-when will the end of Christianity which will soundtrack that was to bury this wretched plague?

I believe that religion is the main factor in wars. It is the fuel that lights the fire. It is a powerful tool that recruits people, and it’s often used and taken advantage of by warlords. If you end religion, you can end those wars.Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or whatever, we don’t care.

8-we can expect from the new album?

Every Arallu album takes the music one step ahead. The next one will be the same.We will go deeper to the Mesopotamian sound and add to it the pure aggression of our metal sound. Take it one step further

9--bombing final?

Thanks for the interview and for keeping the underground metal alive.We would love to play in your country, so if any band or promoter is interested, contact us.And finally, we would like to shout out to all those who don’t buy into all the propaganda, not the musical one and not the political one.You want your metal pure, aggressive, real and non-commercial, you want to make your own mind about things and not be forced-fed them, and we respect that. Arallu.

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diktat (france)

1-metal and a lifestyle for you or an ideology?

Metal is for us an everyday life because we must defend what a lot of french people does not consider like music, and speaking for myself, metal cannot be an ideology because I reject any kind of ideologies

2-which literary and musical influences of the band?

Diktat is influenced mostly by disagreements of life if I can say so and our musical inspiration comes ,first, from all our metallic background of all genre, but we also like other kind of music like flamenco or jazz, classical music,as much as we get something from it

3 - what are the issues addressed by the band?

We do not have real message to give to anyone but live your life and follow your dreams, do something ! we first try to make music for itself and we hope to share our energy with you!

4-Who do you like to send to the guillotine?

The first people I will send to the guillotine are those who are playing with our money every single day on markets! then will come politics followed by millions of people I choose personally!

5 - what happens with great bands that come in majors that after just changing the sound?

I think that today's majors are interested by bands with heavy & clear sound, easy to listen, but they do not care much for having real new bands with real personality that will change from mass media metal bands! Due to the loss of benefits on cd products (thanks to internet downloads) they must be focused on band's skills on stage to get incomes for their bands (from concert tickets & merchandising), a musical life can appear harder than ever.

6- as playing alongside bands like immolation incantation and among others?
Diktat got very lucky at the start because it's true we had the opportunity of opening shows for famous bands like Immolation, Incantation, Master, Dying Fetus and other great names ! All those guys are fucking great and we had good time with all of them!

7-what is your opinion about French personalities such as: marques de sade, Napoleon Bonaparte ,charles baudelaire?

The names remind me of school time ,that means a lot, but I know Sade was a really tormented mind and a lot of people consider him as a mad man considering the violence of his writing, I like the atmosphere in his books.
Baudelaire was more poetic, I remember Les fleurs du mal, I loved that book when I was a teenager! Napoleon is my favorite because I have roots in Corsica ,so you understand… This man made Europe the way it is now ,more or less. He also was a mad man! Are you trying to show me that french famous people are all mad?

8-what kind of message you try to express through your lyrics and your music
I told you Diktat have no specific message , music comes first, but don't let anyone fuck up with you, metal brothers!
9-as you see a return to scene of bands like Destruction, Venom and others?

You're right ! legendary bands are still on the road now and I think that's great and in a way this shows that people knows where to find quality entertainment . This is also good for young metal heads to see what was before all these blasting great bands we have now!

10-carnage end?

I know you Brazilian metal brothers are really involved into metal music and we, french people, say you are the best crowd ! We all in Diktat hope to come and play in your great country one day, do not hesitate to contact us through Myspace we'll be very happy to talk with you!

Thanks a lot Julio Cesar for your interview! your questions were not usual ,Thank you for that! Keep it hot!

Alex & Diktat

(This interview was made by Alex guitar player in DIKTAT)

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headhunter d.c (brazil)

1 - How do you see the revival of classic albums from bands of the 80s by Mushroom Records?

Sergio "Baloff" Borges: Death metal greetings to all! I find interesting, man, it gives opportunity to those who had no access to these albums, for one reason or another, to finally buy them. We are pleased by the Mushroom finally include "Punishment At Dawn" in its Remaster Series, although this only be happening 16 years after its original release. Despite all the turmoil in which the current scene is (trends, fashions, banalization ...), is great to know that there are still people in need of real Death Metal as it was born to be.

2 - The band in general has problems with the record that prevent a continuous release of your work?

Baloff: Yes, unfortunately we have faced some problems with seals over the years, which has prevented us from releasing albums more often. Of course, there are other factors to this situation, but problems with seals is certainly a major.

3 - How does this tribute band as the band participated in some?

Baloff: All our holdings in taxes were the most honest and sincere as possible, ie the goal has always been the real tribute to the bands. Unfortunately we had some bad experiences with taxes, which led us to think twice before contributing to this type of release from now on. Incidentally, recently recorded a cover of Death, "Summoned To Hell", a tribute to the band via heavier Records of Peru to be launched soon

. 4 - What is the opinion of the band with respect to matters such as religion, politics, war, society?

Baloff: What I can say is that shit comes from another, and all are creations of human ignorance. Politics and society are unfortunately necessary evils, but the way there are not even deserve our deepest contempt! TOTAL FUCK OFF AND DIE !!!!!!

5 - What is your opinion regarding the return of bands like CHAKALI, atom, etc?

Baloff: I am somewhat skeptical with respect to all such returns of the bands'80 's, especially at a time when we have this boom turned to metal today, with all this support from media and accessibility to everything, then it is very easy to leave scene in "the lean season" when everything was very much more difficult now and again. Anyway, what does each think is best for you, then lucky for them! What it does not agree is just to give more value and recognition to bands that have again after 15, 20 years of inactivity than the bands that crossed all the time in an active and faithful to its roots, but as I say, this is the sign of the times ...

6 - How does the band banda Death Metal and the public now?

Baloff: As always, there are pros and cons. We are not here for judging anyone, although we have much luggage and authority for this. That it is who it says is part of the scene to make it for themselves, or questioning themselves what their role in the scene and they have done positive for the same. Speaking only for me, very little of which has been launched in the scene lately has called me out, but fortunately we can count on real bands within the genre, whether they are older bands or younger. The same for the public. Of this, only interested in the intelligent side, and it is for that that our efforts are focused. On stupid, ignorant, parasite, we want to distance!

7 - In 21 years of career of the band were the victories and difficulties encountered by banda?

Baloff: The victories have been many over the years, and in the midst of an arduous saga, much more difficult than what the bands today often face, each of it, that may seem minor, it is celebrated with great pride for us . Most of them certainly is keeping us alive, active and stronger than ever after years and years in a scene in which all true values of the past seem to have been completely exchanged. The problems are endless, man, a lion killed a day to keep the firm in banda journey. Unfortunately not always have the recognition we deserve in our own country (as well as other bands that are already there for years on the road), but in any event, the saga continues, with the same passion, dedication, sacrifice and loyalty ever.

8 - What do you think about the revival of the 80 bands that many preach today?

Baloff: It has something to do with what I said in question # 5. Actually it makes me a little disgusted in some cases, as much could have sounded forced to fit a pattern of current fashion, and this thing of Thrash "eighty", "old school" just became a fashion fudida. As always, only time will tell who is in you be ... I would say the same for other styles.

9 - It's Christianity that other types of cancer (in allusion to the title "God's Spreading Cancer ...") devastate humanity today?

Baloff: Many old, mankind is at an end thanks to his own ignorance, and most of the fault is of Christianity and religions in general, that the Lame humans in their ability to progress and blind to the real world. Christianity ... CANCER OF THE WORLD!

10 - Explain what the title "God's Spreading Cancer ..." actually mean?

Baloff: "God's Spreading Cancer ..." means "The cancer that spreads from God ...." The idea came from a song of Cat Stevens called "Love is Magick" which part of the letter with this phrase was censored at the time. The concept behind the title is that we, the so called "heretics" (from the point of view of Christians and religious in general), are the cancer that spreads into "God", ie everything that he (or rather , the concept) and that fear was imposed against their son, according to the Christian fable. Everything revolves around that stupid concept of "God" and his son "savior." "God's Spreading Cancer ..." is our display of blasphemy against the true cancer of humanity called Christianity and against everything that is so-called "holy." 11 - Final Message ... Baloff: Thank you, Caesar, Max & The Glory of Pagan Fire 'zine for valuable support Headhunter Death Cult! To readers, to join us in an alliance death metal for the true spirit of (Death) Metal and against mediocrity in the current scene. New songs of death and brutality are profane way ... DEATH METAL RULES SUPREME! LONG LIVE THE DEATH CULT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PO Box 548, Central Ag. - Comércio, Salvador, BA 40001-970 BRAZIL

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distant past (switzerland)

1-how you feel playing a noble music as heavy metal?

It’s great. Although I’m more of a hard-rocker, than a ultra-brutal Death Metal Fan, I do enjoy speed metal. For me it’s the best way to express opinions and address different issues in a manner that is not political correct. It’s always about light and shade, metal is more effective when you have fast or heavy parts opposed to slow/melodic parts. It’s about the black and the white.

2 basically says that the band's lyrics?

Apart from Lyrics about the greed of people and secret societies leading the world to ruin, there’s a lot of modern myths and legends: The Hollow Earth Theory, The Code. I like these Conspiracy-things, as they open people’s minds to other than just what you see. There is more than meets the eye.

3 - feelings that you try to pass through the lyrics and the band's sound?

As mentioned, if someone’s gonna search the web for any theories or legends I write about: One more who can sees beyond the matrix of everyday routine. In Case of sound: they don’t need to be headbanging all the time, but they might like to listen to DISTANT PAST while driving or just to listen to great music.

4-which represents the band name for you?

The new album’ theme is a bout the reptilian race, who enslaved the earth population and they started in the distant past. So I totally believe tin Erich von Daniken saying that they came from the stars and created humanity. Hey, they cannot rebuild the great pyramid with nowadays techniques, doesn’t that say it all

5-what are the main influences of bands?

I like a variety of bands, here are my main influences: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dio, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind, UFO, Thin Lzzy and Blue Öyster Cult.

6-what metal albums that marked your life?

“Live after Death” – Iron Maiden, “Holy Diver” – Dio, “Heaven and Hell” – Black Sabbath, “Appetite for Destruction” – Guns n’ Roses, “Battle Cry” – Omen, “No heavy petting” - UFO

7-what is your opinion on vehicles such as the Internet, mp3?

The Internet is a great tool for musicians to make your music heard. Heard – not sold. Not even the big bands sell mp3’s nowadays, but free download is everywhere. If you’re not AC/DC or Iron Maiden, no one’s gonna buy anything of of you. Thanks to the few who do, but overall the times are bitter.

8-what would your biggest dream today?

That I could get the theories in my songs across the globe and that the people wake up from the matrix. But others tried before me and only could shine a small light on a few crazy music fans. I guess I’m happy if I can shine a light on some music fans. But DISTANT PAST needs to get more attention and maybe become a live-band and do more albums.

9-metallic talk about the scene in your country?

There is definitve a scene, where I live. I play in Emerald, the biggest true metal band in Switzerland We got: Shakra, Crystal Ball, Eluvetie, China and Gotthard, which are all famous. Krokus just did a reunion. Battalion is a new band on the rise. There are lots of other bands in my Area that have potential: Deadflow, Remote Lane, Cideraid….

10-end heavy metal?

There will never be an end to heavy metal, cause it’s beyond the mainstream or the trend of the time It’s timeless, and timeless art survives, forever…