black metal

In the middle of the year of 1995, suddenly the demoniac work appears Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn, blaspheming, offending and provoking with all displeasures the creatures of God. The band began with Duxgor(Vocal) and Grim Abra - Melim Offilatrus(Guitars) that contained your activities with Malleus Maleficarum(BA) to the middles of 1995, soon after uniting - if Count Geburah(Key) and Donskton(Drum), giving begins the horde Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn. After some time Satanakia(Bass) it integrates - if the horde giving begins to a long period of rehearsals and compositions. In December of 1996 Arkhôn makes your first appearance in Occult Ritual of Fire Festival, beside great hordes of the scenery.In 1997 Arkhôn participates in other events, in June in the city of Aracajú/SE, in September in the Metal Night Festival and in Occult Ritual of Fire Festival II. On that same year DT Reh was recorded Visions of the Apocalypse, in the which had great acceptance in the national scenery. In 1998 DT is recorded former Sacrum ex Operam Dare and after some time we recruited one more ally to assume the position of Lead guitar, Beyrevra Old, that also governs Lord Sacramental and the Blessed in Fire. In that same year Arkhôn participates in a collection thrown in it closes for the Into the Mysteries org" entitled Journey Through the Symphonic Art " Vol 1, and in 1999 it participates of the CD " Southern Warriors Cult " Vol 1. After IV years of a lot of battle, they remove - if of the horde for personal reasons Satanakia (B), Beyrevra Old (G) and Count Geburah (K). after an abbreviation rest they wake up more perverse than before, coming back in 2004 with new formation, the entrance of, Lord Musifim(B), in 2005 Duxgor remove- if of the band and Musifim it assumes the voice and today the formation is: Lord Musifim (V/B), Grim Abra- Melin Offilatrus (G) and Doskton (D) .The Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn stays with the same ideology, praising to the Prince of the Demons.
The imperfect symphony in search of the perfection ( Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn)
Ave nostri pater Satani. Be like this!!!

The Mourning Soul project was created by Sacrifice in 2003, (as one-man band), with the intention to compose, play, record and produce Underground Black Metal in the best tradition of the first ’90s.
In 2005 Sacrifice recorded the first demo, “An abyss called life”, that the following year was re-released by Funeral Moonlight Prod. Of Shangai (China).
In 2006 the second demo “… lost” was out.
In 2007 Funeral Moonlight Prod. releases the split cd “Mourning Soul & Original Sin” in a limited edition.
The band enjoys a good interest from public and critic.
In August of 2007 Mourning Soul legion was extended: Decrepit on guitar and Nocturnal Fog on drums joined the band. Sacrifice completes the line-up on vocals & bass.
The new line-up baptizes their blaspheme union releasing a rehearsal tape called “The Mourning Tape”. The work was much appreciated and was re-released in Canada by Hate Flag Prod. and in China by Funeral Moonlight Prod.
In 2008 the live activity of the band began and in June of the same year the recording session of a 4 tracks Promo started.
December 2008: “Mourning Soul - Promo 2008” is out such as an extract of the first full-length album of the band. During 2009 "Promo 2008" was re-released by Frozen Darkness Prod. in limited tape edition.
Sacrifice join in the Black Metal Band ORCRIST as vocalist.
Mourning Soul preaches the fulfilment of the Chaos on this earth: Hate, Death, Pain, Misanthropy, Depression, Nihilism and Anti-religion.

BORN IN AUGUST 2008 Making new stuff , rehearsing & recording the first Lp. NOVEMBER 2008 -"Nuclearmageddon theories" lp is finished. with 7 tracks arround 25 minutes. -Working on a new lp "The law of Kalashnikov" DECEMBER 2008 -Wargoatcult signed with Terror cult prod (Scotland) & Wings of Pestilence (usa) for release "Nuclearmageddon theories" on tape. -"The law of Kalashnikov is finished with 8 tracks arround 35 minutes. DECEMBER 2008 -Starting to rehearsal and recording new tracks for an split. -DECEMBER 2008 Four new shoots for split Heathen life code/Wargoatcult are finished. -FEBRUARY 2009: "Nuclearmageddon theories" on tape tru SUPREMACY THROUGH INTOLERANCE (Germania). -FEBRUARY 2009: Making new thermonuclear stuff. -FEBRUARY 2009: WARGOATCULT signed with NUKTEMERON PRODUCTIONS (Bra) for an split with INFERNAL WAR 666 (Bra). -FEBRUARY 2009: A NEW THERMONUCLEAR ALLIANCE WITH BLACK METAL DESTROY PRODUCTIONS FOR RELEASE A RADIOACTIVE SHIRT, SATANICO Y MALDITO PACTO BRUTAL. -FEBRUARY: 2009: Tracks for split with Infernal War 666 finished. -MARCH 09: Wargoatcult confirmed for XTREMME METAL ATTACK Fest (Portugal) & BRUTALMERIA FEST (Spain). -APRIL 2009: Making new material for the next album, now with LORD NECROTOMB at drums too, a new thermonuclear dimension of brutal Black metal. -APRIL 2009: Making a new clip for MADE IN PLUTONIUM HELLFIRE. -MAY 2009: Made in Plutonium Hell fire Clip finished & uploaded. -MAY 2009: Finally 5 tracks for Wargoatcult/Heathen lifecode split. -MAY 2009: Start to rehearshal for live assault with session members. -JUN 2009: Wargoatcult signed with LUCIDIST PROD from Portugal for release "The law of Kalashnikov" album including "Nuclear mageddon theories" as bonus, all on cd format. -JUN 2009: Wargoatcult signed with INERNAL CHAOS PROD (Korea) for a 5-way split. -JULY 2009: Wargoatcult enter the studio and recorded 3 new shoots & 1 cover (Devil pig of VON) for five way split. -JULY 2009: SPLIT FINISHED. -JULY 2009: Wargoatcult enter the studio for record the new album. -JULY 2009: DETHRONED, a new second promo 09 with two tracks was released -SEPTEMBER 2009: NEXUS INNSPILLINGER COMPILATION.(Tape). Including Wargoatcult shoot "Thermonuclear ascension". -SEPTEMBER 09: Wargoatcult signed with Mutilationary recs from Thailand for release an asian edition on tape of "The law of kalashnikov & nuclearmageddon theories" entitled "The law of nuclearmageddon". -SEPTEMBER 09: Wargoatcult starts to work in a new split with Extirpation (Basque country), 4 shoots each band. -October 09: Wargoatcult/Infernal war 666 split released tru Nuktemeron Productions (Bra)/Impaled records (Bra). -OCTOBER 09: Wargoatcult shirt released under license of BLACK METAL DESTROY PRODS (USA). -OCTOBER 09: Wargoatcult signed with TERROR CULT PRODS (Scotland) for release "The law of Kalashnikov" on tape with nuclearmageddon theories as bonus. -OCTOBER 09: Second official shirt released by BLACK METAL DESTROY PRODS. -OCTOBER 09: Wargoatcult signed with Dybuck records from MEX for release "The law of Kalashnikov" with nuclearmageddon theories as bonus on cd format, 500 copies exclusively for south & north America. -NOVEMBER 09: The law of nuclearmageddon released tru Mutilationary recs(Thailand) on tape, containing Nuclearmagedon theories & Tthe law of Kalashnikov. -DECEMBER 09: Abominations, chaos & bestial warfare 5-way split released tru Misanthropic art Pords-Korea. -DECEMBER 09: New shirt at Diabolos prods (Spain). -DECEMBER 09: Recording a new clip for OCENAOS DE FUEGO. -JANUARY 2010: Oceanos de fuego clip finished & Uploaded. -FEBRUARY 2010: Wargoatcult entered the studio again for record a new promo. -MARCH 2010: Wargoatcult signed with Black filth prods (usa) for release a patche. -APRIL 2010: Wargoatcult finished the new promo including three tracks. A la guerra con Satan/Verga de chivo en culo de Monja/Nuevos Dioses.

Teutoburg Forest is an Anti-Cosmic emanation, a testament to the strength of the Self above all beings. Created, preformed and produced entirely by Donn.
This art has been entitled Elitist, Satanic, Anti-Cosmic, Black Metal. As the spiritual and philosophical content is based around the superiority of chaos, the hatred for the Universe (God) and the evolution of the individual by ones strength of will.
Though the elements of the Darkness without is explored within the project, the main conceptual and philosophical drive is towards experiencing the Dark Gods of the sinister emanation within oneself. As the essence of our creation (prison) was from the substance of freedom (chaos) hence we are all born from the womb of darkness, though we have been channeled and formed into this state. Some have the instinct to hear the voiceless call, to feel the pull towards the darker regions of the soul (Self) To search within the places of the mind which has been hidden by the mundane, carnal, sensory existence presented to us by the demiurge, of which so many have been ensnared within. To stare into the shadows cast by the light of god and to then experience the secrets within. As the universe of order, control and restriction were built upon the essence of freedom, those with open eyes will be able to see darkness in the brightest of lights.
The project was created in late 2006, when unable to find musicians to play Left Hand Path music, Donn decided to perform all musical / vocal / artistic / design / production duties. This was a problem seeing that Donn had only been playing Bass for one year previous, and so had to learn to play the guitar/drums whilst writing Teutoburg Forest first few albums. Donn then came in contact with a musician titled 'kriegner' and accepted him as a contributor to Teuts' writing. Though after a pitiful contribution by 'Kriegner', and other musicians following him. Donn realized the inferiority of pathetic individuals who lacked the strength of will. Teut reverted back to soloy be written by Donn (as they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself) . After the Summer of 2007 Donn had completed the first drafts for 'Chao ab Ordo' and 'Anti-Subhuman Scum' and so decided it was time to preform live. After much searching, the drummer titled 'Lord' was found. Keeping with the nature of Teut (a expression of an individuals anti-cosmic emotions) Donn decided preform Teut live as a two piece to keep the expression as close to its true nature as possible. Whilst preparing for the live shows with 'Lord', Donn wrote the third 'Cult of the Individual' and forth 'Scarification' Teut albums, experimenting with different styles of portraying the Self. After five shows, Donn decided that Teut should revert once more to a solo project, to focus on the completion of the albums to a satisfactory standard. Though Donn has reformed the live project in early 09. With gig and festival dates being organized now.
The three albums present on this page are the result of one years work (easter 2007 - easter 2008)
Teutoburg Forest is not aiming to be the most extreme, darkest band within the scene, as the attempt to do so would represent that TF wishes to be accepted, appreciated or even worshiped by others as a grand being. When in fact the project is simply an expression of a soul rejecting the given universe (God) and attempting to evolve into godhood.
Hail Azerate
Hail the Individual

NAZGUL is born under the darkness at the end of the year 2004, in the damned domains of dissonant guitars of Moonblood and in its brother's company Morgoth who contributes its infernal strokes in the battery; having influences of bands like Burzum, Moonblood, Desaster, Darkthrone, among others. For the first floor it is recruited Agnark who contributes more symmetry and a sound but worked to the band, and later on the topic is born Summer of Satan. By the middle of the same year arrives Blaspher Angel, a brought voice of the same hell, completing this way the first building up of Nazgul that I pass of a pure sound from Black metal to the most murderous sound in Thrash Black Metal that every time became a dominanter darkness on the members of the band. In the month of September the band receives to another guitar which gave him a sound but melodic that it withdrew Nazgul of its original idea removing him that sound and obviously it was discharged of the band after an appearance in platform. Nazgul decides to record its first plain Summer of Satan in February of 2006 with which is very well received by the legion black metal of the you take care of Cali. In March he is integrated to the band an infernal warrior in the second guitar, Soul Selector, a damned one that would bring the darkness searched by Nazgul and it would recapture their essence origin giving more force to topics as Dark Sources, Shadows among others. With this new building up they were created but you fear but with a little more than influence of bands like Gorgoroth and Nargaroth, songs are born with a sound Thrash Black but feeble loaded with high dose of perversion like it is the case Call From Hell, Summoning the Dark Pleasures of Flesh, at the present time Nazgul has the topic Summer of Satan in the Ave Cálix Sanguinis compilation I an it covers of absolute darkness with bands of Cali and that it includes us thanks to Lord Vintrax (Mephiztophel). Very soon it will be clever their tape "CALL FROM HELL In Nomine Dei Nostri Pater Satanas, an Intro "Invocation" contains, but eight topics of Malicious Black Thrash Metal. Nazgul will continue in foot of fight against the damned lambs and its putrid lies.

2006 - The band Unholy Cult is established by Nord Triumph and Nocturno (Drums, ex-member). Begin testing and new songs 2007 - Nocturno left the band and Nord Triumph follows with the recordings. It launched the first bomb called "PROFANO CULT", First recorded material Horde! 2008 - If you spend a few months des launch of the first material and Nord Triumph test new warriors, which did not work and made the first EP was recorded with a sound brutal and violent, ARMORED APOCALYPSE WAR is a firecracker of doom and hatred released the horde 2009 - After stabilizing new formations and run new tests, Nord Triumph comes into studio to record a new album, this is called 'Luciferianismo DCLXVI "with a more raw sound, with a black metal more harsh, more raw, and relying on Nord Triumph all instrument again. 2010 - Nord Triumph prepares for the triumph of evil years, three splits with great herds are being recorded, a new line-up even more extreme and violent, a sound even more brutal and a firecracker of hate is about to be launched ... During four years of existence, UNHOLY CULT released two demos, one EP, and had the support of many warriors who really worship the black flame of black metal .. the real support of the real and hell makes the horde continues its legacy of hatred, doom and destruction .. with the ever-changing line-up, UnholyCult will not stop his attack hell!

The horde ETERNAL SACRIFICE was founded in late 1993 to give vent to all
a concept of Black Metal Pagan, opera, inspired by mythological and necromantic under
the most diverse musical influences and literary, not having anything very specific
about these topics, but the freedom of misanthropic thoughts and attitudes within
without question an occult large icons.
Several trainings have taken place over the years making and performing works that demonstrate
presentations in the Northeast region of the country alongside other big names in Metal
Far and Traditional, until we are served in golden cup the first major act of his
impure thoughts in the nomenclature: "... preaching the Musickantiga Vero Báratro," his
Full-Length Debut Album Rec via MANIAC bringing nine majestic black bars and hidden
dealing a fabulous story of charms and mysteries in his first act ...
In 2004 the horde Records EP "Sonata Satanicka 666" containing four tracks in
prelude to his next opus, released on the label format CDr limited to 100 MANIAC
copies and re-edited via Naberius Black Art & Rec Diabolic Front Prod. In 2005, 666
copies in tape format with color cover and lyrics.
Also in this same year the Philosophic Art Prod. Launches "Live Destruction"
recorded at Fortaleza in 2000, with the format CDr
initial print run of 666 copies.
The Horde just recorded her second album, "Enlightened by Musickantiga ...
Thanaterous Aleph "that will bring a continuation of the first act and is scheduled to launch in the
year 2009 without a stamp set.
The horde celebrates its 16 years of bloody battles in the trenches of Black Metal
Paganism in translating its philosophy, and bellicose hynnos
triumph in the hosts of their black converts
Magister Templi Lhorde Haadaas Naberius: Impaler Vocals et Cultibus Magicis
Maquis Orias Snake: Devilish and true reapper Rhythmic Guitars
Lady Mortiis: Thelemical Witch Lead and Rhythmic Guitars
Sado Baron Szandor Kastiphas: Tyrant Keyboards
Frater Soror deo Comite Ferro: Drums


It..s a Satanic Brutal Black Metal Band originally formed in El Tigre, Anzoategui State in November 2003
In March 2004 It..s recorded the live demo "Live At The Eternal Kingdom" edited by Lennin in 2006, in Tape format, limited to 200 copies.
In 2005 an ultra limited re edicion is made to the live demo, in Cd-r format, for a small difusion, which is not available to this date.
In July 2007 It..s recorded The Ep "Burying The Goodness" wich is edited in 2008 by the french label, Legion Of Death Records, in vinyl 7" format, limited to 300 copies To the word
At the end of 2007 Count Metzeli (Vocals) leaves the band for reasons strange to Metzeli. His place is then taken by Descensus (Vocals)
In November 2008 stars the recording of the Debut Album!!!!!
July 2009 Metzeli change of logo, created by Christophe Szpajdel, who has worked in logos for bands such as: Emperor, Borknagar, Enthroned, Cryfemal, among a lot more...

History/Biography BELZEC Belzec appeared for first time in the winter of 98 under the initiative of EVIL REICH and LORD BARDACH with the objective of surface expressing ideas and congruent thoughts for a purpose, reaffirm the path of the real worship to the black metal art. In first moment called HYMNS, and with the incorporation of MARBAS (Nahual) in the battery we decide to take the name of BELZEC (Symbolism of extermination) then after some time we decided to recruited LANDRU L. ROFOFHOCALE (vocalist), With this formation it is deposited to the first essay 2/11/98 executing three invoking Themes: DESERT OF IMMORTAL HYMNS, MY WAR PATH, THE BLACK ART OF MY SOUL, and a fourth one called IN THE NAME OF HOLOCAUST and later we included member of session ( bass and keyboard) por the EP Recording of three themes called WORLD GENOCIDE for MAGISTELLUS INFERNAL PROD. Belzec gave its first battle in the concert SATAN'S SLAUGTHER playing with bands like CADAVER INCUBADOR, NAHUAL, HADEZ, Receiving very acceptable critics . In later concerts the torment and the glory grant a dark coupling to Belzec in scene, feeling the cruel atmosphere to give up the damaging invocations, radiating in the public the art of the holocaust done Black metal. Having up to this moment in the line of battle: Landru (Invocation of war) Bardach (Total extermination Lead guitar) Evil Reich (Bass devastation) Marbas (Drums of human skin) Up to the moment Belzec has needed of modifications in its line up in order to establish and to strengthen the path in the blood of our doctrine, achieving every time major musical professionalism and taking in every presentation a slogan of antiChristianity, holocaust, war and drainbleed world. Taking as measures necessary to inject into the veins of Belzec new changes recruited Beleth and Bestial War (Ritual), supports in bass and battery respectively. Belzec reaffirms an ideological recalcitrant position with clear concepts of a balanced Satanism likewise of medieval and contemporary thinkers who take the honor to the field of battle radiating the aura of the pentagram in their minds. Musically influenced by DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, and bands of true cult, at the moment Belzec works in what will be its first CD. of 8 subjects called "THE ART OF HOLOCAUST" reaffirming its total cult to the true world-wide hordes, feeling the necessity of the blood to survive in the art of the Black Metal forever. BELZEC LINE UP 2004 Bardach (Total extermination lead guitar) Landru (Invocations of war) Beleth (True bass of the nuclear holocaust) Bestial War (Drums and artillery) OFICIAL CONTACT C/o BARDACH Infernal began the ungodly beast that is Darkness Eternum just a few moons ago. With hell’s flames and a mighty vision he sought to create raw black metal. He began to record his demonic sounds. He recorded all instruments on early songs, but realized that the throne of thunder belonged to someone else. He sought out the help of an ancient being calling itself Hellstorm, and together they breathed life into the darkness. Together Infernal and Hellstorm brought their morbid visions to a select few. Drunk and often brutal, they converted a few souls. Later, Savant joined the ranks and brutallized the poor low notes of hell. Aulrin joined them in battle a few moons ago, but has proven himself to be one of the legion. The masses still require conversion. Those who choose not to heed their most mighty cries will be impaled and dismembered. Their worthless bones will build their castle. ~from an ancient scroll found in san jacinto

The HQ "Elegia" be just thrown by the considered publisher it Marks of Fantasy that containing the work in artist's Edgar Franco trilogy in a fine line between the poetic-philosophical and the mystic and her makes to accompany of a sound registration, a work to the part, but inspired in the climate of the mythical universe of the history. For the composition of the music Grim and Naberius were invited, musicians of the considered band of Pagan Black Metal " Eternal Sacrifice " and of the project of Dark Satanic Atmospheric " Aborym ". For Edgar, the idea was not the creation of a sound-track, because some of the characteristics of HQs are the time of individual reading that should not be limited for on time musical; the idea was that they created an independent piece, a new work based on HQ, but with the whole wealth and possible freedom. The result, as he affirms the author, it is a touching re-reading through the climates generated by the sound, this invisible entity that so much in the marvel. Elegia - Edgar Franco. -

The time will come, when everything will be covered in darkness. The blackness, vanity and chaos will dominate. DARK RAVAGE – it’s just an entity, suffering from the absurd universe. It is the deeper form of idea and emotion. It is the condition, rising from the outerest depths of our souls. It’s a desire to destroy and disapear. It is the truth that we declare. And it is inevitable. We do not deny the existence. We just show it in the real situation, which cannot be seen with blind eyes and dull minds. The human is not developed for the creation. He’s just the demolishing power. We are rapidly approaching the apocalypse, but can’t understand this. Even do not try to do it. We laugh at those, who don’t recognize evidence. We leave into the darkness without the right to come back...

DARK RAVAGE was born on cold nights of the winter 2003, when stiffen frost was freezing the restless souls. That moment was as a symbol for the dark, despaired creation. Sorrow, despite and fear became the core stones, combining four personalities, four mortal spirits. The time usurped rigorous Dunkelheit, the chaos prophet Necrontyr, the scourger GarLoq and the slave of silence Odium. Long wanderings through the paths of cognition allow to enjoy an endless agony – “Tamsos Karalyste” becomes the bearing point in despair. On bloody knees we slip through the black tunnel of life, spurning and treading everything that is strange. On the third year of misery the shout of hate “Dawn of a New World” gets born for the eternal smart. The passing away from ourselves continues...
The saga continues alone...

Morbid Funeral was founded on September 1996 in Cartago, Costa Rica, by the name of Mortal Throne, the band started with Balpehor Hellchild (vocals and bass guitar ), Samael (lead and rhythm guitars) and Ricardo Evil Soul (drums), it was a typical band of Brutal Death Metal. In 1997 Randall Morbid joined the band as the lead vocalist. Later, the band changed its name to Morbid Funeral and recorded a demo rehearsal tape called: “Fin de Cristo”. It was a very noisy record that included titles like “Damned Soul”, “Mortal Throne” and “Incredulidad”. In 1998, Ricardo left the band, Blacksoul and Darkghost joined it, the first as an additional vocalist and the second as drummer. On this year was released their second demo: “Retorno de las Sombras”, it was a live recording with some good tracks as: “Mago Negro”, “Leviathan” and “Lágrimas de Jesús”. By this time the band started to improve a new musical way that came into a Black/Death style.
The year 1999 Luis Doval arrived as the second guitar player of the band and they went to “Sin Fronteras” studio to record the Promo CD “Return of the Shadows”, it was a conceptual piece with one track of about 12 minutes, subdivided in three parts: Part I. Children of the night (dark poetry) , Part II. Damned world (the sing from beyond) , Part III. The awakening (pagan meeting). It was an atmospheric black death metal stuff. Later, L. Doval and Randall gave up, so, they went to “C y Z Productions Studio” to record their debut CD “Desolate Landscape of the Human Soul”, a melodic black metal album. Some tracks from the disc are: “…And A Black Rose!”, “Land of silent sorrow” and “Black Sunset”.
The year 2001 was marked by the expulsion of Blacksoul, the enter to the band of Agharoth as a second guitar player and the alignment of Balpehor as the vocalist again. In 2002 with this line up, the band worked in “Athor Studio” the recording of their second CD “Cos.Mi.Ka.” , it meant a continuity of the melodic development, accompanied of a great force. This can be noticed in songs like “Falling in the Spiritual Necropolis” and “Astral Black Mist”.
At this point Samael took a time and left the band for a period of two years and it is here where begins the development of a new concept inside it toward the roots of the true essence of Black Metal defining its work with a philosophical and musical current sustained by the theoretical part of occultist, satanic, philosophical and antichristian average of Agharoth and Balpehor. Darkghost left the band and Morbid Funeral kept on working like a duo, so they found their own record label: Occult Records, and start to work in “Occult Studio” the third album of the band: “The Occult”. At this point Samael returned to the band, then they worked looking for a drummer and for a short period, Emilio The Sickener arrived to Morbid Funeral for the drums work, the result was so good but he couldn’t go on. Then Morbid Funeral re-started to function like a trio. “The Occult” CD came into the light on June 6th, 2006, in this material we can notice a totally different musical & lyrical concept comparing it to the previous ones. Some titles from this album are: “De Origine Morborum Invisibilium”, “Sphera Lunae” & “Luciferian Mark”. Samael did not participate in this recording.
Since the year 2002 Morbid Funeral decided not to carry out concerts to make only a studio work, however they appeared at the first Baphomet Fest in San José, Costa Rica on June 2006 and at the Hell Fire Fest on September 2007 accompanied by guest drummers. On December 2006 they published a Bootleg Recording called “Live at Hellgate” with old and new stuff and an unreleased song called: “Blood & Honour”.
For the year 2007 they released one CD under the name: “Satanas rules The Earth” a compilation of old demo songs re-recorded and new stuff. It was for the eleventh year celebration of the band. On October 2007 Samael finally left the band.
In December the band release a 3 way split with Paganus Doctrina and Necrólisis through two independent underground metal labels: Satanic Records (México) and Occult Records (Costa Rica).
In the end of 2009 due to personal convictions Agharoth left the band , and Balpehor H.C returned to have the Samael's services and in these moments the band is working in the fourth album of the band!! That will go out in May, 2010!!!
For the moment Morbid Funeral is going to release in February the " Dead I am " tape under a Asian label!!!!!

Southern Extremity is an extreme black/death metal band originating from Italy, named after what might be if the northern extremity was known as heaven. Since forming in 2008 they unleashed a handful of promo releases which received some favorable reviews, including their CD demo Worlds Apart. Their first full length recording Hymns Of Darkness And Hate is an exercise in primal guitar progressions, inspired partly early Norse and Swedish black metal with shades of brutal death metal, persistent blast beats and demonic high pitched vocals giving an impression of a fresh corpse crawling from a pine box. What you can expect from this recording is an endless onslaught of rawness and intensity, abrasive and hypnotically repetitive on several occasions, blending brutality and misanthropy at the core of the songwriting. The varying degrees of blast throughout the CD is easily convincing while Southern Extremity slow toward even deeper nihilism on some songs. All ten tracks from Hymns Of Darkness And Hate can be heard at Southern Extremity’s

Black metal one-man band based in Italy.
All instruments and vocals: Polus
All music: Polus
Label: Many underground labels, but now signing with Satanica Productions that
will release the first album
The Cold Nothing + among the Living Demo, 2008
Mournful Mist EP, 2009
Musta Myytti / Sanguine Pluit Split, 2009
Dead Place EP, 2009
Funeral Woods / Forgotten Mercy Demo, 2009
Silent forest Demo, 2010

The Cantus Soturnus was formed in August 2009 By Licantropus aeternus playing all instruments and vocals. Which expresses all the pain, cold and loneliness, accompanied by themes of misanthropy influential, philosophy, projections astral, and faithful following, contacts with astral Kadath the unknown

most legendary Black Metal band OUIJA have recently reformed featuring original vocalist Midgard and guitarist Map (founder and amin writer) together with three members from SPELLCRAFT: Fulgur (drums), Aldromk (bass) and Murcilag (guitar). The band just signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their upcoming mini CD due to come out in fall 2010 and their long awaited 2nd full length album for 2011.
OUIJA released their debut album "Riding Into the Funeral Paths" back in 1997 on XTREEM MUSIC's former label REPULSE RECORDS and soon reached a high status as one of Spain's pioneer and most relevant Black Metal acts making of this album a true cult one!! The band later recorded a 2nd album which remained unfinished and wasted due to some circumstances and also provoked by the band's split-up. Ever since, vocalist Midgard has been working with also Black metallers SPELLCRAFT and it was in late '09 when he & Map decided to resurrect OUIJA ten years later and stronger than ever!!
The band is currently working on 4 new songs that will be recorded in later summer for a winter release and will mark the triumphant return of this mythic band whose Black Metal of ancient taste as well as personal, has been matured for years in the depths of hell. If you were living in another world or been shut away in a monastery and never heard about OUIJA before, then we recommend you to visit their offician MySpace to listen some songs of their legendary debut album as well as some songs from that unreleased 2000's album

In the summer of 2002, Lord Mysterion (vocals, guitar) and Odhinnskriger (drums) began rehearsing with the intent of creating a fast symphonic and melodic style of black metal, and thus Mysteriarch was formed in the region of Charlotte, NC (USA). Soon afterward a full-lineup was acquired and in 2004 they released a 3-song demo titled “Renaissance of the Maelstrom”. The band underwent some line-up changes and in December 2005 they made their first live appearance. Since then, Mysteriarch have shared the stage with a number of highly acclaimed bands such as Absu, Blood Stained Dusk, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, Chthonic, Epica, Krieg, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Sothis and more. In 2007 thier debut full-length album “The Majestic Fall” was released through North American label Ophiucus Records. At present, the band is recording their 2nd full-length album to be titled "Mournful Embrace of Aeons" which is sheduled for release in late 2010. They continue to enhance their live performances and songwriting abilities, and vow to continue to push the boundaries of darkened musical expression. To be continued
Current Line-up 2010
Lord Mysterion - vocals, guitar (Carcinogenic, Draconian Scepter, Epic of Empyrea, Vesterian, Viaticum)
Belroth - guitar (Apotheosys, DarkMoon, Ensurrection, Envenom thy Winds, Omniscient)
Melkrath - drums (Deviant, Dreamscapes of the Perverse, Ensurrection, Envenom thy Winds)
Sargothus - keyboards (Epic of Empyrea, Vesterian)
Former/Past members:
Bune - guitar (Garnet, Viaticum)
Cyric - guitar (Apotheosys, Lecherous Nocturne
Kael - bass (Frozen Eclipse)
Labrys - bass (Omniscient)
Odhinnskriger - drums (Caïnan Dawn, Evohé, Nehëmah, Novgorod (Usa))
Pete Stroupe - guitar (Infensus Inferi, Lust of Decay, Novgorod)
Dave Murillo - guitar (Krematorium)
Joe Lilly - vocals
Renaissance of the Maelstrom - Demo (2004)
The Majestic Fall - Full-length (2007)
Mournful Embrace of Aeons - Full-length (TBA)
Band Contact:
Mailing Address:
9402 Snow Ridge Lane
Charlotte, NC 28278

February 2004 - Black Faith gets born by starting rehearsing Marduk songs. First line up was: Snarl V.R.J., Vocals/Guitars, Fabio Notarfranco (Guitar), Tiphereth (Bass), Tamoth (Drums). In late 2004 they begin to write down proper songs.
2005 - Live debut. This gig's line up: Snarl V.R.J. (Vocals/Guitars), Tiphereth (Bass), Tamoth (Drums). After this gig Melqart (Later known as Malebolgia) enter at guitar, LucasDemon enters at drums.
2006 - First demo "Proclaim my victory" is out.
2007 - After some gigs, only Snarl and LucasDemon remain. Black Faith uses this period to compose a lot.
2008 - Kjiel enters in the Line up as 2nd Guitar player and Melan Nefos Thanatos join the bass player role. Black Faith hits back the stage.
2009 - Line up: Snarl (Vocals, Guitars, Bass), Kjiel (Guitar), Hyakrisht (Drums): with this line up Black Faith records in August a cover version of the classic Darkthrone's "Under a Funeral Moon" song for the "Italian Tribute to Darkthrone", that will be out via Novecento Produzioni. Kjiel goes abroad and is replaced by Funestum.
2010 - An 8-tracks Promo Cd (5 Brand new songs + 2 "Full length only" songs + 1 Darkthrone's cover version of "Under a Funeral moon" only for the promo) is recorded and mixed in the Hybrid Recording Studios (Lanciano (CH)), with Simone di Cicco. Mastering happened at Alien Recording Studios (Lanciano (CH)). Line up: Snarl (Vocals, Guitars, Bass), Funestum (Guitar), Hyakrisht (Drums).

In May 1996 three young friends from college, Vladimir Pastene (bass and vocals), Alex Ponce (guitar) and Humberto Escobedo (Guitar) meet with the aim of forming a metal band. In June of that year, joined on drums Alvaro Campos, who due to various problems with the group left the band in August of that year. Originally performed covers of IRON MAIDEN, VENOM and METALLICA. In parallel during this time, Humberto and Vladimir begin to compose songs and write lyrics on the line Black Metal, with the aim of creating an identity for the band. Following the departure of Alvaro, Ad Noctum re aligns with Alex on drums, Vladimir on bass and backing vocals and Humberto taking lead vocals and guitar. Focused on creating new songs they decided to record three songs for a demo. The recording of a demo held in January of 1997 and the results were not expected by the members of the band. Ad Noctum continued its activities, but in April 1998, Alex has to leave the band due to his studies. After testing with different drummers in the group failed to stability, as Vladimir and Humberto decided to end this musical project in July 1998. In 2008, Humberto decided to perform a musical solo project, temporarily freezing Black Metal TYRANT project, and make inroads in the Ambient genre influenced by bands like Burzum (second era), MORTIIS (first era), Ulver, ATARAXIA. This saves the Demo THE FINAL CONQUEST, which contains five tracks, and named the project as his old band: Ad Noctum PROJECT. The Demo is released independently in September and December of that year, signs contract with TERROR RECORDS label in order to record their first LP. In December 2008, Humberto recorded eighteen songs. During the recording is incorporated as a session musician Ignacio Sierra, who is participating by environmental agreements on some issues, with the aim of giving greater depth to the compositions. During this period Lord Humberto HES is renamed. Of all the songs recorded, select fourteen for carrying out their LP THE LAST MARCH, which is released in February 2009. Today Lord HES is concentrating on his project Black Metal TYRANT and simultaneously recording the demos for the second disk Ad Noctum PROJECT.

TYRANT Black Metal is a project that was born in October 2007 with the aim of capturing the musical ideas of Lord Tyrannus Blasphemous. TYRANT's influences lie mainly in the old school of metal of the '80s and first half of '90. Blasphemous Lord Tyrannus is also the only member of the Project Black Ambient Ad Noctum PROJECT.

History of Nevaloth has been written since 3rd July 2008. After many successful gigs, we decided to record an album. The release date of our first album named "La Diabolica Commedia" is set on 15.6.2010. We also signed with label Sonic Temple Records under which this album will be released. Songs which didn't make it to an album will be released on demo "Karneval Babylonu". The name of the band “Nevaloth” comes from the ancient Hebrew language. “Nevaloth” refers to a group of persons which lapsed from the religions of majority, something like: unbelievers, renegades, heretics, apostates etc.
We are still looking for the gigs and want to play as many as we possibly can, so if you organise concerts and want us to play, don't hesitate and let us know. See you on the gigs and thank you for your support.

- Founded in July
- Wrote and Recorded "The Adorer and the Adored" August - November.
- Released "The Adorer and the Adored"
- January, Wrote material for "Tear drops reflecting in the eyes of Satan"
- February, Recorded "Tear drops reflecting in the eyes of Satan"
- March - Wrote material for "In the Lost corners of the Carpathians (The land of the Phantoms)"
(Inspired by Vlad the Impaler and the 1922 Nosferatu film)
- April - Writing material for a EP release titled "Premonition of life defiled"
- May - Released a split with Mexico citys Necrosadik, titled Momento Mori, featuring tracks from "Tear drops reflecting in the eyes of Satan"
- October completed the epic EP "Premontion of life defiled"
- February covered Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
- March recorded Anthem for a dying Angel
Thorgrim Hammerheart joins Terra Australis
Thorgrim Hammerheart and Invisus begin conjuring new material for upcoming EP "FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN (The immortality of darkness and evil)"

The band formed in approximately the spring of 2006, still without a band name. The first members were Tibor C., Christopher H., Schoof, and Christopher L.. Quickly, the first songs written but always retained the upper hand ... beer From the first drummer Schoof had to be separated soon, unfortunately, as it spent a year in the U.S., it was found, however, soon substitute in Tom Flesh cult of the band. In September, we lost the rehearsal and the band which was now called Ahnengrab, no way had more to continue to rehearse together. Only shortly after it was found that enriches our guitarist Christoph H. Riger, the band should, and soon after was our second guitarist the opportunity to try out as a band so the band went Tibor Vrankenvorde. And so the band was more than one winter on ice. In the spring of 2007 they separated by Tibor so that her replacement had, which was held in Maik, also Flesh cult of the band (THX). From July to September 2007 the band completed a few gigs at festivals like Rock For Roots and played together with bands like ORLOG, Purgatory, Minas Morgul, Saxorior, Helfahrt, Helheim and Arkona ... Since the end of November 2007 Ahnengrab is completed on the bass of John, who also indulges even in the Depraved Death Metal. Since the end of April Ahnengrab is again at the second by Tibor Guitar support

Deviator is young ukrainian one man-band somewhere in Ukraine. It has been formed as dark-ambient project but lately style have changed to atmoshperic black/death metal. Music includes hooked death metal riffs with atmospheric depressive sound of black metal, expressive screaming and also melodic doom metal with folk acoustics influences. Lyrics themes are connected with Death, Darkness, Sorrow, Hatred and Pagan beliefs with strong Nordic influence

Astreas Domains appears in 1998 with another name, Eminence. a Trash Black Metal Band. with three members. Hagall (Vocal,Guitar), Vintrax (Drums), Cedano (Bass). This band released an underground Promo Tape called Sublime Devastation, with three tracks of bestial Trash Black Metal. At 2000 Eminence got a new style, which includes keyboards sounds in its music also another three members joined in at this time. Eminence finished about the middle of 2002, and the six members started other remarkable projects. Vintrax (Drums): (MEPHISTOPHELES), Old School Black Metal. Tempestario (Keyboards): (ESBAT), Doom and Trash Black Metal. Inferus (Vocal): (UTUK-XUL), Holocaust Black Metal. Cedano (Guitar): (IMPREKATOR), Pure fucking Black Metal, and Hagall (Guitar): (ASTREAS DOMAINS) New symphonic and melodic Black Metal. At the beginning of 2003 Hagall and Drako (Keyboards) started Astreas Domains, with a new Black Metal style that includes Eminence influences. With hunting Keyboards and dark melodies, becoming a majestic and gloomy symphony. After spent a lot time looking for the dream line up finally four granted guys were found and so the the Band was ready.
Next Astreas Domains released the first Promo Demo (2003-2004) called Land Of The Ritual which include two excellent tracks and intro: 1- Midnight Chant , 2- Almighty Cosmic Battle. There be can hear the extreme, authentic and powerful sound of the band. Toward the end of the 2005 and beginning of 2006 Astreas Domains records a song called The Blackest Storm and in 2006-2007 records another track ( the Brath of Gods) The two news tracks are now in the Land Of The Rutal Cd , (4 tracks total)
Next in 2008 records the last cd VIA ASTRALIS.

Hi all ... what we have here are some samples from our upcoming debut, and also some rough-version home recordings of our material. We are here in order to get some feedback and get connected to other interesting bands or individuals. We have started with this project somewhere in 2006. As for now we are a 2 person project, with me (shay) on guitars, bass and drum machine (only on demo tracks), & Mike who's responsible for vocals and promoting evil ideas into reality, We are currently working with session drummers on our first full length. the album will be composed of 8 songs, and about 50 minutes in length. In the meanwhile we have released an independent split album with our brothers Nature's Elements. the split is available, if you want a copy just give us a word. I'll keep updating this page with news and samples of our work, hoping that the full length will be ready somewhere in late 2010. Our musical influences are quite varied, with me (shay) it's more than a decade mainly into black metal (somehow i love all the sub genres), but i must say that in the last couple of years i'm drowning deeper and deeper into thrash metal (coroner & sodom!!!), and of course death metal (oldschool, US bay area mainly, but not only) got some influence on me.. on top of that i enjoy some grunge, israeli rock and of course dark 80's and some punk/post punk music .. Mike combines his passion for heavy and extreme metal with severe addiction for 70's rock, acts like deep purple, black sabbath, kiss, led zep, rush, alice cooper, thin lizzy and many more... what i'm trying to say here is that we're kind of musical scavengers! if it rocks, if it's dark, if it got quality we'll embrace it and when you listen to our music you'll understand it.. so fuck the trends, we love the music, not the pose that covering it! we're not bounded to any genre rules, though it is unquestionable that the first and main layer of our music is black metal.

Nature’s Elements were formed in year 2001. The band heavily roamed Israeli stages and melted faces along side with other cursed bands between the years 2001 and 2003.
By the year 2005 Nature’s Elements released a demo album (Uprising of the Elements) and an E.P (Beyond the Dunes).
Nature’s Elements activity was suddenly cut off by an unexpected suicide of the band’s front man IPOS. Nature’s Elements last live act was held at the Thorheim (5.01.05) in the honor of Ipos’ memory.
Now, after almost three years Nature’s Elements are coming back with an improved line-up and new hellish energies!

The band was formed in the second month of 2004 Anno Bastardi under the name of Bellum, consisting of Tyrone on vocal duties, Elton on guitars and Eliot on drums. The main idea was to form an old school black metal band in the veins of bands such as Immortal, Bathory, Emperor and Venom amongst others, lyrically based on War, Chaos and Destruction.
Later Shaun and Oliver joined in on Guitar and Bass duties respectively and the band has found a stable line up, but this lasted shortly as Eliot later left due to musical differences, later replaced by Byron. Oliver was also dismissed and replaced by Kurt (A.K.A Moloch, ex-Martyrium). The name Bellum was then replaced by the name Thy Legion as this reflected more the style the band was composing.
In 2005 Tonio was admitted in the band for a diverse, raw sound. Yet shortly the band had to part ways with both Byron and Shaun, both leaving with personal problems. Other drummers were auditioned but with no avail, leaving the band no choice but to go with a drum machine. As the band progressed and matured, the material was having a more black/death sound but still under the same lyrical theme.
Early 2006; Shaun joined the band once again and the band was complete again, and all ready to take it to the stage, and on the 17th March 2006 Thy Legion and Erythuria supported Abysmal Torment on launching the "Epoch of Methodic Carnage" CD. The band worked their way through various appearances on stage, also supporting German veterans Purgatory, they were ready to enter the studios themselves, to start recording their first full-length CD Entitled "Proclaimer of Chaos".
March 2007; The band was approached by Clayton (ex-Angel Blade, ex-Psychosis) for a jamming session, which ended in him taking the drum machine's place. A few weeks later Shaun left the band once again for personal reasons, whose place was filled by Ayrton (Improbus Atrum). Shortly after Tyrone was also dismissed from the band and replaced by Mark (A.K.A Lucifuge Rofocale, ex-Martyrium).
November 2007; With all preparations complete, the band finally was ready to launch "Proclaimer of Chaos" alongside Erythuria, which as well as introducing the new line-up, which had a very positive response, for both CD and new band members.
May 2008; Due to personal reasons, Ayrton decides to part from Thy Legion, leaving the band once again searching for a guitarist.
August 2008; Although with a guitarist less from the original line up, the band heads to SpineSplitter Studios to record their second album, which will consist of 6 tracks, aiming to be released next year.
September 2008; The band recruits David (Abysmal Torment, ClubMurder) as a session guitarist, filling in the second guitarist spot.
October 2008; Thy Legion attacks foreign land, playing their first live show in Berlin, taking part in the 10th edition of the BlackLand festival. Although not many were present, the band received positive feedback.

Lacrimae Mortalium means “Mortal’s tears”. Our music is the reflection of a world as wonderful as terrible. . .
Lacrimae Mortalium has been created on an icy evening of February 2003, in a meeting between Gabriel "Cebrail" Lanthier, Pierre-Luc "Demogorgon" Laberge and Maxime "Hadez" Mignault.
In autumn of the same year, the new group recorded a demo. They asked "Alkin", a member of Profugus Mortis, to fulfill the task of singer on the demo, which became available in July 2004.
Thereafter, the band was seeking new members to complete their line-up. In autumn 2004, Maxime Bellerose joined the group as a second guitarist and in summer 2006, Maxime "SlavaZ" Mariani joined the band as a singer. Lacrimae Mortalium then gave some concerts in Montreal and across Quebec.
The group started recording its first opus called "L’Ange de Glace" at the end of 2007. The album was made under the responsibility of Pierre-Hugues Rondeau (A Perfect Murder, Frozen).
In December 2008, two founding members (Cebrail and Hadez) left the formation. William "Noctifer Morkan" Jasmin then joined the group on bass, Maxime "SlavaZ" Mariani switched from vocals to drums as Maxime Bellerose began doing both vocals and guitar.
"L’Ange de Glace" was completed in 2009 as Pierre Rémillard(Cryptopsy, Krisiun) ensured it’s mastering.
As of 2010, our project begins a new phase of it’s evolution by the release of it’s first album and the creation of new material.
The history is to be continued…