During the last 8 years, I've been composing some musics using Guitar Pro or with guitar only. After that, when I began to play drums I thought: "Why not create a band by myself?" The only problem was how to record the musics; in a studio, too expensive for only one person. So I decided to record at home. But, due to my precarious drum and the loud sound that bother the neighbourhood, I decided to record with a Drum Machine

Resistant Culture is the development of extreme and tribal music that has weaved the indigenous flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chant into an organic and flowing tapestry with extreme contemporary punk and metal.
Resistant Culture's root structure extends deep from the tree of extreme music. In its original form going back to the late 1980s, the band was called Resistant Militia. It combined the arts of punk and metal to incite a new movement that fused dark heavy sounds with the politics of survival.
Over the years, founder Anthony Rezhawk’s hauntingly audible growls have been backed by many fleeting members. The current line-up consists of the following musical visionaries.
For over a decade, Katina, a classically trained guitarist has brought a high degree of sophistication to the band. Thrashing hair, shredding leads, and incendiary tone distinguish her as an axe-woman to rival the hordes of men.
Since the late 90s, Rafa, a veteran avante-guard punk innovator has brought diverse musical elements on bass.
In 2003, Ben Axiom, the anarcho-punk/metal influenced drummer was recruited. He thunders out an alternating barrage of machine-like blasts and traditional heart-driven punk beats.
As the current line-up congealed and proved to be the most powerful and dynamic yet assembled, the late Jesse Pintado R.I.P. (TERRORIZER/NAPALM DEATH) a long time friend and former band-mate of Anthony Rezhawk, began writing, recording, and playing with Resistant Culture. He contributed on and off for two years before his tragic abrupt death in August 2006
The last contribution Jesse made to the world of music was the monumental long awaited Terrorizer follow-up release Darker Days Ahead. It was his recent involvement in Resistant Culture that laid the foundation for Anthony Rezhawk’s vocal performance on this historic album.
Currently licensed by SOS records, the re-release of Resistant Culture’s Welcome to Reality CD contains 16 tracks of urgent tribal grind crust.
The band has finished the long awaited All One Struggle ablum and is currently licensing distribution throughout the world.

we are infruenced many GOREGRIND/GRINDCORE/POWERVIOLENCE bands.
our sounds likes GERMAN GOREGRIND sound style.In JAPAN , band of such a style hardly exists in Japan.( Perhaps, you recall ZILLION/MORQUIDO....they 're who have a similar very few tendencies. )
we need labels/shows/with split we want it!!!
1.6.4 ( Ba )
ITO ( Gt/Vo-Kill )
Colossoma( Dr )

The Scouring is a grindcore band formed in 2003 whose proposal grindcore play a direct, aggressive, dirty and without frills, recalling bands like Napalm Death, Regurgitate, Nasum and. Thus, the band has different musical influences ranging from Death Metal, Hardcore Punk and passing through. The Scouring has some material released as cd-r demo GREY WASTE (2005), released entirely independently, in order to spread the sound of the band to burst the eardrums of listeners of grindcore, and also released a split tape with Shatter the Dead, a band of Brazilian grind noise, by the French label Underground Pollution Recs. (2008), a split tape with the Canadian band Submersed Cadaver, who also went by the Canadian seal Intestine Stew Tapes (2008), a 4 way split with Violent Gorge (CAN), Desgraceria (BRA), Archagathus (CAN) for a set of stamps (2008) and a mini CD-r split with the band of Brazilian gore grind DEAD FETUS COLLECTION, which went for two stamps from Indonesia. Recently the band released a 4 way split with the bands SH, Woods Blot and Brain Death, all Brazilian, who split this out for an Italian label called Lo-Fi Recs. In addition, the purge closed recording a full length cd which will be released on Black Hole Productions (BHP), and has scheduled release date yet for 2010. There are still some releases soon, such as a split cd with the band Paulista goregrind MDK 2 splits and ep 7'', with a Shatter Dead and another with French Blue Holocaust. More future releases can be viewed on myspace of the purge, accessing / purge. At this address you can also access the live band photos, videos and lyrics, and of course, listen to some songs available for download also. Worth draw the sound of the purge, which has stood on the national scene with their live shows and releases and that leaves nothing to be desired bands Yankee.
Line up:
Egon - vocals
Phil - Guitars / Vocals
Bruno - Bass
Anderson - Drums

The band exist since the beginning of the 1993.After the right crew came up and after the first gig, at rock club"uljanik",12.05.1993,DESINENCE MORTIFICATION was born as a band too. Not only as a name like it was for few years before, given by the idea of Zlajo and Distor,who are not in the band anymore. There was few line up changes in the band: Mlijeko(the bleeding-rip),Shiky,Basty,Moris(pulska garez-rip,vomit putridity-rip)and Balin played in band for some time.In the studio"ear"in Štinjan,near Pula,5.2.1994,band recorded first demo material.The demo contains 8 songs, with 2 covers of Fear of god, and 1 of Patareni.the demo was released under the name "demo'94",for the "black haze tapes"from Holland(c/o Dennis(are you alive?)Ippel, pachter 67,3834 ccLeusden, Nl).the line up was;Zlajo,Shiky,Distor,Basti,and Rio.The band appeared on lots of compilations, but the most important is the Patareni-obrade vinyl lp with bands such as Rot,Scrawl,Cripple bastards,,Hladno pivo,Strelnikoff,Ruido de odio,Fear of dog,and others. Desinence mortification appeared with the cover of the song"fuck you all”, taken from the "demo'94".25.2.1996 band recorded in the same studio the second demo material. It consists of 5 songs,released on the 7inch vinyl as a split with Excreted alive from Spain(c/o Manuel Ortiz Campos,c/argantonio 6,1;d,41008,Sevilla,Spain).The single was released on "abnormal beer terrorism"label(c/o Matjaz Galicic,Trilerjeva 4,1215 Medvode,Slovenia).The line up on this record was;Zlajo,Distor,Rio and Moris. During the October of 1997,the band entered the same studio again and recorded 3rd demo, with 13 songs. Few months later, that material was released on the split tape with Spiridon Mekas Crust, friends from Pula. The label of this split tape was "monte paradiso"(both c/o http://netlabel,,from pula too. the line up was:Zlajo,Distor,Balin&Rio. In the"ja sam glup"(i'm stupid,now"ja sam gluh"-i'm deaf)studio (c/o Jule-,the band recorded their 4th demo in February of 2002.Jule is responsible for lots of important productions in the Croatian underground(also Anti-otpad,Bolesno grinje,Eluj,Barrakuda,Pasmaters,Vomit Putridity,Deepcunt, K-15,Trijo Porkodio,Sodn Dan,Screaming vagina,Heinousity..).the line up on this record was;Rajko,Distor,Rio & Vedran.this material is still unreleased due to many misunderstandings with people who told that would release it. The demo contains 8 songs. The band played on lots of gigs and festivals with domestic and foreign bands such as:Extreme Noise Terror,Soils of fate,Vader,Nile,Cryptopsy, Sanatorium,Akinetonik,Bolesno grinje,Mercenary Cockroach,Dislike and many others… After a few years break,the band continued to work in 2005 with a new line up:Vedran,Hoc,Matija,Rio and Rajko...
Spring 2008,the band entered a "ja sam gluh" studio once again,and recorded a full length album...finally...but with Rajko only as a guest on few tracks,cause he decided to left the band,so Rio had to do the main and backing vocals...
This,"15 years of grind sacrifice" album,is reachable with orderings on this myspace profile,vista-a-vista,or buyable on DM gigs... (Distributers,be free to contact us)...Sale-Undertoon did the"grind sacrifice"clip,in january2010(maaany thanx:)
The second album,is on it's way,few tracks to complete,and enter the studio again.
The saga continues.

Euphoric Insanity is a solo cybergrind project created by Cyber Killer in January of 2006. The musick is heavily influenced by psychedelic drugs and gory horror films.
2007 Swallow Technology Compilation
2007 Maximum Global Brain Hernia 6-Way Split
2007 Serotonin Syndrome LP
2007 Splatter Fetish 100-Way Cumpilation
2007 The War Against Cunts 3-Way Split
2008 Unassisted Homebirths 10-Way Split
2008 Gurgles From Beyond LP
2008 Some Bizarre Double Album Compilation
2009 Cybergrind Apocalypse EP
Necro-Erotic Narcotica / Euphoric Insanity Split MCD
Anthropophagy LP (TBA)