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1-which means arallu?

Arallu is a demon from the Mesopotamian mythology who is destined to lead the armies of hell in the final battle

2 - where you get inspiration to compose the lyrics of the band?

I live in Jerusalem. this is a center of religious hate. My country is always under attack by religious terrorist. I’m surrounded by war and terror since I was born, and my parents and grandparents were as well. My family and friends have been living in the middle of this religious war under the threat of terrorism for a long time. A lot of my lyrics are inspired by that, the hatred, the terror, the religious war.Some of my lyrics come from Mesopotamian mythology. We are part of the Mesopotamian region and history. There was always war in this region, and some of the stories go back thousands of years. I use some of those stories as metaphors.Some lyrics come from my personal life, for example, In the last album, I wrote a song to my daughter, and in the album before that, I wrote a song about my brother, who was held hostage by the ELN in Columbia.

3-What inspired you to play a black music as black metal?

Well, it is mostly about philosophy and the occult. I am attracted to the mystery beyond what is seen, to the unknown. I’m not only interested in what I see and know, but also in what I don’t see and what is unknown, the universe and mankind. This music really brings it out in me, makes me feel it.

4-like and live in Israel and play a song like unholy black metal in the land of no salvation?

In Israel, our music remains fairly underground, so we go mostly unnoticed by the religious fanatics. Although in the past there was a big issue in the newspapers about Satanism, but most bands didn’t cooperate with the reporters and the issue died out.There is no danger in playing this music here, and we play it mostly for us and those who are like us. We speak out against religion, We are not afraid of the religious freaks. We can handle ourselves.

5-what is your opinion about the conflicts that occur there as the Palestinian and the neighboring countries of the Middle East?

Well, you can’t really escape it. We have no issue against the Palestinians or anybody else, but when terrorists try to blow us up and mortars and rockets are falling on our houses, suicide bombers explode on our buses, in shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs, we have to defend ourselves. We really have no choice, regardless of political views. I think most people here want to live in peace with the neighbors, but Israel is an odd entity in the Middle East. We are a Jewish state in an Arab region; we are a democracy surrounded by tribal states, kingdoms, military regimes, and dictatorships. We are “stuck like a bone in the throat” of the surrounding countries. So they want to remove us, eliminate us. They blame all their problems on us, their leaders declare war on us, and their religious leaders declare Jihad (Holy War) on us.Until they come to terms with our existence here, we will have to defend our homes and families.

6-what vision you have of the war?

A pessimistic one, if I have to place trust in human beings, especially the religious ones, well, I believe it’s just going to keep on going until one day someone will push the button and the first warhead will launch, from there, the end is near.

7-when will the end of Christianity which will soundtrack that was to bury this wretched plague?

I believe that religion is the main factor in wars. It is the fuel that lights the fire. It is a powerful tool that recruits people, and it’s often used and taken advantage of by warlords. If you end religion, you can end those wars.Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or whatever, we don’t care.

8-we can expect from the new album?

Every Arallu album takes the music one step ahead. The next one will be the same.We will go deeper to the Mesopotamian sound and add to it the pure aggression of our metal sound. Take it one step further

9--bombing final?

Thanks for the interview and for keeping the underground metal alive.We would love to play in your country, so if any band or promoter is interested, contact us.And finally, we would like to shout out to all those who don’t buy into all the propaganda, not the musical one and not the political one.You want your metal pure, aggressive, real and non-commercial, you want to make your own mind about things and not be forced-fed them, and we respect that. Arallu.

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