segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2011


1-what the band want to speak through your own name sekhmet is there some special reason for it?

No. We´ve used this name since we were very young. We took it from Satanic bible. After some time we feel that this name is good for us because under the name Sekhmet there´s plenty of hatred, revenge, blood of enemy. It is what we want, what we feel too.

2--the world panorama is a decadence the bad influence of the religions politics false society values show to us a kind of psychological regression the people are blind don´t get watch your own mind degradation what´s your opinion about all that?

I think that problem is in media. IN this time we speak about good. And do you think that christian people are good when they kill x milion poeple in beliefs of Christ. Do you think that disco and techno young people are good? More than less maybe 90% use drugs and degradate moral behaviour. I ask a question why is bad to be proud of my life´s way, family, my blood, my nation, securite of nature, my opinions about antichrist. When you say it aloud or in public you will have sign of NS man or Child of Satan. It is crazy…

3- do you believe in spiritual forces can exert influence under us, or we are owners of our destiny ?

No i do not believe in these things. I know that we see and feel something sometimes and somewhere but we are the ones who can build our future – our destiny. Sometimes I am thinking about that. What is above me, who gives me solution that i will do and not do, But all the time this situation finishes in the way, that only my brain has to do the last solution.

4-what the band influences ? Is there specific bands, books, movies, themes, personalities?

Lyrics of Sekhmet are my and Abaddon´s work. More than less is from our minds. I do not feel any influence in this way. I can see that i am not so good in writing of lyrics. I am writing still the same but i use different words.Haha , But i tis my opinion. Eh … Abaddon is better but now he is not our vocalist. Hope that new vocalist will understand our way and write great lyrics with deep sense. We will see.

Our music is a different problem. Me and Warlord compose our own infernal songs and of course we both listen to Black metal. So sometimes you can hear some influences. But it is not a purpose. And of course we want to do the best for us and Sekhmet.

5-how do you see the homosexuality on metal scene? do you see homosexuality on metal scene like a contradiction? with this kind of point of view in past times this kind of point of view was unthinking what´s your opinion?

I dont like this illnes, It is against nature´s laws. It is something what is bad. It is the reason why they cannot do any reproduction. Nature knews it.

When i know some bad news about band or members in some band so my opinion is negative. I dont like them. Black metal must be true and not other filths, the world is full of it. If some homosexual did a good music, for example like Gaahl and Gorgoroth, so i would like his music still but i would not support him more. If i knew that Aria by Slayer is christian man so i would not support him. And you know that each of them like Slayer. We can not do compromises. Of course it is important if we talk about people or about their music. World is full of metal bands so i don´t need to support all. Who has a band give a link to other people, So please don´t show us false faces.

6-what is the opinion of the band about devil subject how the band see the vision of some religions about the devil as the root or the essence of all evil in the universe in mankind in our ordinary life ? is there the possibility of the man human being be the devil?

Man cannot be devil but his behaviour can be devillish. Devil doesnt exist. If you believe in Devil or Satan you must believe in God, Jessus Christ, Alah etc… Satan is essence, feelings, weapon against humanity. Jessus Christ´s sheeps kill x milion people and many people think that he is good. Haha fuck off!! Satanic laws and ideology are very important for me and my life but it doesnt mean that i think that devil lives in hell. I am devil, You can be devil. I tis real Devil. Satan is weapon of chaos and after it that world can begin again. I am a realistic man. If there was more after my death so i would change my mind. But it is late!!! hahahaha

7-talk about Czech Republic metal scene?

What can i say… We have a many good bands like Maniac Butcher which begun to play again after ten years, So many young men can see their live show in this period too and it is fantastic. We have more great bands of course like Sator Marte, Detonator 666, old Masters Hammer, V.A.R.. These and other bands show us that everything is not only a shit. Because more than less fans, metal heads, bussines labels and many bands are only posers, who see only popularity, money, image, hatered on the internet - like i say- comfortable evil Hahahaha. Of course many things of them are important but you must go in your way. After long time you will know if it is true or not for you. I want to say that you or your band, zine, label can be popular but you dont have to be a part of trends. Great example is Watain.Only few people know them 3-4 years ago. Now they are a very popular band in the world but they didnt change their minds, opinion. They are up for their true Lives and music. It is Watain!!!
But this problem is everywhere and isnt important if you ask someone from Malaysia, Italy, Czechia, or Norway …

8-currently which is the ideology behind sekhmet lyrics?

Still the same, hatred against christianity and other beliefs, death, life, power of nature. It is objective. Better to ask what about this or this song. Because some songs are very strong for me or Abaddon etc …

9--last words ?
Thanx for your support and interest in my band SEKHMET. Baphomet shows you the way where u must destroy our enemies. Stay true and in darkness of this world.