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1-Could you come back in time in which age would you like to live?

First I would like to see how it really was when this so called "Jesus the saviour and son of god" was and if he really was that kind of
glorious and "swindlering" person that so many millions in this crazy,insanity world believes that he was and is?!And that is responsible
together with his so called "father" (God) for so many wars during the whole mankinds history.And then after that I would prefer to
live around the time of the medieval age or maya/inca era or the time of the old vikngs or the Babylonian era.Maybe also live side by side
with the real ancestors in USA also, the indians.That would also probably be a great time and adventure.As I have nothing much left for
this todays modern world society or kind of living.What I mean by this is that in the past and old history all humans lived with the nature
and served it well with their own sweat and tears.They had no faked gods,they had their own vision and belief in what was right and wrong.
Today millions follows one or two gods thru an old "fucking" book and does what it tells them to do.No normal sexual belief accepted
before marriage,no masturbation,sacrifice yourself for some crucified asshole that just was a little hypocrite.And all those things has
also caused a weak and sick depressive world.I mean shall we now today let a little pedofile pope with a funny hat rule our world?The
same I believe it is with judaism and all other fanatical religios shithole.I accept other religions and beief, but when it comes to
insanity and fanatic ideas, then I think we could drop them all into sea and hope the fishes will have a good meal.God means death and
slavery,follow your inner voice and dont let yourself be a slave by hypocrites and faanatic mainacs.Live with the anture,live and take
care of mother earth instead of follow something that is false and truly evil.This story I could go on and on with, but I end it here.
I dont call myseld satanist really (the thing is to misunderstood tragically),but I believe in the universe, nature and mother earth
and their inner powers and soul.Call it paganism, satanism, occult views or ideolgy, whatever you want to call it.
Something or anything is not necessary needed to be called something either.End of God a day of a new dawn.

2-Currently how is it have a metal band?

I would like to say that I love music of nearly all kinds and is in a bit higher age today and not that young.And started my musical
journey all back in the stoneage,haha in 1981. And from that date I have played in several bands and it has been all from punk,grind,
gothrock,Oi,death metal,doom,heavy and black metal. The list can be miles away long I guess.The same is it nearly with Alltears my
bandmate in the band.He have played in the well known band Steelattack and Tragic Serenade,Persecution,Zephyr and much more.
I have been active myself in several bands like Equinox,Tragic Serenade,Obey,Killteam,No Agony,Kollaps,Exotic Flower,Tales,Harvey
Wallbanger,Affliction and many, many more.In younger age and this is just as I feel like, is that then when you played in a band
you always wanted to reach higher and higher and also dreamed of some fat contract/signing with some big label.But that type of
thinking is not actual the same today,haha.Now I play just for the fun and also to hopefully be remembered for something unique
and original and I never really seeks for glory,money or other shit.We are a undergroun metal band and will continue that way
even if we becomes bigger, but I can promise that we never will be a band that some typical profit label can rule and say what to
do.We will never creep in shit for others, that thing can those who love continue with, we will not.

3-How do you see the release of some materials like vinyl,tape and ep?

We have made one album in 2009 "Back to the glorious past" on cd,two split albums also on cd and one tape release so far.And back
in 2007 we also did our two demos that nowdays are sold out since a long time.But about vinyl, that is a dream that I have I can tell
as I remember that time before cds made it´s debut.And the difference is that to hold a vinyl lp or ep is much more cool than a cd in
my own opinion.But nothing bad to say about cd either as I love that format also,hehe.But vinyl is old and still a greater format than
cd if I have to choose.Tape format is also a underated format as it lives more than less longer than a normal cd does today.I can promise
on that, cause I have a tape that still function perfectly from late 70s.And how cool is not that, haha.We have plans to do some kind
of production on vinyl, maybe a split with some other band or an ep.Omen from Malayisa is interested in such things with us so who knows?
But the problem is to find some label interested in doing that as today it does not exists that many labels that still does it
on vinyl.We can just give our hope that sometimes it may return.As the vinyl format is so brilliant and original and better looking too.

4-Which bands are you listening now? What kind of books you like to read?

Hmm,hard question,haha.Alltears I knows that he likes bands like Dimension Zero,Children Of Bodom,In Flames,Samael,Frozenpath,Bathory
and Kovenant to mention some there.I maybe listen to some more bands myself as I have a record label also that I runs and in that way
you comes in contact and touch with so many bands beside of your own personal favorites also.But some of my favorite band is Bathory
that is eternal gods and one of my main inspirations,Hellhammer,Celtic Frost,Burzum,Hate Forest,Nokturnal Mortum,Apraxia,Witchfinder
General,Count Raven,Pagan Reign,Cry,Nocra,Lost In Darkness,Purgatory,a doom,Frozenpath,Sorg Innkallelse,Illapa,Al-Namrood,Necromanteion,
Samael,Skullfist,Frost,Loits,Freedom Call,Mortelo Negro,Herpsed and Bestia and so many more.But those are some of the bands I use to listen to
and love and will probably always do.I have also some favorites in other musical genres too, but mostly weak for metal and some hc/punk.
Books I read,hehe..In fact I dont read books today jsu newspaper and maybe some cartoon magazines.But some years back I read much and
some books that still is some of the greatest I have readed is Bram Stokers Dracula,Titanic and Crime And Punishment.But I have also
readed a so called "forbidden" book, but could not manage and fix the whole one as it was to hard and big and which one it is,
people have to guess there, hehe, I just say second world war.

5-Do you think there is no evolution in metal scene in present time what is your opinion to put new elements non conventional instruments in metal sound inside?

I am open for all kinds and believe it is interesting and unique in some way when bands uses some new and original instruments
in their music beside of just the regular ones.And I also believe the metal scene always will go up and down thru the years as
it always have done.Today I feels and believe that the underground scene specially is very good and grows for every day.I mean
so much bands it exists today have I never ever before noticed.Instruments I believe suits great in metal of all subgenres is
violin,keyboards,flute,piano and much more.And if the bands knows how to use it right it can bring in something real great and
special sound too.Nothing has just to be regular guitars,bass and drums, why not spread that journey as long it is met

6-You think those events that happened in norway helped spread the black metal around the world and these facts we can highlight the positive and negative?

Just one answer there, YES absolutely.But the black metal scene is quite big now everywhere and it is growing and growing
even in the middle east and asia.So where it will headed too will be real interested to see.One thng else I would like to
say is that today black metal is much more accepted also and that is in some ways good, but also bad.As that can bring bad
rumours about the scene compared to the regular metal scene.And we can just hope that the black metal underground does not
come to some kind of profit,glammy dark dressed rockers that just running around and screams satan just cause it is cool or
something,haha.Then it goes straight to the wrong place and situation I believe.As long a real underground scene exists in
both black metal and death metal as well too, it will exists real black metal music and musicians.Together we are all a united
force against the normality and the profit hungry and religios bastards.

7-How you define your music?

From the first days back in 2001 when we started the band and were called Curse, we were maybe more inspired by death metal
and some industrial elements.Back then our most inspirations were bands like Rotting Christ,Samael,Kovenant and Celtic Frost.
But since 2007 when we started to play more seriously we are more inspired by much black metal and pagan/folk metal.But
as we both are much older in the band and have played together since many years back in time and in other bands too, we
have in some way a very spreaded influence to create our own music.But we plays and describe our music as epic pagan black
metal with some death influences in the style as well.And some people also thinks we sounds little industrial inspired in the
music, but that is not on purpose at all.It just getting that way even that we dont try too.But we are not a typical black metal
band maybe,we do it in our own way and that is how we want it to be.We dont want to be like all others.We wants to create something
own and unique and we love it that way.We just follow our inner feelings and that becomes Demorian.

8-Your lyrics talk about what? your lyrics are put on the for whom?

Our lyrics are about many different topics.And much of it is about old glorious time and ancient history and our ancestors
and specially about the viking history,paganism,celts,occultism,war,religions and also about deeper inner darker feelings as
depressive thoghts,doomsday,spiritual things,demons,mother nature and much more.The main topics is old times,nature and old
history and about our earth as it is and was.

9-How are the concerts of the the band?

As we are just two members in Demorian we have no possibility to do concerts yet as it is to hard with just the two of us to do it.
On our debut album we were more than less 3 in the band as my wife was a helping hand for that, but now we are just two again,
but no one knows what the future can bring.We have been asked from some places to come and play and mexico is one country that we
have been invited to.And that is to sad that we reall cannot do it.But the problem is not just that we are to few in the band.We
have both families and many kids so that is also a thing that causes some trouble.But if anoyone some day can help us out for a gig
as session members to play with us, it is maybe not longer a impossibility that we can do it.But as the reality looks right today
we are just a studio band and we try to do the best of the situation anyway.We creates hard,raw antichristian metal and that is in
the first place what it is all about.

10-Sweden has big bands recognized worldwide how do you see sweden metal scene right now?

There is several good bands in Sweden today as Korpblod,WAN,Höstmörker,Islamofobi,Galla,Blodsband
,Godhate,Stellar Winter just to
mention some good ones.But the scene is a bit to flashy and famous seeking in some way, but that is not all bands that is like
that of course, but the old years back in late 80s and 90s was better in some way.Today it seems that many try out to be the best
band and the most evil one,worst,bloodiest and such things and that I believe is splitting up the underground scene a bit.But
those bands that is not like that and tries to follow in that direction have harder times I believe to be recognized and known.

11-Last words?

Many thanks for this great interview and a big salute to all out there in the whole world that gives support in us.And all those
that keeping the underground alive.Without you all we would never ahve reached where we are today.Thanks to all bands,labels and
zines who have supported us in some way or another.Together we all are strong and together we cannot fail.

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1. Are you Nihilist's? What is your opinion about Life and Death?

Are we Nihilist's? No. Are we nihilistic? Yes...obviously our music and imagery are very dark and misanthropic. This sound and look appeals to us on a primal level. Do we hold to a specific doctrine or philosophy? No...we reserve the right be and do what we want from moment to moment; this is in line with the selfish artistic compulsion within us. Perhaps this is from that which calls to us from beyond. No one can ever know for sure. We don't respond well to boundaries. Life and Death? Is there a difference? I know not. Perhaps this is all a dream or construct. I yearn for that which is beyond.

2. How are the infernal gigs of the band?

I like to think of our gigs more as rally's. The Kommandant aesthetic is very provocative and challenging. We operate on many levels. There is of course in a metal sense the intense assault of our sound and music. We are very purposeful about all aspects of the live performance or rally as I said. There are the visual aspect as well. Some are drawn to the overall dark and oppressive imagery of our visage. This is intentional. Some comprehend the overall truly terrifying element we are trying to embody. There are those who do not get it and are threatened by what we do. Some like to read political stances into what we do. Some have left our shows very upset. This pleases us as well. It pleases us that without a word, we have upset someone to the point of forfeiting their entrance fee merely by how we look. THEY have read into us...we have reached out and affected them; controlled them if you will, with our APPERACNE. This is powerful. Metal...truly aggressive metal is not meant to be "safe", or "happy". I do not wish to be a part of some hippy love fest music. I want our audience to feel we are at war with them on some level. I want them to feel elated that they survived our set and have received a sort of dark communion with us and that is something in which we are touched by. We reserve the right NOT to be simply a predictable or typical metal band. Kommandant is truly a thing to behold live. This is KNOWN.

3. To live in this world is war, so who is the enemy to destroy in this war?

Those who oppose us.

4. What are the elements to compose a strong and powerful song?

There are two of us who compose the "music" in Kommandant. We draw on a lifetime of metal influence as well as from that which speaks to us from beyond. We know what is necessary and that indeed is the aim; To create potent dark art that we as lovers of this form would like to be a spectator for ourselves. Then there is the aspect of catharsis. There is a lot going on in us behind the mask of sanity. I have already said to much.

5. Talk a bit about the history of the band.

We are all veterans of this dark art and have been creating it for many years combined. I don't wish to bore you with a list of past members and gigs and recordings. Kommandant was conceived in 2005. Iron Hands on Scandinavia E.P.. Stormlegion Lp (Planet Metal) and now Kontakt E.P. (Planet Metal). Many successful rally's

6. What feelings do you have when listening to the sound of Kommandant.

Immediately my pulse quickens. There is an anger response within and I am at one with that within me that is destructive and hateful. I am elated to be in this band. I feel as I did the first time I heard Thrash, the first time I heard Death Metal and the first time I heard Black Metal . I feel connected to the evolution of extreme metal music.

7. What do you think about:

George W. Bush- An uninspired pawn and puppet liar and deceiver................ as is the way of the politician.
Anton LaVey- I think he is a thief and liar, but bold and calculating. I admire this.
Charles Manson- a fool and crazed megalomaniac who almost became a god, by following the path of all "saviors"...he could have become the next Christ.

8. What are you trying to express through your letter?

I do not understand the question. If you mean through Kommandant, listen and it will speak to you as they do to us.

9. Who would you condemn to the death penalty?

The list is far too long for your publication.

10. Last words?

Kommandant is rising. It is not for all. True lovers of extreme music, try it and see if it speaks to you. If it does...join us.


1-what is the meaning behind the band´s name curimus? is it a finnish word?what is curimus exactly?
Finnish word “kurimus” means vortex or maelstrom in English. So we just changed the first letter. That name describes our music and lyrics very well

2-we can see a worldwide scenery of ignorance in humankind blid people leading blin people seeing a true mind confusion on deep darkness without values about good and evil living in sub-human conditions of life like animals killing themselves what the band opinion around that all it?

. When you watch news or read newspapers you don’t have to be a genius to realize that people have really fucked up. Unfortunately I don’t see the future any better. People trust in pointless values. Greed and hate are controlling the World nowadays and human lives are worthless

3-in curimus album ´humanity for sale´we can see similar people blind following a standard of living with bars code currently some people know about human implantable chips how do you see this kind of technology for example in human society can be another kind of mass control the end of human ´freedom´?

I really don’t want to see tattooed bar codes or microchips in people’s head. That kind of life is not worth living. Freedom is one of the most important things in humanity. I don’t think that people will agree that kind of plans. At least it will take a lot of bloodshed before

4-what are musical influence of band´s members?which bands you like?

Machine Head, Sepultura and Pantera have been big influences for us. All the members have a little bit different taste of music. Here are few favorite bands to mention: Sepultura, Slayer, At the Gates, Katatonia, Judas Priest and Rob Zombie

5-unfortunately we see a chaotic situation everywhere in each part of the world human history in common historical books like a big lie the liars behind goverments the mass media with your alienation the religion with your fake theories all of that as a big hypnosis where is the truth?inside of each of us or out there?

All the people should use their own brains to decide what is true and what is false. People don’t question the acts of media and governments enough. I think everyone should determine their own truth and not to base it only on other people’s beliefs

6-there is bloodshed since the beginning of humanity till today for nothing because of difference of religious political,ethnical rules based hypothetical on truth do you really think that humanity human being is intelligent?

Yes, I think that human being is intelligent. Stupid species cannot kill each other so effectively. Human race has three tools for self-destruction: money, power and organized religions. All big problems in the World are connected to those three things somehow

7-what are the top heavy metal albums for the band?tell about 05 albums?

Here is one album from each guy:
Rainbow - Rising
Queensrÿche - Operation: Mindcrime
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
Katatonia - Night is the New Day

8-so many people believes in influence of devil behind each bad act of human being do you think the devil is human being that all bad acts are of total responsibility of us?not of the devil?

I don’t believe that the devil or any god will guide us to do something. People can destroy themselves without help. But if the devil is walking among us we surely have plenty of them

9-what kind of counsciouness you like to speak in your owm music?

We write about subjects that mean something to us. I don’t even care if other people are interested in those things we write about or not. Writing lyrics is some kind of soul-searching. At least I feel that way. Some of our lyrics are quite critical but we don’t want to preach to anyone. Those are only our thoughts about our lives and what we see around us. Everyone can read the lyrics and make their own conclusion about them.

10-last word ?

We will upload a few new songs on our Myspace site soon. Welcome to check them out at www.myspace.com/curimus Cheers from Finland.