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Lebanese metal (Lebanon)

1_In the first place, I’d like you give me a brief description about the Lebanese Metal scene. What is the reality of Headbangers in Lebanon?

Where should I start? It's like a timed bomb ready to go off and make this huge explosion. This is the Lebanese Metal scene; an unstable community, yet very powerful and ready for the "timer" to finish ticking and the bomb to explode. The Lebanese Metal scene is currently a major scene in the Middle-East and home to many of the leading Metal bands in the area. It’s like the start of your Metal journey to the Middle-Eastern world. The future of the Lebanese Metal scene is definitely uncertain, though I have high expectations since we have hosted one of biggest bands and I feel something great is going to happen; however, I know that we are growing slowly, due to the lack of support; it’s like the scene is establishing itself, by itself. As long as we have the support of the Metalheads and the bands, we won’t ask for more.

2_how do Lebanese Headbangers see politics and religion in Lebanon? How do you see Christianity, Islam (Shiite and Sunni Muslims)? Hezbollah? War?

We're FAR FAR ... FARRR away from all that! As much as the Headbangers focus on the music and concerts and supporting the local bands, there is no place for Politics nor Religion nor anything related.... the only thing we feel sorry for is that people like Hezbollah (since you mentioned them) are in this amazing country and you wouldn't know when you’re facing the next war and when our scene will go downhill because of that. But you know, on the positive side, it keeps our government’s eyes away… HAHA!

3_how do Lebanese bands make concerts? Is there freedom?

Is there freedom? It’s as if you’re talking to me like I’m a camelhead lol. Freedom is, and will remain, in Lebanon; it's one of the things which makes this country amazing. Yes, we’ve faced censorship before; the whole Metal music faced it in the world, but we’ve reached a stage where freedom is thrown at us and we’re free to do concerts and events. Of course we still get attacked by religious people; it's normal. Many Metal festivals, around after years of remaining, keep getting negative vibes from priests and other religious figures in their regions. However we’ve learned, as far as the concert is clean and there are no drugs, you’re even free to throw in some strippers (imagine haha)

4_Talk about Heavy, Thrash, Death and Black Metal bands from Lebanon. What are the main bands?

We mainly have one or two major bands from every style you mentioned.... a few to talk about: Blaakyum as a Heavy Metal with a slice of Thrash, Postmortem as a Thrash with a slice of Death,Oath to Vanquish as a death metal with a slice of grind…
We also have some very well-known bands like Kimaera, who’ve been around for ten years, in the Doom/Death category, Blood Ink in the Metal Core category, Ayat as the most extreme Black Metal band in the Middle-East…. I could mention Weeping Willow for their long term in this scene and they would be included in the Death Metal category. Kaoteon for the aggression they hold in their music driven from Black metal with a slice of Death. Tristmoon, Melancholy, and Element 26 are the bands to release their first full length albums and I’m sure it's going to be a kick ass release for each band! However, I feel sorry for losing bands like Cimmerian Path, Void, and Nightchains as I feel they could have made some history in this part of the world.

5_Do foreign bands play in Lebanon?

Of course, as I said before, we're not camelheaded. We’ve hosted many major international bands, whether they are Rock or Metal. Some to mention are: Macbeth, Apocalyptica, Anathema, To/Die/For, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Hail!, Theater of Tragedy... and not to forget our neighbors who chose Lebanon to appear on stage as it was forbidden for them in their countries. Last thing to add, some of the bands I mentioned are bands that have performed in Lebanon since the 90's, when censorship was striking the Middle-East, so I think it was a great push for Lebanon back then.

6_Most people in Lebanon are of Arab origin. Does the Arabic society/culture accept and see Heavy Metal with good eyes and in a good way?

Whenever a Metal head interacts on a social level with an “ignorant”, it will take him a few minutes to change that person’s mind from hating this music to accepting it and not being bothered by it. What we lack in Lebanon is GOOD MEDIA EXPOSURE! There’s something I’d like to correct in your question though; I wouldn't call Lebanon or the Lebanese people Arab since every culture is taken from its roots, and our roots are Phoenician. If you know history you would understand how open minded the Phoenicians were and how much they discovered and invented. So I see the Lebanese are always up to understanding and accepting anything, as long as you explain and deliver to them the good image and, mainly, the TRUTH.

7_Is the Heavy Metal scene strong in the Middle East?

If you gather all the Metalheads in the Middle East, you will be shocked! Many of them are very important people in the society, whether they were from the Royal Family of a specific country or a Manager in a major worldwide company. The number of Metalheads in the community is still closed or unknown; however, I believe if you throw a huge event with some well known big bands in Lebanon, you will definitely get the Middle Eastern metalheads’ attention and you could see 80% of the true number… Hopefully soon! :)

8_How does the Lebanese society see Headbangers there? Because you play Western music some people in the West, see you, in Middle East, as terrorists?

I believe, and it's a fact, that the music community, and especially the MetalHeads, are the only people in Lebanon who are delivering the right image about our music, our country, and our neighbors. You ask me how? Well simply, as every metalhead (or any kind of western music listener) has around 5 to 10 western friends ATLEAST who they speak with EVERYDAY, and I’m sure the Lebanese people are explaining and fixing those false facts the Media have been delivering. I myself keep my schedule busy during my free time explaining to my friends abroad and to major bands in the world what Lebanon is and how we roll in Lebanon as Metalheads.
Coming to the terrorists part; Lebanon was NEVER a terror country. It's not the fact that we are in the Middle-East that makes us one of the bad guys. We’ve always supported foreign countries against terrorism and we’re always neutral about tensions.

9_Thank you for the interview. I would like you (Lebanese Headbangers) to give us, Brazilian Headbangers, some last words.

I would like to thank you so much for this interview, as I got to deliver the RIGHT truth about Metal in Lebanon and about Lebanon in general. I would also like to tell our Metal brothers in Brazil, YOU ARE SOME SICK BASTARDS! All the support from the heart of Beirut, Lebanon! KEEP THE BEERS ROLLING! Hope someday we share the stage, the crowd and the insane METAL ATMOSPHERE!

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