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1. Are you Nihilist's? What is your opinion about Life and Death?

Are we Nihilist's? No. Are we nihilistic? Yes...obviously our music and imagery are very dark and misanthropic. This sound and look appeals to us on a primal level. Do we hold to a specific doctrine or philosophy? No...we reserve the right be and do what we want from moment to moment; this is in line with the selfish artistic compulsion within us. Perhaps this is from that which calls to us from beyond. No one can ever know for sure. We don't respond well to boundaries. Life and Death? Is there a difference? I know not. Perhaps this is all a dream or construct. I yearn for that which is beyond.

2. How are the infernal gigs of the band?

I like to think of our gigs more as rally's. The Kommandant aesthetic is very provocative and challenging. We operate on many levels. There is of course in a metal sense the intense assault of our sound and music. We are very purposeful about all aspects of the live performance or rally as I said. There are the visual aspect as well. Some are drawn to the overall dark and oppressive imagery of our visage. This is intentional. Some comprehend the overall truly terrifying element we are trying to embody. There are those who do not get it and are threatened by what we do. Some like to read political stances into what we do. Some have left our shows very upset. This pleases us as well. It pleases us that without a word, we have upset someone to the point of forfeiting their entrance fee merely by how we look. THEY have read into us...we have reached out and affected them; controlled them if you will, with our APPERACNE. This is powerful. Metal...truly aggressive metal is not meant to be "safe", or "happy". I do not wish to be a part of some hippy love fest music. I want our audience to feel we are at war with them on some level. I want them to feel elated that they survived our set and have received a sort of dark communion with us and that is something in which we are touched by. We reserve the right NOT to be simply a predictable or typical metal band. Kommandant is truly a thing to behold live. This is KNOWN.

3. To live in this world is war, so who is the enemy to destroy in this war?

Those who oppose us.

4. What are the elements to compose a strong and powerful song?

There are two of us who compose the "music" in Kommandant. We draw on a lifetime of metal influence as well as from that which speaks to us from beyond. We know what is necessary and that indeed is the aim; To create potent dark art that we as lovers of this form would like to be a spectator for ourselves. Then there is the aspect of catharsis. There is a lot going on in us behind the mask of sanity. I have already said to much.

5. Talk a bit about the history of the band.

We are all veterans of this dark art and have been creating it for many years combined. I don't wish to bore you with a list of past members and gigs and recordings. Kommandant was conceived in 2005. Iron Hands on Scandinavia E.P.. Stormlegion Lp (Planet Metal) and now Kontakt E.P. (Planet Metal). Many successful rally's

6. What feelings do you have when listening to the sound of Kommandant.

Immediately my pulse quickens. There is an anger response within and I am at one with that within me that is destructive and hateful. I am elated to be in this band. I feel as I did the first time I heard Thrash, the first time I heard Death Metal and the first time I heard Black Metal . I feel connected to the evolution of extreme metal music.

7. What do you think about:

George W. Bush- An uninspired pawn and puppet liar and deceiver................ as is the way of the politician.
Anton LaVey- I think he is a thief and liar, but bold and calculating. I admire this.
Charles Manson- a fool and crazed megalomaniac who almost became a god, by following the path of all "saviors"...he could have become the next Christ.

8. What are you trying to express through your letter?

I do not understand the question. If you mean through Kommandant, listen and it will speak to you as they do to us.

9. Who would you condemn to the death penalty?

The list is far too long for your publication.

10. Last words?

Kommandant is rising. It is not for all. True lovers of extreme music, try it and see if it speaks to you. If it does...join us.

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