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ABSOLUTE DEFIANCE was formed in February 1998 in Jakarta, Indonesia under the name of Vile by Bimo (bass), along with Ade (guitar), Anto (drums) and Dedi (vocals). After playing one gig, Dedi left the band and got replaced by Sapto (ex-Sadistis). At that time they used to cover some of their favorite songs from bands like Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus and Cryptopsy. Later, after some internal problems a new inception was began when Ghebes (drums) and Edwin (bass) joined the band. Bimo switched his instrument to guitar from that on. They composed and intensively rehearsed several songs and got signed for a tape release with Dementia Records (Jakarta), which they recorded in September 1999. The music was brutal death metal and the lyrics deals with social phenomena such as people suffering under the military atrocities, genocides, massacres and tyranny. The great feedback of the tape took the band to the next level within the local and even international underground scene. Finally, they found a new vocalist named Fahmi (ex-bassist of Impious from Indonesia) in late January 2000. With this line-up, Vile performed numerous gigs. They also featured on numerous compilations and got interviewed by a lot of fanzine and webzines. After a year full of musical activities, Ghebes (drums) decided to retire in early 2001, he got replaced by Andyan (Siksakubur). In August 2001, Fahmi got replaced by Nino (Trauma). With this new line-up, Vile recorded ten tracks (it consists of 7 old tracks and 3 new tracks) for another local tape label named Edelweiss Productions. The tape got released under the name of "Systematic Terror Decimation" and showed a lot of progression towards brutality and intelligent song writing. Socio-political and critical lyrics are supported by brutal US influenced death metal, much in the vein of Dying Fetus, Fleshgrind and Skinless. This came under the attention of From Beyond Productions (sublabel of Dutch's Displeased Records), which licensed the recordings from Edelweiss to be released on CD along with 3 bonus tracks. Due to the American band Vile, the band was forced to change their name. The new name, Absolute Defiance, is a lot more meaningful and representative to match their lyrical and musical concept. But unfortunately, the band took its recession since the release of their debut CD in mid 2002. Nino and Andyan got to go back to their respective main bands. Edwin was no longer have time for the band due to his occupation. And so the band became non-active for a quite long time. Finally, after more than a year of hiatus, Bimo (guitar) decided to reactivate the band along with new members: Aditya (drums), Dimas (bass), Piping (guitar) and Unbound (vocals) in mid 2003. With this fresh line-up, the band has changed its musical concept, from brutal US influenced death metal to melodic Scandinavian influenced death metal, much in the vein of In Flames, Dismember and At the Gates but heavier! The band experienced a very often line-up changes in 2004, and the result was a stagnant activities during 2005. In early 2006, Bimo rebuilt and returning the musical direction into what it was, brutal death metal! Fuck the overwhelming Scandinavian stolen riffing metal-core rip offs! Absolute Defiance is absolute death metal! The band have actually awaken from their sleep. The wheels are finally rolling again, coz the brainchild of the band is actually never sleep... Be prepared for the resurrection of East

Satana DCLXVI year 1998 was vulgar stands Centuri GEMINICARIUS fatal, with a dark vision mythologically declaring total war against Christianity and its bad aspects, with apocalyptic themes and metaphors morbid horror of misanthropy and blasphemy. With footsteps firm and strong in the extreme underground Geminicarius the Brazilian following his dark journey with pride and honor black seal alliances with great respect and above all friendship, believing in the old spirit of the underground metal

Sign Of Hate came to life on the last days of 1998 having as idealizer members: Ismael Jr. and Rodrigo Borges within the purpose o playing Death Metal transgressing – lyrically and musically – the false moral and religious precepts.
In 2002 after some line-up changes and difficulties Sign Of Hate releases its first demo (auto-entitled) participating several underground publications and shows. Realting a sort recognition in the Brazilian scene.
During these divulgations, Sign Of Hate have been creating new compositions, having in view a new work. When in the middles of 2004. Sign Of Hate releases its second work entitled “Rebel Souls of chaos”
Which brings six songs of sounding chaos and impetuous lyrism.
Hellish Death Metal Attack

Asphyxiate was born to this hell pit in July 1998. Hailing from Bekasi, Indonesia, it was started by the initial formation of Josh (guitar), Dhana (bass/vocals) and Reno (drums). In November 1998, Indra joined the horde handling bass so Dhana could concentrate on his vocals. With this formation, Asphyxiate played a few original songs and some covers from Death Metal gods such as Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh (old), Cryptopsy (old), Prophecy, Beheaded, etc. In the mid 1999, Deaddy joined to handle guitars. Sadly, Dhana got an accident and passed away to join the Satan legion. Therefore, we decided to search for a substitute, and soon, we were introduced to Heru (ex-Hypoxia) who helped with additional vocals. Early August 2002, Heru was forced to leave the band due to his uncompromised personal life. However, we were grateful to have him and we really appreciate his contribution. Temporarily, Josh took over the vocals for our debut "The Process of Mutilation", released by Undying Music (Indonesia), which was then re-released by Despise the Sun Records (Italy). To add, Asphyxiate also appeared on some local and international compilation albums. End of 2003, we agreed on having just one guitarist and Deaddy, instead, took over the vocals for Asphyxiate as we believed, and still believe that his monstrous vocals really suits this band. Another accident struck us again in early 2005, which forced some formation changes again, with the entry of Atenx (drums) and Eric (bass). Unfortunately, this didn't last, and as a result, we were glad to have Reno and Indra back to join us in our journey to endless mutilation. In September 2007, again, Indra left and fortunately, Adi came in. Consisting of this bunch of mother fuckers, we did lots of shows and tours with both local and international Death Metal sickos. Now we are done with writing our new materials for our upcoming new album, which are just left with recording planned to be released in early 2009. early 2009 we has signs with two International Label: Despise The Sun Records (italy) and Sevared Records (usa) with entitled "Anatomy of Perfect Bestiality", this co-production would be great step for Asphyxiate.

Born from the dead in 2006; in deed of LIVING this morbid DEATH METAL genre.
Initially consisting of 2 horrid morbids; DEVOURED & DAEMONOZ, whom believed that the sole purpose & reason of human existence is only to cause CATASTROPHIC CARNAGE & BRUTAL BLOODSHED amongst themselves. Humans are mere SELF-DESTRUCTIVE VERMINS. 3 comrades; YAS, DEAD FLESH (HELLGHAST) & IBLIS (BATTLESTORM) now have faced martyrdom, and so, another dead comrade; TREMOR (IMPIETY/CARDIAC NECROPSY) now joins Soul Devour to continue their quest sermonizing with maximum hatred to the human race. We welcome TREMOR to Soul Devour in alliance to krush human bones!

"CALAMITOUS" is the Pure Death Metal band.Originally formed in the middle of 2007 with guitarist Ray Mullaxul and drummer Sanakorn (Phuket Deathhell Group). In May-June 2007 the two of them started practice jam a music into the studio. In August 2007 found Khwanchai (Vocalist),Thotsaphon (Bassist) and begin practice cover Obituary,Heretic Angels and other death metal songs. We practice and writing music,But Thotsaphon had a many hardwork of his university and then he have resigned from the band because he had a many hardwork then he can't practice music with the band. We seek new bassist until we met Weerasu (Bassist).He is new member of the band in December 2007. In November-December 2007,We making the first our demo song and very hard practice it.Until the first our song it's called "Exile to Mortality"have to finished. In 5 April 2008,Calamitous had a first show in "Phuket Deathhell Fest 2008" at Rock city Patong Beach Phuket Island with the band such as Infernal Sin,Enormity,Zygoatsis,Surrender of Divinity.have a some metalhead knowed Calamitous since then and we got some fans from there gig. In May 2008,Calamitous recorded first demo tape called "Exile to Mortality Demo 2008" and release in June 2008 at the gig "Sick chainsaws Massacre in June 2008" and had a show in this gig with the band such as Enormity,Soul Obsolete,A Good day for Killing,Ironfist,Zygoatsis in 7 June 2008. In 5 October 2008,Calamitous was the support band for the legendary death metal "Defiled" from Tokyo,Japan in the gig that our Siamese Brutalism Group present "BangCock Death Fest 2008".We played our extremely death metal and we very glad to be opening band for the legend of Japanese Death Metal band like Defiled. Weerazu resign from the band in November 2008 due to have a problem about his bad behavior until he can't live in the band go on. Khwanchai left the band in mid of 2009 and when the end of 2009,We got new Vocalist/Bassist "Karttakorn" from Nuclear Warfare and Guitarist "Patiwat" from Masochist and Zygoatsis bands to be new members of Calamitous for making the music. CONTACT US :

INTRUDECOCK THE THAILANDIAN SLAM ANAL CUNT BRUTALITY !!! is Fuck Duck Man (Guttural) Necrophiliac (Blasting Sick) Greegorge (6 String Sick) and XjamesX (4 String Sick). INTRUDECOCK Born in November 2009 By TAE First Member.
In Brutality ! We have First Fucking Sick Song name "Inoculated Vomitous Torment in Intestine" Out On December 2009 for Brutal Head ! I hope you interested like it and Support us !
Finish !! We are Vomit out the First Demo Promo 2010 with 2 Song Of Brutality in CDR !! See Ya !!!!
MAN (Asstraffic / Robocorpse)
TAE (Sissy Scream / Kill Slice Corpse)
GREE (Sissy Scream)
JAMES (The God Of war r.i.p)
::Contact:: (msn) (mail)
088-2243852 (telephone TAE Blasting)

Necrophilisma is Death Metal band formed in 2000. We had idea to fill up metal scene in Tuzla that, as it's well known, makes roots of „underground“ in this area. Bend was established by Mirza Selamovic (Groba)-Vocal, who was suported by Mirza Osmanovic (Brko)-Drums and Drazen Mulaosmanovic (Drazo)-Guitars. The first Line up in 2000-2001 was: Mirza Selamovic (Groba)-Vocal Mirza Osmanovic(Brko)-Drums Drazen Mulaosmanovic(Drazo)-Guitars Amar Tahirovic-Bass Bend was working very hardly and recorded next albums: 2001.-„Hell's Recline“ 2002.-„Live In To Disgrace“ 2002.-„Unmask Death“ All material was recorded in „Necro Studio“ Tuzla. In 2002. because of some personal reasons, Amar Tahirovic left Necrophilisma and Harsen Kocan replaced him on Bass in band. Necrophilisma had many concerts and parcipiated in many festivals and other events like this. Drazen Mulaosmanovic-Guitar and Harsen Kocan-Bass left Necrophilisma in 2003, when Nedzad Bibic(Nele) as well-known Guitar master of Toxicdeath on Lead Guitar and Pandur Vahid(Vahe) on Bass Guitar joined band. As results of this, there was a new Live album „METAL FORCE ATTACK“ 2004. recorded in Club „Palma“ Tuzla. Bend was working very hard on new album „MADNESS SHALL RISE“ which, beacuse of tehnical problems hasn't finished yet... Beacuse of personal reasons, Mirza Osmanovic(Brko) left band in 2005, and the best warrior who could change him was Sead Hadzic(Sejo) tormentor from Toxicdeath. Nedzad Bibic (Nele) decided to left Necropilisma in 2006, beacuse he had a lot of obligations in personal life and he couldn't go on with Necrophilisma. After Nele's leaving in 2006, band made a great changes and all with purpose to create strong and unbreakedable organizations in band.As results of those changes there is a new-old line up with changed rules of it's members. Now Necropilisma has tri members, as folowing: Mirza Selamovic (Groba)- Vocal/Bass Pandur Vahid (Vahe)- Lead Guitars Sead Hadzic (Sejo)- Drums In 2007 member of Necrophilisma was Senad Nurkanovic on Rhythm Guitar, after a few month in bend he decided to left Necrophilisma. In 2009 Necrophilisma work on Live Shows and preparing to recording full new album Madness Shall Rise...... *Logo and lyrics by Groba *Music by Necropilisma

Since August of 1995 Deformity BR has been an infected music, with total loyalty to this great stile. The lyrics were inspired in the sad, and cruel reality of the human race with all its murders, madness, mental disturbance, illness, atrocities . . . what give resource to many real-life-based lyrics.
In their pungent journey they entered the studio in August of 1999 to do their first recording, with the song "Disgrace is Coming)". This song helped the band to get recognized inside the Underground scene.

After some dissections Deformity BR decided to get again in the studio. In May of 2001 they recorded some new rotten songs of a true Brazilian Death Metal. This recording ended with the release of a CD-demo called "Fleshless Remains" ...
In 2006, after a five year sleep, Deformity once again releases a demo called "There's more Blood Coming". It comes with two songs: "Squeezing Necks" and "Tumor"... from now they'll be disseminating their disgusting name in the entrails of Underground
There were many fucking changes in the line-up... Finally, now it's consolidated as a rotten power trio! Hails to Lucio that had the balls to be playing the bass and vomiting his gutturals at same time! Let's Kill!!!

UPDATED ON 07/09/2009. Death Metal band formed in January 1990, in São José dos Campos - SP. In January 1992 they recorded their 1st demo entitled "Indians Must Survive", produced by John Paul (ATTOMICA) In September 1993 recorded the second demo-tape with three songs "The March", "Generation of Violence" and "Shadoway world" . In 1994 the band starts playing in various cities of Brazil, and in February 1995 recorded the third demo titled "Spreading Pain and Suffering" with two songs "Humanoid" and "Cesium" with producer Martin Tchelo "Torture Squad. That same year participated in a compilation CD "Star of Rock" with seven bands. Also with the production of Tchelo Martins. At this time the band goes through a phase very good, shows were routine. On June 30, 1996 the band performs their last live show together with the BASEMENT OF RATS. Weeks later left the band Sandro Nilson health problems and lead singer and also leaves MORFOLK Nelson is inactive for six years. In 2002 the old friends meet again, Nelson, Uncle and Cabbage and the other between a cup and begins to mature around the idea of Morfolk what happens in 2003. In July 2003 They are the show's back on the Rock Bar and Thelema are even more motivated because of public reaction. Morfolk into the studio in late 2005 to record the CD titled "Blind's Paradise" bassist Rocha left the band in recording sessions, making way for the American Ryan Roskowinski. In late 2005 Ryan back to the United States, where he lives part of his family and is invited to join the band Dimas Ricardo, also a member of the band Mystic Atrocity. In 2006 the singer left the band again Nelson, entering his post Mark Roach, former Mastery. This training lasted until March 2008, with the outputs of Cheap and Dimas respectively replaced by Walter Romulus former lead singer of "Human Target" and former bassist of eighties thrash "DH" Dill War In August 2009 the participating compilation "Endless Massacre III" designed by Violent Records

The band formed in 2001 from the remains of the metal band BLUMP. Guitarists FLESH and DOLLA teamed up and formed the concept of playing some traditional oldschool Death-metal. They asked DAVID who at the time was the lead singer of another metal band called SINNERS FATE if he would play the drums. After a while the lead singer from the band THE JAM SESSION, ROBERT, agreed to take on the role of lead singer in CEREMONIAL EXECUTION. JONAS from THY PRIMORDIAL stepped in and played the bass but later quit the band.
After a time with no-one playing bass they managed to talk TOMMY into playing, but he is originally a drummer and that was the reason he quit the band after recording a DEMO. The 4-track DEMO was released on CD, also 2 tracks from the demo was released on a 7" split with BORIGOR on Erode records. BJÖRN from DEMONS TO PREFER took on the bass duties after a while. Music-wise the idea to play oldschool death soon became a mix of Swedish and American death with some hard-core influences, it just came naturally as the music felt more brutal in that form.
Fall/winter 2004 CEREMONIAL EXECUTION entered a studio to record 9 tracks for an upcoming album, but since problems with record company/publisher the decision was to release DEATH SHALL SET US FREE (now considered a fullength-"demo") on the internet as a free download in September 2005.
During summer 2006 Black God Rising 7" is recorded and released in spring 2007 by Bloodharvest, the heaviest most bloodsaked release so far.

Visions of the Night is a Death/Black militarism metal band from Canada. Drawing inspiration from stories of war and the occult, they create a unique storm of metal that engulfs the listener into a surreal world of occult militarism.
First created by Wolvesblood as a one-man project in 1999. A single was recorded and although not officially released, made its way onto an extreme radio show. Members of the local metal scene soon took notice and shortly after that a 3 person band was formed with the aid of a drum machine. After writing more material and playing several live shows, in 2002 the debut full length ‘EnVisioning the New Age’ was released, introducing a blend of death/black/horror metal. An ep 'Externalizing Caligination' was released in 2005 with a live drummer and also included the bands first video 'The Summoning Litgury'. ‘Nocturnal Militia’ was the next cd in 2007. This release was recorded and mixed at Frozen Solid Studios by Matt Connell (ex-EXHUMED) and was Mastered by Yannick St. Amand (ex-NEURAXIS, ION DISSONANCE, DESPISED ICON). This recording is proving to be their most violent yet adding some militarism to their already brutal sound.
2007 also brought on a tour that included shows not only out of the province, but out of the country. Montreal, Detroit, Poughkeepsie, Saratoga Springs were just some of the cities that were performed in. The band is currently working on their next release :Vengeance, Honour, Victory and have just finished a tour of Japan with Death Metal Allstars (Ralph Santolla, Jack Owen, Steve DiGiorgio, Tony Laureano, Kyle Thomas)
Visions of the Night is NOT managed, represented, affiliated or even aligned with 666inc. / Monty Giddings in any way shape or form.
Any claims to the contrary are absolutely false. Please click HERE for Ralph Santolla's blog about him (and subsequent comments from other people that had the misfortune of dealing with him) for more details.
The video with him in it from our first trip to Japan has been left up so others can identify this fraud

INDULGENCE began his career as Carlos Oliveira (Ex-Desecrate) met guitarist Anderson Zubrzycki (Erotic Funeral) in October 2006 in Porto Alegre, through a mutual friend. With the proposal to make a death metal with some thrash influences, fast riffs and sharp, accompanied by guttural vocals and lyrics bloody and blasphemous, and called for low Vinícius Bicca (Erotic Funeral). One month after training was completed with drummer J. Moura '106 '(ex-Morpheus).
In August 2007 the indulgence Hurricane entered the studio to record their first CD, the EP "Eternal Damnation" with 5 songs: Eternal Damnation, Blood Curse, Kill All the False Prophets, Darkness and Abomination. After the recordings '106 'left the band and his place Régis Bordin. The band released a demo of a completely independent show in Canoas in December 2007 with good results since then the band has been promoting his work, making presentations in the underground scene of RS and SC. In September 2008 Vinícius Bicca left the band and in his place Peter Webster. The song "Eternal Damnation" appeared on a compilation "Metal Headbangers Reunion Vol I" which was distributed in Brazil countries, Portugal, Belgium, Poland and the USA in April 2008. The Ep "Eternal Damnation" will soon be distributed to Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the U.S. Army for Metal Management. The Indulgence is currently in the process of composition for his first album.
Current members:
Carlos Oliveira - Vocals and Guitar solo
Zubrzycki Anderson - Guitar solo
Régis Bordin - Drums
Peter Webster - Bass / Backvocal

DIKTAT was formed in 1997 with four members :
Alex Godest (guitar), Jérémie Granai (guitar), Mathieu Sidibé (vocals) and Nicolas van Deth (drums). A very long time was necessary to find a bass player : Michaël van Deth is now filling this role.
A first demo-tape was recorded in april 2000, and was sold all around the world. Finally DIKTAT recorded its first album between 2003 and 2004 and the CD will soon be available.
DIKTAT's music is technical, violent, fast and musical. Some consider it beyond death-metal which nevertheless remains its main source

CONGENITAL is a young brutal death metal band from Tagum City,Philippines started in the year 2009 originally formed by Rocky Torres (vocals),Roy Lappay (guitars), Jeric Concepcion (drums) and Jerson Tito (bass) upon aiming to track blasting brutality through music, Then began making new materials was quickly recorded the first self titled released "ABSOLUTE EXPANSION OF DISGUST" [PROMO DEMO 2010] and it got a good feedback upon performing consecutive shows, Now the band continued constantly adding versions of massive combative brutal death intensity.

Evil Plan was born January of 2009 from a collection of songs, riffs and lyrics based from the heart, soul and years of writing from Ryan Vaughn (Guitarist: Glug, Zero-Belly, Forsake The Flesh). Randy Teresi (Drummer: Glug, The Bunny, Missile Command, H-pylori, The Said, Floss) enjoyed the songs that he began to fill in the blank back beats with his strong and eclectic drumming. From there the songs evolved and progressed, also allowing the creation of more songs. So the timing of the band couldn’t be anymore better, considering we knew we would have to browse a bunch of vocalist to find the perfect one, “I believe we tried out 2 ppl” before stumbling into our singer Travis Martin, just moving here from the east coast is a fan of singing karaoke songs metal style. So from there what was meant to be a one hour try out turned out to be a six hour practice session. Travis Martin (Vocals: Elderly Attack Squad, Random Mandatory Beatings, Inflicted) with his own lyrical abilities opened up to what was pre-written and enjoyed the lyrics with such passion that he has made the band even more powerful and unique with his Singing. In 2010 Evil Plan decided to take on a second guitarist due to how well the presence felt, and Mike Clemens (Guitarist: Girth, Echo-Pheen) stepped up adding his part’s into our style of metal. Evil Plan is a evolving idea and action.

Psychogenesist arose to life after the break up of the band Bone Crushing Annihilation in 2007. Hailing from Orange County NY these epic musicians aim to get metal back on top, where it belongs! Shortly after there formation a 4 song demo was record which gained them world-wide attention. Mind altering lyrics are complemented by earth shattering guitar riffs, and inhuman drumming. While emotional solos are used at dramatic times! Many shows followed this release, including two with Cryptopsy, and another with Vital Remains. These dude are currently hard at work finishing the unimaginable album that will not disappoint extreme metal fans world wide! Keep a lookout for a 2011 release!

Salute to the Sun have been lurking in the UK underground since their inception in May 2003. Their profile has remained somewhat obscure, the band choosing to remain relatively ‘anonymous’ until they decided the time was right to unleash their brand of “Blasting Death Metal” onto the extreme music scene.
Having honed their craft for many years now, the time has finally arrived to let the world see what the band are capable of with the release of “Destroying The Heavens”. Having already released two demo’s (2004’s Led By Sin and 2006’s Dead Already), Salute to the Sun now feel they have material on Destroying The Heavens that will give the leaders in the UK extreme metal underground ‘a run for their money’.
Musically and lyrically, Salute to the sun have developed their sound and raised their game (massively since the release of Dead Already) and feel they have reached a point in their careers where they are confident enough to send “Destroying The Heavens” to all the major players in extreme metal with a view to releasing a debut full length recording.
MORE NEWS! The band have just announced that they have signed a deal with New York Label POVEGLIA RECORDS (ex-THE HORROR OF RECORDS). Songs are currently being prepared for their debut E.P. which is due for release in mid 2009...WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!
c/o chris,26 chirton hill drive,north shields,ne 29,8bh
united kingdom

form in September, 2009 Okazzy of VOIDD formed CLANDESTINED with GETAWO of BASS (exDEFLOCK)and MARI of drums( CRUCIFIED),SUZUKING of GUITAR(exRIGHTBRAIN) to create new DEATH/THRASH METAL sound. 2010 march 1stCD release! BASSIST CHANGED SHIHOGERION

Formed in 2008 King Stench ( vocals / guit ), also the Frontman/guit. of the band Foul Stench. Hanus Flatus - ( bass ), also the guitarist on the K.S.P. demo from Foul Stench. Decrepit Bowels ( drums ) drummer for Darkness Undying . Cess Pool ( lead guitar ) also the guit. for Darkness Undying . Release of King Stench - Visions Of Death, full length l.p. 2009 out now ! On Brutal Reign Productions ( China ) Please leave comments. We are writing now ! You can still contact us if interested in booking or if you just want to say hey. Black Metal / grind / doom from Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

Septory arose from a young ST.Petersburg band, named Blasphererion, that has already recorded a demo-cd and has taken part in a concert. Septory was founded by Kirill (Haoth- guitar) and Dmitry (Deiron – bass\vocal). In March 2005, Dmitry (Dym- Drama) becomes the drummer of the group. Together musicians start working on the first album of Septory.
13.11.05 the band was given a name Septory. This day can be considered as a birthday of the group.At that very time the band is recording a cover version on the famous song by Deicide "Sacrificial Suicide". recording was made on the 23.03.06., on the studio "2S" .
After that the band plays on the concert "Unholy Storm. Vol.2" other participants of the concert were Semargl, Apocryfal, Iratus Dominus, Drama etc. The festival was held in club "Arctica' on the 1st of April, 2006
In spring Septory working on new material in the studio. Septory records drums for the song : "Rotting humanity" and "Swamp".
But the musicians have to interrupt recording as they have to make preparations for a new concert, entitled "Black Sunday. Night of Unholy metal."
The day of the 11.06.06 , when the gig was performed, became a turing point for the band. Drummer Dym leaves the band without having played the second concert with Septory . Nevertheless at the end of summer a new drummer , Anton (Algor) , joins the band. Together musicians continue their creative work.
The beginning of this year goes CD "Tribute To The Old Demons DEICIDE" ( DEAD CENTER Productions ) – with cover version Septory the song “Sacrificial Suicide”
The band plays on concerts in its hometown of ST. Petersburg. The most significant of all them were the concert on the 13th of April and on the 13th of December, when Septory supported the Austrian Belphegor and the Norwegian one -Mayhem . .
In September, Septory goes to Kiev(Ukraine),where on Blacklight Studio it records and masters its first album "World War Chaos" . After that the group is looking for a label.
Only in April, 2008, on Coyote records appears a debut album.When the album is produced, Septory is invited to play on concerts in Moscow and Vologda.
But on the whole the year appeared to be an unpredictable . One of the founders of Septory - Kirill (Haoth) - leaves the band any reason.
In summer the band takes apart with its drummer Anton (Algor), who has already been leggihg behind the group. In spite of all this Septory nevertheless goes on its first tour in russia with Turkish band Cenotaph , in suuport of the album.
This year is such a lot of gigs.06.04.09 band support the iegend of The greek metal-band SepticFlesh. In April, goes to 5 days Tour Of Russia with friends from neighboring Finland - Curimus.
In the Summer almost all the session musicians leave.Dmitry(Deiron) and founder of the band returned Kirill (Haoth) started to compose new material on the second album.
All old members (Dmitry,kirill and anton) played many gigs in russia, played 4 gigs in finland and one open air in estonia.
26.07.10 beginning record second album who will be named ´nails of hate´

The band was created in 1992 by Matthias (guitar & vocals) and Andreas (bass). On a display in the Hard Rock 1993, our second guitarist Raymond was found. In 1994 the demo "Night Falls" recorded (old - school Swedish Death). In October 1996, our drummer Marek is dazugestoßen. In 1999, the song was newly appointed post with Isabel. Her singing was very Black Metal lastig. In this line, in November 1999, Sound Forge Studio, the MCD "The Night's Melodies included. There were positive reactions. Isabel left us in late 2001 from personal reasons, but we still consider each other contact. Jessyca early 2001 came to us and took over the keyboards. As a replacement for the song came Camilla (female Clean Parts) and Thomas - Morris (growls) to it. In this occupation in April 2002, again in the Sound Forge Studio (Kai Mertens, Harmony Dies) recorded our first LP, called "The Damned's Voices Choir"! End of 2003 we Camilla left by mutual consent. So we were back on the Search for a new label, and hope continue on a new deal for our next length album. We have published in May 2005, our new CD "OUT OF THE ABYSS" and bring this now as a promo in the professional world. While the release of the album "OUT OF THE ABYSS "we separated from our guitarist Raymond and our Keyborderin Jessyca. beginning in July 2005 pushed then add our new guitarist Daniel. 2007 we published our DVD" THE BLACK SEEDS OF Succubi "a 10 year old tape documentation with lots of background info, everyone should to stand fan in his shelf have. Daniel left us the end of 2007 and for then Peter came to us and in this line we also play the current album, "ECLIPSE OF SUBTERRA" one to be published later this year'd. We are still on the Search for a new label. SUCCUBUS
We played with include: Burning Steel, Harmony This, Demantor, Cabal AD. , Tasmanian Divel, Necromorph, Fenris, Minas Morgul, Dorn, Maggots, Soul Demise, Dead, Bell Grave, Crowd, Goregast, Ginding Cockse, First Aid, Dethless, Creature, Vrankenvorde, Debauchery, So Fucking What, Toxic Trace, Riger, Vae Victis, MasterCard, Dew Scented, Driller Killer, Manos, Blood, 45CBS, Viu Drakh, Sinners Bleed, Orth, Necrophagist, Ferox, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Flesh Grind, Cryptic Wintermoon, Dead Moon, Legion of the Damned, Torharry, Verdict, Gorilla Monsoon, Demonical, My Cold Embrace, boiler, Postmortem, Asphyx, God Dethroned ... and many more.
Marek Rockel / PO Box: 1333 / 16802 / Neuruppin Tel: +49 (0) 3391 / 650618
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for 1997 years SEED is DEATH METAL BAND formed in korea to the same year SEED went to japan for a tour with RITUAL CARNAGE same year SEED participated in a compilation album in korea in 1998 SEED released full album ´TERROR STRUCK`in korea in the same year SEED goes to japan for RITUAL CARNAGE and a tour again in 1999 KO YONG GUN of BASS withdraws from SEED for armed forces enlistment same year SEED participate in a compilation album in korea again in 2000 SEED becomes extinct in 2007 SEED forms it again in the same year SEED participates in ´SOUL OF KOREA FEST`same year SEED are K-ROCK FEST participation by the korea famous music magazine HOT MUSIC sponsorship same year SEED participate in domestic greatest festival ´ULTIMASTE ROCK SHOW VOL6´ SEED looked for a more aggressive drummer SEED requests NAOYA HAMAII(japanese/RITUAL CARNAGE) for participation and a current lineup is established
in the same year SEED planned large scale METAL FEST(METAL BEAST VOL 1) in korea and held it SEED invited a band to the FEST from japan in the same year SEED held METAL BEAST VOL2 again SEED succeeds in the FEST in 2008 SEED starts the recording of the full album during several years SEED performs many live in 2010 a full album is completed at last this album is released than a japanese specialty label a characteristic of this album is a cruel evil spirit and a human relationship by a human peculiar desire and SEED expresses the truth that god distorted as for the album guitar sound destroying the world with BRUST BEAT which is the powerful charm of DEATH METAL is connected with each other it is the genre that SEED was aiming at for a long time and it upgrades it more and more the album of this SEED should feel that New york brutal death metal style and florida death metal of the 90´s beginning were added for you

Cranial Schism is the Death Metal band from Pamulang, Tangerang, Indonesia. You can called us CS. We was born on may 2009 to slam and blast with this brutality project. This brutality project formed by Hendri Septriadi (Guttural / Growl), Putro Tangkilisan (Guitarist), Adrian Devara (Guitarist), Yudha Leonardi (Bassist), and Abraham Simatupang (Blast Beat / Battery). We influenced by Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Pathology, and Nile. We mixed our influence's music character with guttural vocal, shred, and blast from us. We mixed all of that with themes about God and religion. You can hear our songs at