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diktat (france)

1-metal and a lifestyle for you or an ideology?

Metal is for us an everyday life because we must defend what a lot of french people does not consider like music, and speaking for myself, metal cannot be an ideology because I reject any kind of ideologies

2-which literary and musical influences of the band?

Diktat is influenced mostly by disagreements of life if I can say so and our musical inspiration comes ,first, from all our metallic background of all genre, but we also like other kind of music like flamenco or jazz, classical music,as much as we get something from it

3 - what are the issues addressed by the band?

We do not have real message to give to anyone but live your life and follow your dreams, do something ! we first try to make music for itself and we hope to share our energy with you!

4-Who do you like to send to the guillotine?

The first people I will send to the guillotine are those who are playing with our money every single day on markets! then will come politics followed by millions of people I choose personally!

5 - what happens with great bands that come in majors that after just changing the sound?

I think that today's majors are interested by bands with heavy & clear sound, easy to listen, but they do not care much for having real new bands with real personality that will change from mass media metal bands! Due to the loss of benefits on cd products (thanks to internet downloads) they must be focused on band's skills on stage to get incomes for their bands (from concert tickets & merchandising), a musical life can appear harder than ever.

6- as playing alongside bands like immolation incantation and among others?
Diktat got very lucky at the start because it's true we had the opportunity of opening shows for famous bands like Immolation, Incantation, Master, Dying Fetus and other great names ! All those guys are fucking great and we had good time with all of them!

7-what is your opinion about French personalities such as: marques de sade, Napoleon Bonaparte ,charles baudelaire?

The names remind me of school time ,that means a lot, but I know Sade was a really tormented mind and a lot of people consider him as a mad man considering the violence of his writing, I like the atmosphere in his books.
Baudelaire was more poetic, I remember Les fleurs du mal, I loved that book when I was a teenager! Napoleon is my favorite because I have roots in Corsica ,so you understand… This man made Europe the way it is now ,more or less. He also was a mad man! Are you trying to show me that french famous people are all mad?

8-what kind of message you try to express through your lyrics and your music
I told you Diktat have no specific message , music comes first, but don't let anyone fuck up with you, metal brothers!
9-as you see a return to scene of bands like Destruction, Venom and others?

You're right ! legendary bands are still on the road now and I think that's great and in a way this shows that people knows where to find quality entertainment . This is also good for young metal heads to see what was before all these blasting great bands we have now!

10-carnage end?

I know you Brazilian metal brothers are really involved into metal music and we, french people, say you are the best crowd ! We all in Diktat hope to come and play in your great country one day, do not hesitate to contact us through Myspace we'll be very happy to talk with you!

Thanks a lot Julio Cesar for your interview! your questions were not usual ,Thank you for that! Keep it hot!

Alex & Diktat

(This interview was made by Alex guitar player in DIKTAT)

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