sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Decayed (Portugal)

1 - hate against christianity is it the main theme of the band or the band looks other chaotic mankind matters?
JA - Basically, my words are against the Church and all those who live by their laws or according the laws of hypocrisy.

2 - whats your opinion about life and death?
JA - Life was ruined by Christians. Death is the release from this Hell.

3 - how do you see the conflict between good and evil inside all human beigns?
JA - There is no good and there is no evil. Those are christian concepts. There is only right and wrong.

4 - is there god? is there satan? is the redemption for mankind or total destruction?
JA - Which god are you refering to? Satan as seen by the christians is of no importance to me. I sincerelly hope that this whole shit goes to waste soon.

5 - for you what is the truth? the lie people can trust in something or someone?
JA - Truth is reality. You can trust, after people have proven themselves. But remember, words are nothing, only actions are real.

6 - what do you think about the fusion of black metal with ,industrial etc?
JA - Metal is Metal! If you feel the need to change Metal, maybe you're listening to the wrong type of music.

7 - what are the main influences of decayed? band members only listen black metal? read some specific books?
JA - The main influence is VENOM. We listen to real BM, stuff released in the 80's alongside Thrash, Speed, Heavy, Death. My fave books are the ones written by Tolkien.

8- what black metal signify to you?
JA - Honour!

9 - how do you black metal scene from 80´90´and see new scene?
JA - Fuck this scene. It all went to shit when the norwegian started their little joke back in the early 90's.

10 - do you think so that radicalism will be the unique from to exterminate mode that infects the actual scene?
JA - What scene? Is there a real BM scene? Where? I only listen to clone bands.

11 - war final?
JA - Check us out!

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