great opus of death metal in this album of that australian band Here we find all elements that constitute this wonderful CD featuring the music of a high quality coupled with all that magic atmosphere of death metal technique, harmony, speed, precision riffs quartered with those climates to leave anyone with the broken neck and fractured some columns shake of the head both united by perfect guitar solos and vocals that perfect fit beautifully in your music a profanity and insane crushing bass combined with an attack of a monstrous drums of high quality and with great versatility and technique that make this album an indispensable material in the collection of real and true warriors brother of death metal

album and composed entirely of 10 inspirational songs and plenty of weight, aggressiveness, strength and technical sound well done with a lot of chaos right and at the same time very technical and a lot of weight throughout the course of the album all the songs are well tailored and very well played the vocal Putrid extremely appropriate for the style anchored by guitar riffs and solos filled with impeccable bass is very well embedded in the context of the mix and drums that just ruthless besides that the musicians are excellent in their respective positions this album is the great stuff in the worldwide death metal scene really recommended

a real machine metal symphony finland giving a new face to a melodic death metal sonic adventure that walks through feelings death, love, pain, darkness, showing every technique and perfect sound through vocal fantastic showing a wide variation technique and guitars that command the rhythm of every song electrifying riffs to leave anyone with the spiked hair a magnetic bass that will leave you mesmerized drums a magical touch to give all this majestic symphony orchestra a great CD worthy of attention and respect because it is high album sound quality and ultimate wonderful technique highly

this cd consists of 8 and blood rituals of black magic by invoking the gods pay by crushing and merciless black metal in their music proclaiming a new era of chaos, hatred and blasphemy of pure doom laden riffs through the blood in a low ready to run the false vocal proclaiming a new era of darkness and a felony, and battery ready for the ritual of blood besides that which musicians play their instruments with complete mastery of the death this cd is a great reference for all those who are thirsty for blood and sacrifices and orgies on behalf of this unholy metal album we find elements that make up a true alliance with the demons of death

these black knights of the United States come boiling in our veins metallic celebrating its eighth blood of the purest and creative black and insane thrash everything here and played with the greatest perfection sound besides that are ambitious musicians looking for their originality and perfection with creativity and competence they offer a monumental old school thrash high quality music and an album Unsurpassed a duty for all the metalheads

this new material the band's sound quality is supreme, and infernal still four diabolical attack ready for the destruction of humanity through a magnificent and fantastic old school thrash music continues its elaborate and creative, and technically a true soundtrack to resurrect the dead and bury the living with sharp riffs and high dose of aggression and hatred vocal sound that advertise a war that will devastate the land a bass that fits perfectly to all its sinister atmosphere drums a music that shows all its power of destruction and brutality technique done an awesome cd with every feeling totally black brothers advisable for the unholy war

and that this band consists of two messengers of war that a blasphemous Celebrate old school death metal vein in a true fusion between the 80 glorious years and profane decade of 1990 it emerged that an extraordinary impeccable old school death metal band on this cd to reward us with 3 murders sound and leave us hungry for more blood and extreme music combined a technique with good structure and creative riffs, solos, speed and melody attached to a demonic vocals and pulsating bass firmly seated hatred of one ready to distil the drums its arsenal of war this album dedicated to the warriors of this metal and a typical album to die from hitting head and have the pleasure of saying fuck off all false metal

 8 symphonies are the most agonizing funeral doom metal, dark harmonies filled with sadness, melancholy, misanthropy, depression in this band album explores the darker side, dense and heavy traveler and slow style of his well-orchestrated music, structured and elaborate, memorable, very catchy harmonic mixing beauty and sadness filled with mystic atmosphere and ethereal sensations that gives us a journey through the world of beauty morbid and sadistic music each had a special attention and greater care in composition with vocals memorable riffs and choruses well structured with a remarkable large variation of rhythms and feelings and a high level of music that display a high quality of musicians cd highly recommended and advisable to worship style

this is one band that surprises in the first few riffs by the mystical atmosphere that comes from heavy melodies laden with much pain and sadness in his music that reflects feelings of despair, agony, suffering, depression shadowy elements coupled with vocals that whisper poems and black morbid guitars that give a whole climate there is a funeral ritual for bass that transmits all its chaotic essence an art misanthropy and drums that unloads all his suffering in this musical ritual profane while reporting quality music and musicians fully committing to offering a quality cd execelente Music and professional and totally profane this album advisable and essential and indispensable in the collection of unholy warriors of metal

This album containing 19  infection sound that will tear all their rotting flesh and crush all your bones and break his skull and destroy their fragile timpani all this through a perverted insane grotesque gore grind death played in the most extreme and disgusting and terrifying and brutal vocals ready to spread chaos and fear and terror on Earth accompanied by acoustic guitars and dirty riffs and a bass completely killers running with their killing perfection of sound and drums that runs with a fairly technical mastery and brutality and thus showing all their chaos sound so close all this sound aberration feel invited to enter into a world full of blood, entrails, sick, putrid, insane, an album dedicated to rotten putrid and rotten brothers who make up this scene this dirty and sick and extremely cd and indispensable in the collection of infectious brothers

more than a satanic project blasphemous brother lord tyrannus this cd black flame alive and well paid horde propagate their blasphemy and dark atmosphere about humanity through two satanic rituals in this live cd horde unloads all his hatred through his ruthless and aggressive black metal where the evil and chaos prevails in this magnificent cd find all the energy and magic of the satanic black metal supreme and an art directed all the followers of evil

this album a great mix of feelings, emotions, sadness, divided into five mystical atmosphere that surrounds us in feelings of extreme dimension to infinity astral travel in the realms of the cosmos filled with his music and symphonic orchestrations cosmic morbid uniting the perfect harmonies and interpretations sinister and magnificent female vocals that give this opus a cosmic weather and fabulous keyboards that come together in an atmosphere of pure magic and beauty and creating passages and relaxing creating cosmic travel to worlds unknown and shadowy simply symphonic

following his trilogy about the earth spreading satanic essence of the purest and most genuine satanic black metal through the launching of this new band tyrant discharges into the atmosphere seven curses sound along the lines of an unholy black metal in the air and spreading evil black magic satanic black metal united with agonizing vocals and funereal black feelings that are contained in his letters an unholy demonic bass riffs that give all their dark sense opus drums and a majestic atmosphere that breathes throughout his art satanic black album also find this a great musical quality showing every quality competence, originality, technique, violence, the original production and perfect with a great recording as well as all over the chart that is not owed ​​anything a great art to be appreciated because it is a supreme and evil cd done with respect and loyalty and honor on behalf of the true and supreme occult black metal

SEHKMET- Opus Zrůdy
an interesting band because of its originality in composing a black metal so varied without copying other bands and their music to a rescue ancient spirits of black metal opus that satanic ritual satanic and contains 10 guided by demonic vocals invoking dimensional dark satanic riffs and well structured and letting all the air dark energy joining a ritualistic drums played in a rapid and also more consistent with large variations for this infernal album totally devastating and blasphemy and a black metal without mercy to the human ear a true war machine totally satanic Satanic arts facing

evil, satanic, a merciless hell sound the most extreme and hateful black metal with full fury and malice are nine hymns of pure destruction and war against all hypocrisy and Christians pigs and rotten and broken humanity a supreme black metal full of hatred in the very vein thus rescuing the whole essence and magic of the satanic black metal and impure this album dedicated to worship of the supreme, and infernal and bestial black metal

fabulous and fantastic death metal played with mastery and supremacy throughout this CD band to show all your musical arsenal seven pearls of the purest infernal death metal in its discharging all his music harmony, melody, variation, violence in creative and technical riffs and well structured giving the whole atmosphere of his art death metal vocals from the depths of hell together with guitars that express extreme feelings of hatred and pure evil harmonies and atmospheres in a metallic bass which plays a role with great quality and supremacy technically a drums and showing all his violent variation technique and brutality, and thus showing all quality music and professional musicians who make this art of war a great album to be covered by metallic warriors

this chaotic wars cd find nine of the sickest metallic old school death metal played in the true spirit of death metal totally sadistic, perverse, technical, majestic all the band manages to capture the magic of death metal and thus they express in their lyrics and sound of the metallic all-weather death metal sound in their war for land and propagate the spirit of unholy death metal making this album something sublime, supreme, and a profane art destroyer to be fully appreciated by the brothers metallic advisable

really hell, and this split where two black hordes demonstrate both in their lyrics and their sound powers legions of Satan begins the massacre the Christians have sekhmet unloading all your gear arsenal 8 Satanic Satanic in the purest and original black metal violent, insane and perverse a declaration of war the enemy is continuing the extermination dead spreading their evil satanic curse on eight symphonies morbid showing that its real intention of spreading metal and Satan on earth so complete his mission to destroy human race so rotten in black show the split strength of two diabolical hordes with an intense desire to spread chaos over the land of sound more genuine and true Satanic metal

In this intense and glorious work of satanic warriors, violence continued unabated and relentless sound. There are nine manifestations of evil, from the ultimate evil and satanic heavy metal. Totally killer!
 In addition to finding a great sound quality and professionalism of the musicians, who all can transmit a true feeling of Black Metal, the lyrics of the songs are in a perfect atmosphere of darkness.
 This stuff is dedicated to all who understand the spirit and philosophy of Black Metal !

excellent black metal where the band manages to convey all their aggression and hatred in five annihilations the more severe and insane satanic heavy metal there are riffs that create all the energy and atmosphere vocals that invoke dark prophecies a bass that accompanies the ritual satanic pride and a drums that contributs to the sonic onslaught the band gets to spend a whole feeling atmosphere and energy of the true black metal dedicated to worship of black metal

coming from the land of the Impaler Vlad tapes and annihilating all the enemies through a nihilist and blasphemous black metal satanic 10 apocalyptic nuclear attack unloading all his anger into his music full weight, technique, brutality and desecration thus creating a whole atmosphere of an intense black nuclear attack him everything done on an excellent production sound moreover vocal chants echoing satanic war that perfectly fit his art profane bass played with a lot of technical accuracy and supremacy totally impeccable guitar solos that vary between bases and thereby maintaining speed and weight and constant in his music technically a drums satanic shows that all its energy and brutality that technically makes this a great album satanic art to be enjoyed by all those who struggle in favor of true satanic art

Satanic attacks in this current horde gravlund unloads all the fire of hell in four hymns in celebration and the satanic rites merged whole essence of true black metal rescuing all honor and glory of the ancient spirits of metal together all this blasphemous and satanic perversion which unloads all his vocal vomiting Satan in our ears riffs that are all feeling hateful with a great bass to give all energy satanic blasphemy mutilation to a supreme drums that closes the entire cycle all black giving his art a mystical atmosphere and Satanic their unholy art of making a supreme cd material to be desecrated by the followers of the true Satanic metal

this band coming from Malta with a mission to spread in our skulls torments 11's sound sadistic and perverse black metal in their music spreading the deepest feelings of pure black corners profanity in lyrics that reflect the true spirit of metal riffs combined to create an inspiring atmosphere war to sound mystical vocals that come together perfectly with the band's sound musicianship and a high quality bass that continuing the war drums and a hell of discharging all your music will sound this war that make this album an essential item in the collection of metal head

another great album released by the band on this cd that 10 explosions and composite metallic and filled with great music and lots of variations technique and feeling once again showing great musical quality and competence of all musicians who can transmit energy to the metallic sound of the band thus creating climate and an ominous metallic making this cd a great material that deserves to be heard and revered and worshiped by the real headbangers

most excellent album released by this band on this cd will find all the elements necessary ingredients for any metal band and their sound very interesting there is a lot of innovative ideas and creative influences coming into her music creating a unique structure and varied with lots of atmosphere as well as musical band has cd this opportunity to show all his talent, creativity and competence of their musicians creating a musical symphony making an album entirely of this material advisable metal to the followers

pure and authentic original black metal in the old vein blackened souls of black metal rescuing all essence and originality of the true Satanic metal spreading their satanic ritual in our metallic skulls in this war we find three satanic acts of pure desecration his music is replete with mystic atmosphere and the satanic variations mystical musical technique majestic riffs and demonic interpretations drums played with a lot of evil, brutality and technique and a devastating bass sound ready to attack on the land that make this cd a satanic device ready to be enjoyed by a real satanic warriors indispensable material in satanic collection

fantastic fabulous blend made by this band on this cd have intense and wonderful fusion of extreme metal and industrial packed with new and creative ideas even more intense paranoid sick and perverse elaborate their sound is the sound of industrial disturbances and extreme side of metal make this mix a fabulous musical journey filled with cosmic orchestrations musically varied and well his music all playing in perfect harmony with great musical variety and fantastic interpretations that give an unhealthy climate this perverse and sadistic orchestra music great CD all dedicated souls insane that we are seeking something new and majestic

 France has been producing more black metal bands of the highest quality and originality, talented and one of the seide that this album presents 10 songs of pure devotion to black metal profane and we are impressed that this cd and her music is majestic and full of powerful technique, feelings that highlight the true spirit of black metal, brutality than to find a wide variety of music with well-designed and innovative music sung in French, English, German as well as superb vocal armageddon ready to propagate in our skulls sound corners chaotic spread on the earth excellent riffs that are true bombings besides a great guitar sound that manages to convey feelings in his music a hell of bass that does its job with quality and competence and drums performing with an evil torment beyond sound of musicians engaged in performing work of a high quality sound that make work a serious, competent, true to make this cd a great material for unholy war

chaotic Satanic black metal band recorded this album in this Nordic features 3 tracks from a satanic supreme, majestic, hidden their black metal music technique, extreme and elaborate bases and guitar solos and melodies of great quality in full measure the production of sound perfect and further highlighting the quality of the band plenty of weight, the vocals are blasphemies neck-breaking riffs and drums all this infernal satanic art sound extremely musical quality that makes this CD a true invocation of sound that you hear and never forget and a material worship Satan done for metal hell