segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010


1 - talk about the scene in your country?

In Russia black metal scene is developed not so bad. Unfortunately, large labels prefer to release hordes, whose music confessedly disharmonizes with black metal ideas, finding the good response in the crowd of teenagers. I’m understanding that this situation concerned with commercial reasons. But realy estimable interesting bands are doomed to exist in deeper underground, contenting very small editions of their releases. I wanna mark out Gmork, uRAn 0, Eres', Veretragor, Necrolatreia, Ghornumn, Tenebris, Forestgrave.

2 - what vision you have of death?

Death is a gift which we can outlast only once. Primordial canons of our world are made so faultlessly. I think, that human essence is only maggot. It’s a stage on long way to the higher form, which can live in the global primal chaos and not depend from time and matter.

3 - because the forbidden always fascinates us?

Certainly, forbidden attracts everyone, but everyone have his individual limit. Always there will be the one who will go further than others. But nobody thinks about outcome... Supervise your desires and possibilities, they have property to come true!

4 - his war and against whom?

Through my music I’m trying to inform since earliest times idea of struggle against human herd, and showing how insignificant two-legged scoff with his ambitions, avidity, ardour to progress before grandeur and might of the nature surrounding us. I feel a pain when walking to the places, where at one time birchwoods and boundless fields were lie, now here only heaps of shit presented by nugatory civilisation. The human does not honour that has given his life, instead of this, he amuses itself any type of delirium, like religions, drugs, inadequate lust, homosexualism and others. The similar creature is not worth the rights to existence.

5 - ha world that we are led through your music?

It is the world of fool, that standing on the edge of chasm, and not suspecting what horrors and pain the chasm has prepared for him. Some tracks from the first album were created under impression of tales of HP Lovecraft. Second album is the almanac of human inferiority before that over what it thought himself the master. Another branch of my creative way is ambient, impregnated with beauty and danger of the nature.

6 - suicide is a form of relief to life in this morbid world?

My opinion is unequivocal. Suicide is only for weaklings, not for warriors. Since Black Metal is war!

7 - emerges from where his inspiration to compose the lyrics of the band?
In general I write the lyrics spontaneously for my poison. I obtain inspiration from internal experiences, walk to the primeval nature, books and films, so, from all that can hurt the strings of my soul and imagination.

8 - making nature is so mysterious and intriguing to us has a certain fascination about her?

Yes, I already mentioned about it above.

9 - end suffering

Thank for interesting questions. Successes in support of the true underground! Everyone have his path, sometimes it winds and goes uphill. In that moment the main thing is not to surrender and not to betray your ideals. Listen to your heart, listen to your rage. Be strong and stay metal! Stay black fucking metal!!!

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