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headhunter d.c (brazil)

1 - How do you see the revival of classic albums from bands of the 80s by Mushroom Records?

Sergio "Baloff" Borges: Death metal greetings to all! I find interesting, man, it gives opportunity to those who had no access to these albums, for one reason or another, to finally buy them. We are pleased by the Mushroom finally include "Punishment At Dawn" in its Remaster Series, although this only be happening 16 years after its original release. Despite all the turmoil in which the current scene is (trends, fashions, banalization ...), is great to know that there are still people in need of real Death Metal as it was born to be.

2 - The band in general has problems with the record that prevent a continuous release of your work?

Baloff: Yes, unfortunately we have faced some problems with seals over the years, which has prevented us from releasing albums more often. Of course, there are other factors to this situation, but problems with seals is certainly a major.

3 - How does this tribute band as the band participated in some?

Baloff: All our holdings in taxes were the most honest and sincere as possible, ie the goal has always been the real tribute to the bands. Unfortunately we had some bad experiences with taxes, which led us to think twice before contributing to this type of release from now on. Incidentally, recently recorded a cover of Death, "Summoned To Hell", a tribute to the band via heavier Records of Peru to be launched soon

. 4 - What is the opinion of the band with respect to matters such as religion, politics, war, society?

Baloff: What I can say is that shit comes from another, and all are creations of human ignorance. Politics and society are unfortunately necessary evils, but the way there are not even deserve our deepest contempt! TOTAL FUCK OFF AND DIE !!!!!!

5 - What is your opinion regarding the return of bands like CHAKALI, atom, etc?

Baloff: I am somewhat skeptical with respect to all such returns of the bands'80 's, especially at a time when we have this boom turned to metal today, with all this support from media and accessibility to everything, then it is very easy to leave scene in "the lean season" when everything was very much more difficult now and again. Anyway, what does each think is best for you, then lucky for them! What it does not agree is just to give more value and recognition to bands that have again after 15, 20 years of inactivity than the bands that crossed all the time in an active and faithful to its roots, but as I say, this is the sign of the times ...

6 - How does the band banda Death Metal and the public now?

Baloff: As always, there are pros and cons. We are not here for judging anyone, although we have much luggage and authority for this. That it is who it says is part of the scene to make it for themselves, or questioning themselves what their role in the scene and they have done positive for the same. Speaking only for me, very little of which has been launched in the scene lately has called me out, but fortunately we can count on real bands within the genre, whether they are older bands or younger. The same for the public. Of this, only interested in the intelligent side, and it is for that that our efforts are focused. On stupid, ignorant, parasite, we want to distance!

7 - In 21 years of career of the band were the victories and difficulties encountered by banda?

Baloff: The victories have been many over the years, and in the midst of an arduous saga, much more difficult than what the bands today often face, each of it, that may seem minor, it is celebrated with great pride for us . Most of them certainly is keeping us alive, active and stronger than ever after years and years in a scene in which all true values of the past seem to have been completely exchanged. The problems are endless, man, a lion killed a day to keep the firm in banda journey. Unfortunately not always have the recognition we deserve in our own country (as well as other bands that are already there for years on the road), but in any event, the saga continues, with the same passion, dedication, sacrifice and loyalty ever.

8 - What do you think about the revival of the 80 bands that many preach today?

Baloff: It has something to do with what I said in question # 5. Actually it makes me a little disgusted in some cases, as much could have sounded forced to fit a pattern of current fashion, and this thing of Thrash "eighty", "old school" just became a fashion fudida. As always, only time will tell who is in you be ... I would say the same for other styles.

9 - It's Christianity that other types of cancer (in allusion to the title "God's Spreading Cancer ...") devastate humanity today?

Baloff: Many old, mankind is at an end thanks to his own ignorance, and most of the fault is of Christianity and religions in general, that the Lame humans in their ability to progress and blind to the real world. Christianity ... CANCER OF THE WORLD!

10 - Explain what the title "God's Spreading Cancer ..." actually mean?

Baloff: "God's Spreading Cancer ..." means "The cancer that spreads from God ...." The idea came from a song of Cat Stevens called "Love is Magick" which part of the letter with this phrase was censored at the time. The concept behind the title is that we, the so called "heretics" (from the point of view of Christians and religious in general), are the cancer that spreads into "God", ie everything that he (or rather , the concept) and that fear was imposed against their son, according to the Christian fable. Everything revolves around that stupid concept of "God" and his son "savior." "God's Spreading Cancer ..." is our display of blasphemy against the true cancer of humanity called Christianity and against everything that is so-called "holy." 11 - Final Message ... Baloff: Thank you, Caesar, Max & The Glory of Pagan Fire 'zine for valuable support Headhunter Death Cult! To readers, to join us in an alliance death metal for the true spirit of (Death) Metal and against mediocrity in the current scene. New songs of death and brutality are profane way ... DEATH METAL RULES SUPREME! LONG LIVE THE DEATH CULT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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