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CRUCIFIER was formed in February of 1995 by Hlias "Thanatoid" Kyriazis (vocals) and Giorgos Kyriazis (bass guitar) in Athens, Greece. With 3 demos (1995-Infernal Pain / 1996-Totally Madness / 1998-Fear is your Mind) 2 Ep's (2001-Innocent World / 2004-Escape or Die!) and a full length album (2002-Merciless Conviction) after several changes in the line-up, the band recorded the second full length (2006-Cursed Cross) with new members from 2003-'04 and '05 except Thanatoid. Crucifier have played in many live gigs until now and as a support they have played with Paul Di'Anno in 2003 and with Tankard once in 2004 in Athens and again in Larissa in 2006. Currently the band has changed once again his line-up with a new drummer, bass player and continue with one guitar.Unfortunately for personal reasons NICK,VAGGELIS and NICK(Drums) have left up and the new line up is: ILIAS "THANATOID" KYRIAZIS-VOCALS//SAVVAS-RHYTHM/LEAD GUITARZ//STAMATIS-RHYTHM GUITARZ//ANASTASIS"stas"-DRUMS + PERCUSSIONS/RHYTHM GUITARZ//SAKIS:Mad Butcher -BASS.

In the beginning of January '03 (let us say that happend on 17th, Jan 2003), feeling dull on schoolworks, Paul Wilemski, as usual, looked through the websites, searchin' of the interesting player , that would be able to found a band. The luck chose, that finally succeeded to find a guy with name James Kazimierczuk, who was lookin' for someone with whom be able to found a band and lend ear on Motorhead stuff. Same day they enjoyed their first rehersal. In the garage, they played couple of licks, like Motley Crue, Savage etc. not to forget about their own material. In 2003 holidays, guys riched a 4-track recorder TASCAM and made a first demo of the band, calls „Into The Fire” under the prototype name „Destroyer”. The recording contained „Rip Your Brain”, „Trip To Hell”, „Let It Loose”(originally recorded by the NWOBHM band Savage) and „Wild Side”(the hit of Motley Crue). Demo dispersalled in the unique outlay around 50 crafts and to boys lost his wish to play. They found, that they were not fitted to playing in the garage and all the warmth went fucked. The break stayed till 2005 (with little exceptions. Once or twice they met up in order to listen „first-rate” metal-shit). Everything came back to life in June 2005, when Paul finally answered the phone and boys decided to record a second demo tape. They've made first releases of few compositions, which Paul of course forget. From the personal reasons, the holiday time was rest-time and in September maties started over again. Deep studies over the name, ended with the positive score. From many (Cut’s Guts, Frogover, Roadster, Firewall etc.) stayed choice of HELLRIDER. An effect of the great name was an idea of looking out of the second guitar player and the bass player! Exploration stayed within 3 months with of course negaive results! Sooth to say surely none of TWO band members did not even open the local newspaper. Constantly in the two-handed gang, they stayed till 2007. The second demo, from clearly reasons, went never recorded. After all, that time did not become wasted, of course. The result of two years′- meetings and rehearsals, was the coming back to the old, good name, DESTROYER. When everything was already scheduled and arranged, Paul finished educations and James decided to leave POLAND. That way, Destroyer reached full minimalizm and begin to exist as „the one-man gang” (completely like a Virgin and Thomas Lubert). After the coming back to Ilawa, Paul desperately looked about 15 minutes for the new drummer. The luck chose, that he had got, in its own cool phone, saved number to the best drummer from the golden times ’83. He calls ……… Peter Leszek (or Leszek Peter)! The conversation was short and concrete, because Peter owned, in her rich collection, a demo tape „Into The Fire” and was very fascinated with that. That's not a secret, that playing in Destroyer was his dream of life. He could not say 'no'. (By the way, one can mention, that boys knew since times of high school and were best palls. Of course that was absolutely 'none' effect on made a decision ;-) ). Since January 2007, Destroyer started at full speed! Yet in June boys had arranged two fresh songs. Also in June, guys decided to look for the rest part of the band. Among of the few candidates, best seemed to be, completely by chance, the brother of Peter, Paul „Basiorro” Leszek (or Leszek Paul). He was fuckin' excellent and situation that he just bought a CRAZY Warwick head, also had 'none' effect on made a decision. They just stayed with problem of the axe-man. The axer who sweeps out the soloes in hiperspeed and even slower. Through the band came and go such personalities as: „Ernest”. Finally it fell on unknown master of the guitar – Rado „Simon” Krawec. A basic challenge was recruiting him to the band. How to convince him? The band got in to Opel Vectra (imported from Germany, however no-hit car) and ride to see completely strange Rado, in his completely strange house. After the presentation of the case and the audition, Rado confirmed the reputation about his craftsmanship. 11 July 2007 he officially became accepted in the family of Destroyer, as axe-man. This way, for the first time in Destroyers history, the band counts four members and it's great time. Metal Ain’t Never Gonna Leave Us!!! U motherfuckaz...

THRASH THRASH THRASH!!! - Started as a two-man-projekt in 2005, IMPACTOR has grown to an fully occupied Thrash Metal Band. To support IMPACTOR you can order our limited Demo "IMPACTOR" wich was released on friday, 13th. March 2009. For order send an eMail to IMPACTOR under the heading of "Demo-Tape". Out debut Mini-LP "prepare for impact" is out now! 6 THRASHing old school songs!!! Listen to "Impactor" and "Downstairs" to get a fortaste. For booking please also send us an eMail under the heading of "Live". always looking for gigs. Till then... THRASH THRASH THRASH!!!

The Band was formed in early 2002 by Rodrigo Costa - Guitar and Vocals that has since gone through several formations to be inactive in July 2005. in February 2006 Rodrigo decides to return to the band and called Bruno (Mad Butcher) Tarelov ex Guillotine to play the bass and so start working on the possible return of the Infected. for the post of drummer called a friend who was recruited played in a jazz band , his name is Rodrigo Ramos, who also recorded 7 songs that later would be part of the debut album "Who Is Not?" also played with the band in the show "back" in December 2006, with great bands in a memorable show at Arena Metal in Osasco-SP, the bands were Jackhammer, Guillotine, Sounder, Conquistadores e Violator. then forward the things that seemed to fix it but the end of the recordings Promo launched between April and May 2007, Rodrigo Ramos decides to quit the band to devote his jazz band. that time considered the idea of calling the drummer of Side Effectz , Hugo Golon to cover up some dates , the fact that he directly participated in the recording of the Promo and still played the MX music released for the Infected. the friendship and understanding between Hugo and the band did with it was definitely in the band, building one training. in the meantime the search for a second guitarist firm followed, until one day Rodrigo Costa visit the orkut profile of a boy with a jacket full of patches and hat with the flap raised. , the boy called Henrique Perestrelo that after some tests on contacts with Rodrigo quickly joins the band to complete the team, bringing a lot of technical and Felling scary for the band. that occurred between September and October 2007 and its official appears in Infected occurred in January 2008 in a memorable show happened in the traditional São Paulo Club called Hangar 110, along with the bands Jackhammer, Side Effectz, Breakdown, Evokers and Total Mayhem. the time was passing in September 2008 the band signed contract with Mutilation Records to record the launch of the so dreamed debut album that would be launched in December 2008 under the name "Who Is Not?", in that year they played in a second part edition of the traditional festival Night Of Living Thrashers with bands like Criminal Mosh, Blasthrash, lobotomia and Violator. the year 2009 could not have started better for the band that had many shows were doing and receiving good reviews of zines, magazines and Bangers around the world on the debut album. in July 2009 Hugo leaves the band for personal reasons ,in his place Rodrigo Silva joins the band to continue the good job done by Hugo. now they are preparing to soon enter into studio to record the second album with a tour to launch in August of 2010. With influences of bands as the MX, Explicit Hate, Megadeth, Metallica, Assassin, Deathrow, Dorsal Atlantica , Exodus, Artillery, among others, the band tries to inside reach bangers with a serious, honest work and above of all search identity and originals of this "controversial" style of the Metal.
This band counts on the force and support of all. United Headbangers!

The band ACID SPEECH was formed in February of 2007 on Brasília/DF with intention to play Thrash Metal made in the Old School. Influenced by many bands as Kreator, Sepultura, Slayer, Hypnosia, Vio-lence, Gammacide, Exodus, Pestilence, Massacre and others. Formed by the Thrash Maniacs marcondes (Vocal/Guitar), Renato (Guitar), André (Bass) and Rafael “Air Head” (Drums).The Acid Speech has played in Brasília and surroundings, while was preparing for recordings of first Demo, “Corrosive Riot”. In December of 2008 is released Corrosive Riot demo with 5 songs of most pure Thrash Metal made like the old 80’s bands, with lyrics about Social and Politics themes. The ACID SPEECH is now spreading the demo in everywhere and spreading your “CORROSIVE RIOT

HEREAFTER was fucking born by Redza (DEVASTATOR) somewhere in August 2007. HEREAFTER played with the concept of typical Old-School Thrash and Heavy Metal. HEREAFTER is the continuity from Redza first band, MEPHISTOPHELES (R.I.P 1997-2000). The reason for HEREAFTER was formed is to show to the shitty bands & society that material is fucking way more important than getting a band for gigs / shows.
In Sept 2007, HEREAFTER released its first fucking demo entitled ‘After Tomorrow’. Line-up for this release is Redza (Guitars,Bass,Vocals & Drum Manipulations). The demo includes 4 dirty heavy & thrashing shits. The tracks are Far From Here, The Signs Of The End, Lost in The Galaxy and After Tomorrow.
Later in Nov 2007, HEREAFTER move to the next step by recruiting a death metal bastard named Sargstone (VARICOSE VEIN) for drums.
By Jan 2008, HEREAFTER released a damn Single entitled ‘A Date To Remember’ which consist of 2 tracks A Date To Remember and Living After Midnight (JUDAS PRIEST Cover).
In Feb 2008, HEREAFTER has recruited another bastard friend named Haidir Lifeform on bass to complete the battalion. Currently actively rehearsing new materials for full-length & recording for ‘A Tribute To Celtic Frost/Hellhammer’ under Dead Center Productions (Ukraine).
Fucking June 2008, HEREAFTER first destructive live performance with full line-ups in ‘The Era Of The Ipoh Legacy’ gig held at Ipoh. Goddamn fucking thanks to the organisers Mr. Jax & Nizam.
November 2008, HEREAFTER released its 3rd material entitled ‘Terrorstrial’. Consists of 7 hell-terrorising thrashing craps. The shitlists are Nuclear Battlefield, A Date To Remember, Sampah, Total Holocaust/Unknown Disaster, Conclusion:Terrorstrial, Holy Wars (MEGADETH Cover) and a bonus track named Crap.
A New fucking year of 2009, no fucking luck but shit happens to Sargstone as HEREAFTER gives way to him to return back to his own band, VARICOSE VEIN. Many goddamn thanks to Sargstone for making HEREAFTER "Terrorstrial" complete!!
In early February 2009, HEREAFTER charge itself by recruiting an old-damn-friend named Panjang Nuclearblaster (DEVASTATOR) for drums. Currently HEREAFTER is rehearsing new shitty materials for their upcoming next releases.
HEREAFTER has successfully destroy the stage of Razz Ma Tazz for Sickening Art Pt 2 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 13th June 2009. At this same date, HEREAFTER has released a split release with Sabahan band BESTIAL HORDES entitles "Street Metal Terrorist." The released is a complete hellish raw-sound live rehearsal recordings quality. No edits & cuts! Total fucking RAW!
July 2009, HEREAFTER have complete the drum tracks recordings for its next upcoming release.
Dec 2009, HEREAFTER debut New Song & Video Clip "Orang Jahat" available for preview in the Youtube. The process of mixing are now in the finalizing stage & expected to be release by Feb/March 2010.
Apr 2010, HEREAFTER latest full-length release 2010 "Government Conspiracy" will be released on 1st May 2010. We are fucking sorry for the delays but we can assure that this time, we will get the job done!
A long hellish-year to go, more shits will be updated by time to time!! Fuck you!
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THE FORCE was formed in Asunción- Paraguay on march 2007, after the demise of the band OVERLORD, Mike Martinez ( guitars-vocals) and Sebass Román (bass) began searching for new members to form a new THRASH METAL band. On drums they found Miky Doldán, and on guitars Arnaldo Torres; after a few rehearsals on march 2007 new line up changes came with the inclusion of another ex- OVERLORD on drums, Cesar Ferreira, and on guitars they recruit Carlos Carvallo. With this line-up they begin to play the live circuit of Paraguay, sharing the stage with local bands and even international ones. On december of 2007 they release their first Demo –CD, entitled “OLD SCHOOL METAL ONSLAUGHT” with four songs, “THRASH TIL WE DIE”, “STORM OF STEEL”, “EVIL WORLD” and “HEATHEN..S ATTACK” gaining good reviews in the specialized press around the world. On January of 2008 they sign a contract for 3 albums with the Brasilian label KILL AGAIN RECORDS. The band enters the studio to record their first album on July 2008, and it is going to be ready to release between November- December of 2008. New Line up changes follow after the recording of the album, Sebass Roman and Cesar Ferreira left the band due to personal issues, they were replaced by Juan Barrios and Luis Almada, on bass and drums respectively. The band is ready to tour after the release of the album which is going to be called “POSSESSED BY METAL”

STRIKEMASTER is formed in 2005 by 2 friends who met early before and started planning a raw thrash metal band, Col.Kmu and Commander Chavez started the project and invited a musician from a well known band in Mexico “Polo” from Raped God to be the bass player, but because of some personal issues he couldn't go on so Diego joined the band as full time bass player after Thaurval’s split up and the band recorded the first demo limited to less than 15 copies called “murder in the kitchen”... this demo had only two songs: Thrashing the blind school” and “ritual killings”. The band gave the first live show on November 2005 with a result of serious violence, a fight, and an unceasing mosh pit for their only 4 or 5 songs by that time. Later on 2006 the band recorded the first official demo called “Rushed death”, more than 500 copies distributed in every metal bar, gig, concert, street the guy could spread their mayhem. With this demo they get their first Mini Tour outside Mexico playing 4 shows aroud Puerto Rico. Gigs kept coming up and finally an independent, cult, only true and no bullshit record company offered a deal for their first full length album “Up for the massacre” with 10 songs and 45 minutes of full speed thrash metal the album got an awesome response world wide, later on in November, Strike master got back to Puerto Rico to play the Boricua Metal Fest sharing stage with heavy metal legends as Omen, Twisted Tower Dire, etc. and finalizing the year with a thrash metal old school fest in benefit for SPIKE CASSIDY (D.R.I.) in Rialto California, U.S. sharing stage with the thrash metal new bloods of this time like: Witchaven, Merciless Death, Fueled by fire, Malicious assault and Infantry, what can we say about it….. THE FUCKING BAY AREA QUALITY!!!!!!!!! The band kept making its way around Mexico playing with proudly legendary Mexican bands like Luzbel, Transmetal, Garrobos, and Hacavitz among others. The band participated in the traditional “Thrasho de Mayo” in Hollywood California with the Californian thrash bands previously mentioned and that way opening their opportunity to reach a higher level and a stronger name. On August 2007 Strike master changes Bass player due to personal diferencies, Captain Ricardo joins the band, with new line up and new material to be recorded on a limited edition EP. StrikeMaster also Headlines their cult thrash metal presentation in Chicago, Illinois to keep the international activity on. The Band releases their EP “ Inflexible Steel” limited to 500 copies, featuring Kenny Powel from Omen on a face melting guitar solo and 3 bonus live tracks, presenting their new material in their metal baptize with fire as the only supporting band for POSSESSED in Mexico tour 2008, 2 weeks later disembarking their metal force over Europe to be the first and only Mexican Band to play MainStage on the cult metal festival Keep It True X in Germany, and having a couple of shows around the continent in well known metal venues like the Access bar in Berlin and other gigs in Belgium. Strike master has appeared in several compilations like “Outbreak of evil” under Nuclear War Now Records, Heavy magazine Germany, Thrash Metal Warriors under Black Devil Records in an American version and an European version as well. The band is totally compromised and dedicated to their fans and followers, to authenticity, honesty and true metal, no bullshit, no trends, no posing, no fancy fuckers speaking evil they not know. TALKING OF SADISM, OUR NAME IS VIOLENCE ! ! ! IGNORANT POSERS STEP ASIDE OR MEET THE STRIKE MASTER ! ! !

Sworn to THRASH! RIOTOR was twisted into form by possessed veterans and younger maniacs from the Québec City metal scene and has been CRUSHING POSERS since early 2007. The hellish flame to form an uncompromising old school thrash metal band was ignited by Kevinator (Six Chords Under) and Gabrihell (Razor Sharp Metalized Axe) at a RAZOR gig (Montreal Metal Massacre) in December 2005. Thus, thrashing united them from their dawn! At that time, Kevinator and Stefanatik (Multiple Stabbing and Screams from the Abyss) were still playing in TRAUMATISM, a death/grind project that released two formidable albums in the genre. The flame burns through to Christ-mass 2006, when Ismarevil (Warcry, Blasphemy Art) joined the quest of this unrelenting band. At the same time TRAUMATISM was forced to disband and so it became clear to them that the gods brought them together to THRASH ETERNALLY. A few weeks later, none other than DESTRUCTION came to Québec City. After innumerable amounts of GROLSCH and the rest of the band meeting Mikalcoholic (Thunder and Lightning Strike), Gabrihell's long-time friend and brother of steel - RIOTOR was born! The spring of 2007 was spent partying, playing covers of DEATH, KREATOR and SACRIFICE as well as composing 6(66) unholy songs of infernal devastation. The following summer was dedicated to recording these songs by renting and borrowing any tools that were needed - Fight the METAL fight. Their first demo "DEATH AND DESTRUCTION" was released in October 2007 when they opened for Canadian thrash legends PILEDRIVER, a real hellish metal night. This first demo gave RIOTOR only awesome reviews in underground zines all over the world. The exposure gave RIOTOR the chance to play a lot of shows; their POUNDING live experience made RIOTOR a devastating metal force on stage. The second half of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 was also spent writing 6(66) other metallic hymns that were self-recorded again later in the year for the second demo slaughter "FUCKING METAL". The band is now ready to heavily promote this BEAST of hell and forge future metal anthems for the diehard metal maniacs! RIOTOR WILL THRASH UNTIL THE END!!!

2007 Summer – Prematory gets formed by Thomas(drums), Joeri(guitar) and Joeri(bass) from the Hageland region. They started creating some instrumental songs while looking for a vocalist.
Prematory worked on more instrumental songs and tried out multiple vocalists but never found what they wanted.
2008 Winter – Thomas makes contact with Simon and after a few try-outs Simon(vocals) joined the band.
2009 Winter – First show(s).
2009 Spring – Demo release “We’re The Titans”(5-track self-produced demo).
2009 Summer – First big show (opening for Stormrider(NL)), In-Quest, Diablo BLVD…).
Prematory has shared the stage with: Stormrider(NL), In-Quest, Diablo BLVD, Fungus Inc, Creature, Natrach, Fallout, In-Quest, Shattered Skull, Bliksem, The Backup Plan, Krigavar(x2), Evilenko, Warbeast, Anti-Icon, Carrion, Evolve, Consul, The Zygoma Disposal(x2), Scarlet Carnation

 It all started in the year 2007 when 2 metaloholics Jöe Anus and his cousin Stavrös decided to start a band. It was very easy to find a drummer. Because 1 of Jöe's best friends was a drummer. And that's how Frey got involved with the band. After a year of just jamming, drinking and covering, we found a bassist. Steve Tomsin joined the band and from that moment we decided to call it "Evil Invaders". We had our first gig in january 2009. But after all the gigs done in 2009 we kicked Tomsin out because he was a total poser and we couldn't count on him! A few days later our maniacal friend and huge Evil Invaders fan , Stringking Pussymagnet Alain joined the band. He's a great musician and we're really happy that he's a part of Evil Invaders. Now we're really ready to kick some ass with new killer thrash songs! and... BEER!!!!!!

The drought is over. After years in the wilderness, homegrown heavy metal has finally returned. No longer the domain solely of our European forefathers, metal pure in both delivery and creativity is gaining momentum at breakneck speed in the Western Hemisphere. Leading the charge domestically are Ohio’s sons of Midwestern darkness SKELETONWITCH, who have emerged as forerunners of this new American sound. The ‘WITCH’s mighty sonic fortress is an amalgamation of classic Bay Area thrash, Scandinavian death/black metal and NWOBHM. Upping the ante from their Prosthetic debut, Beyond the Permafrost, these five gnarly longhairs show no mercy and take no prisoners on their new long-player, Breathing the Fire.
To lay this nasty, raging slab to tape, SKELETONWITCH traveled to Seattle and hooked up with legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, High On Fire). To make things extra filthy, The ‘WITCH enlisted Scott Hull of grind kings Pig Destroyer to handle the mastering duties. Tracks like “Crushed Beyond Dust” and the leveling album-opener “Submit to the Suffering” are sure to whip even the most jaded metal fan into a psychotic frenzy.
“Breathing the Fire is a burning, fucking beast!” says guitarist Scott Hedrick. “The drums are monstrous; Chance’s sickening vocals sound inhuman and somehow retain amazing clarity; Evan’s bass sounds like Steve Harris, Lemmy and D.D. Verni in a blender; and the guitars sound like jousting chainsaws. A lot of people said that on Beyond the Permafrost, we married black and thrash metal. With Breathing the Fire, they banged and had a kid – and that baby’s a burner!”
SKELETONWITCH’s vicious live show and fierce blue-collar ethic have helped to establish the band as torchbearers of today’s metal scene. They have logged countless miles on the road crisscrossing the nation with the likes of Municipal Waste, Job For A Cowboy, Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir, and they’ll do so again this fall when they hit the road with Children of Bodom and The Black Dahlia Murder. The band also made high-profile appearances at the 2008 New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, this year’s Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta (along with Mastodon, High on Fire, etc.) and South By Southwest, and were handpicked by Glenn Danzig for his 2008 Blackest of the Black tour.
“White van, black t-shirt: that’s been my life since we started SKELETONWITCH,” adds Hedrick. “We love and live for the road. We’ll play the enormo-dome or we’ll play in your fucking closet – we don’t care as long as we get to play. Being out there on the road and mixing it up with all the metalheads is what it’s all about. We’re all one and the same, and if we weren’t fortunate enough to be on the stage, we’d be right in front of it banging our heads.”
SKELETONWITCH formed in 2003 and self-released their debut full-length, At One With the Shadows, in 2004. In 2006, after several underground tours, the band broke through musically with the self-released EP Worship the Witch (which included a limited, handmade edition by Baroness’ John Baizley). Worship the Witch peaked label interest, and in 2007, the band signed with Prosthetic Records and released Beyond the Permafrost, which received numerous accolades in the U.S. and overseas and landed on many year-end “Best Of” lists including Revolver, Decibel, and Pitchfork. The album also cracked the top ten of the CMJ Loud Rock Chart.
SKELETONWITCH brings together the old and sacred elements of true heavy metal, melts them down, and forges them into a brand new monolith of riffage. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll come out and bang your head when SKELETONWITCH comes to your town. Worship the ‘WITCH!

The band started its activities in November 1996
Aiming to develop music copyright
focus on one aspect of Heavy Metal.
To start its work, the TERRORSTORM had
as major musical influences of the following bands:
Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Dark Angel and Possessed.
His discography includes two albums:
Neurotic World with 10 tracks released in April 2004 and
Euthanasia with 9 tracks released in April 2008.
Loved these discs were part of the following collections:
The Keys of Rock Vol 2 (2004),
Vox Metal Compilation (2004),
Anaites Vol.2 (2005),
Anaite Vol.3 (2006),
The best of Metal from Rio (2006),
Headbangers Metal Reunion Vol.1 (2007),
Kill to Bastard Vol.1 (2007),
Murder Compilation (2007),
Thrash Devastation Mosh Compilation (2008),
Kill to Bastard Vol. 2 (2010),
Odicelaf Zine nº 10 – Compilation ( 2010)
Currently preparing compositions for the 3rd disc.
• Band:
• Members:
Angelo Black - Guitar
Chakal - Vocals
Glauco Ricardo - Bass and Vocals
Evanildo Gouveia – Drums
News, Photos,Videos and more information.
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Nuclear Devastation born on a warm evening in April 2008 in the valleys of tuy with only three members who want to do a good thrash metal with the months the band has some of the best blend crossover eighties with songs very fast, 5 October NXD first enters the studio to record three small issues that do not include voice, for the public to be present in the underground scene would be known, in search of vocalist that month entered a woman but is short on band and be in command of the guitar Jorge voice band leader, in November 2008 nuclear devastation into action by giving a small presentation in Charallave between acquaintances and others, at the end of the month comes a new vocalist and luilly name in December for the first time we appeared in Valencia in the bands Mosh Up UP THE TERROR, PREDATOR, VITRIOL, OlDSKULL E unburied. In the mid-January, the singer left the band and Nuclear Devastation takes a break while looking for vocal, in mid-May luilly re-enter and return to the action giving a presentation on the pot of Charallave in Paracotos AND Cua . Nuclear Devastation currently consists of only two original members of the training (Jorge: guitar and vocals, Angelo: bass, vocals). At this time the band is preparing their new material and is looking for a new drummer and we do not have one fixed until now. NXD a thrash metal-influenced crossover in order to make the best eighties thrash and crossover in the Venezuelan ECEN grateful to all those corduroy us ... Venezuela lent its support of flogging a move Thrash Attack attackers.
Current training and contacts:
Jorge: guitar, voice telephone: 0416-014-5078
Angelo: bass-chorus tel: 0426-406-0173

Nuclear Decimation was created in July 2008, when Lucas Ikki left Tasting Hate band and decided to form up a thrash metal band with only compositions of his own. For the team he called Fernando Lima (who was taking tests for joining Tasting Hate back in the day) to be part of the family. Fernando thus accepted. Ikki on that same day invited Max Boozer (former Tasting Hate) to play guitar and sing, however Max Boozer abandoned the guitars and agreed being the vocals. To complete the team Tiago Pereira (Metalizer) was invited to play on Nuclear Decimation, and also accepted. With many fucking testings Tiago quited, said he didn’t have time for that. And finally comes in Sérgio Queiroz to take over the evil drumsticks and join up for good with the band! In 2009 the first demo is thrown entitled; "Metal Up Your Ass!", Made with hurry for best disclosure of the band. In september of 2009, max boozer leaves the band for personal reasons, and Silvio Manowar comes to be the new vocalist to maintain the strength of the band even more and with more seriously than ever, in the same year, Sergio Queiroz leave the band in 2009 and Bruno Moraes comes to take the drumsticks. Is comming soon the new demo of Nuclear Decimation. THIS IS NUCLEAR!!! DECIMATION ATTACK!

Rancor: Banda de Heavy / Thrash Metal formed between August and October 1998 in Madrid (Spain
Its components:
Ricky: Guitars
-Basque: Guitars and vocals
-Dani: Voice
-Serra: Low
-Jorge: Drums
After more than ten years of career, and a notable success in the underground thrash movement, two demos and an EP, Rancor finally edited his first long-term CD, Release the Rancor, which includes 10 tracks strong and fresh with a very own style defined and staff, a band that goes a step further in his career
Recorded and mixed at Dan Bonus Track by Díez and mastered by Juan Hidalgo de Mastertips.
The most notable influences of the group are: Megadeth, Annihilator, Overkill, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Testament, Metallica, etc ...
They have done many concerts and shared the stage with the likes of UDO, Tankard, Onslaught, Destruction, Silver Fist, Angelus Apatrida, Omission, Killem, Legen Beltza among many others.
Release the Rancor, essential debut album. A piece of thrash metal from one of the pioneering bands of the metal scene in Madrid.
This is thrash metal, Rancor!

Curimus was founded by guitarist Juha-Matti Helmi, bassist Jarno Ääri and drummer Jucca Ääri in November.
2005 Rehearsals and song writing.
2006 Vocalist Marko Silvennoinen joined the band in April. The first promo cd was recorded in September.
2007 The first gig was played in March. In April the bassist Jarno Ääri was kicked out of the band. Juho Manninen joined Curimus as the new bassist in July. The second promo cd “Under My Skin” was recorded in December.
2008 Rehearsals, song writing and gigs. The gig in St. Petersburg (Russia) in September was the first gig outside of Finland.
2009 The third promo cd “Humanity… for Sale” was recorded in February. Curimus had a mini tour of five gigs in Russia with Septory in April. In May the drummer Jucca Ääri was kicked out of the band. In June Jari Nieminen joined Curimus as the new drummer.

"Mentally Defiled" is an Athens based Thrash Metal band, formed in late 2001 by Alex Argyrakopoulos (guitars),George
Efsathiou (guitars) and George “IronBeast” Balios (vocals).The group started originally as a cover band - playing classic
heavy and thrash metal songs.
After a couple of years "Mentally Defiled" begun to compose their own first songs and started giving live perfmoraces,in the most known Athenian stages like
"An club" and "Texas Necropolis club" as a support act.
The band's music tag nowdays is a hubrid,influenced by the 80ies & 90ies American and German Thrash Metal,blended with their personal inspiration and ideas but mostly from their passion to the original "Thrash" Metal way and sound.
Many listeners characterise them like a blend of "Exodus" of the first era,with "Testament" “Atrophy” and "Sacred Reich" veins.
Lyrical themes varies and concerns from war, politics and justice up to beer,football and horror movies.
The band has participate in many underground collections like “Hangar collections vol. I” in 2005 (with the song “Mosh Pit Maniac”) etc.
In 2008 the band completed the songs for their first full album and starts looking for a producer
that knows this 80's & 90's sound in order to help "M.D" to deliver and achieve the sound they want.
After a long search,the band hires Stathis Pavlantis (known for his works for Reflection,Marauder,Tears,Wastefall etc)
and they enter "Music House studios(" on the summer of 2008.
The recordings kept about 4 months and the result is..."The Thrash Brigade".
A combination of US & German Thrash Metal,given with a RAW in-your-face-production without effects or drum-machines.Just pure Thrash Metal!
Join the Thrash battalions...
Current line up:
George “IronBeast” - vocals
Alex Argyrakopoulos - guitars
George Efstathiou – guitars
George Politis – bass
Bill Tsafas - Drums
Also vistit:
Contact adress:
Mentally Defiled
Azofikis 22 str.
16562 Athens
contact mail adress:

Sinister Pride Is a thrash band from Los Angeles,California. Formed in 2008 all members are Related and have much of the same musical influences such as Slayer, Metallica, Destruction and Iron Maiden. Sinister Pride has hit the ground running starting out Playing their first shows in the Hollywood club scene. Sinister Pride is on a mission to bring the heaviest fastest songs you can handle.Sinister pride currently has one Demo out which will soon be available on Satanica Records and are also working on writing and finishing there first album then going to the studio to record it. Sinister Pride is a machine that will not stop.till they reach their goal,which is beign the heaviest,fastet and best band

Band formed in mid 2002 with the intention to hold a line eighties Thrash sung in Portuguese with much influence national bands, but particularly also of German bands, American, Canadian ..., finally, make a thrash roots, with influences such as Taurus, Anthares, Dorsal, Destruction, Sodom, Vulcan, etc.., etc. ....
The band's early training was with another Eric: drums, Francys: low and Gnome: guitar and vocals under the name of Guerrilla, but after the Gnome to detach himself from the band members and later decided to change the name to Devastation by having a Another namesake band name and playing the same style. At the exit of Gnome came after replacing Alex guitar and changing further the training and been as it is today Eric: drums, vocals, Francys PRK: bass and vocals Alex: guitar and backing vocals ...
In October 2009 Francys left the band, which follows without a bass player but is still on active duty with Eric and Alex

PARANORM was first thought of as Markus Hiltunen (guitars, vocals), Fredrik Kjellgren (guitars) and Marcus Blom (bass) met in high school, sharing similar musical interests. After recruiting Karl Askebro (drums), they started composing and rehearsing their first originals. Extensive gigging followed in early 2010, and by May the same year they started recording a debut demo, which was released July 27.
Inspired by Bay Area and European thrash metal along with the NWOBHM movement, they set out to create a technical and melodic form of thrash metal, without losing the intensity of the old school sound.
Their goal is to expand upon the new wave of thrash metal while finding their own niche within the genre, thus leaving a mark on the realm of heavy metal.
DEMO 2010, PARANORM’s first recording, was released on July 27th and contains 5 of their first tracks. The demo can be downloaded for free or streamed via MySpace. If you're interested in purchasing a physical copy please contact

Formed in April 2006, with influences of thrash and traditional heavy metal, the Suffocaton of Soul since their first performances sought to demonstrate through a fast and heavy music, all the features that made them follow this style. With a lyrical approach that reflects the chaos of the contemporary world divided into a battle of strong versus weak. With great honesty in his work the band goes through the center of the underground with the mission and goal to raise the flag and carrying the name of what is true and only: The Metal in its purest form. In November 2008 the band took a major step was the recording of demo CD titled "Demoniac Empire" which has five songs based on the Thrash Metal Ep oitentista.Colhendo the fruits of the band was selected to play at the palco do rock de Salvador, the biggest rock event of the independent state, performing for an audience of 6,000 people, and is indicated as Revelation Band's Stage Rock, and New Artist of the Interior Bahia.currently the band works on the demo CD promotion, and composing new music for the next release, which should occur in early 2010