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distant past (switzerland)

1-how you feel playing a noble music as heavy metal?

It’s great. Although I’m more of a hard-rocker, than a ultra-brutal Death Metal Fan, I do enjoy speed metal. For me it’s the best way to express opinions and address different issues in a manner that is not political correct. It’s always about light and shade, metal is more effective when you have fast or heavy parts opposed to slow/melodic parts. It’s about the black and the white.

2 basically says that the band's lyrics?

Apart from Lyrics about the greed of people and secret societies leading the world to ruin, there’s a lot of modern myths and legends: The Hollow Earth Theory, The Code. I like these Conspiracy-things, as they open people’s minds to other than just what you see. There is more than meets the eye.

3 - feelings that you try to pass through the lyrics and the band's sound?

As mentioned, if someone’s gonna search the web for any theories or legends I write about: One more who can sees beyond the matrix of everyday routine. In Case of sound: they don’t need to be headbanging all the time, but they might like to listen to DISTANT PAST while driving or just to listen to great music.

4-which represents the band name for you?

The new album’ theme is a bout the reptilian race, who enslaved the earth population and they started in the distant past. So I totally believe tin Erich von Daniken saying that they came from the stars and created humanity. Hey, they cannot rebuild the great pyramid with nowadays techniques, doesn’t that say it all

5-what are the main influences of bands?

I like a variety of bands, here are my main influences: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dio, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind, UFO, Thin Lzzy and Blue Öyster Cult.

6-what metal albums that marked your life?

“Live after Death” – Iron Maiden, “Holy Diver” – Dio, “Heaven and Hell” – Black Sabbath, “Appetite for Destruction” – Guns n’ Roses, “Battle Cry” – Omen, “No heavy petting” - UFO

7-what is your opinion on vehicles such as the Internet, mp3?

The Internet is a great tool for musicians to make your music heard. Heard – not sold. Not even the big bands sell mp3’s nowadays, but free download is everywhere. If you’re not AC/DC or Iron Maiden, no one’s gonna buy anything of of you. Thanks to the few who do, but overall the times are bitter.

8-what would your biggest dream today?

That I could get the theories in my songs across the globe and that the people wake up from the matrix. But others tried before me and only could shine a small light on a few crazy music fans. I guess I’m happy if I can shine a light on some music fans. But DISTANT PAST needs to get more attention and maybe become a live-band and do more albums.

9-metallic talk about the scene in your country?

There is definitve a scene, where I live. I play in Emerald, the biggest true metal band in Switzerland We got: Shakra, Crystal Ball, Eluvetie, China and Gotthard, which are all famous. Krokus just did a reunion. Battalion is a new band on the rise. There are lots of other bands in my Area that have potential: Deadflow, Remote Lane, Cideraid….

10-end heavy metal?

There will never be an end to heavy metal, cause it’s beyond the mainstream or the trend of the time It’s timeless, and timeless art survives, forever…

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