sexta-feira, 9 de abril de 2010

Acheron (Usa)

1 - in first place i would like to know if the band has a new studio album? i would like you do a brief review about it?

VC- Yes, it is called “THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God”. Is is a concept about the earth purging itself from the filth of the world’s 3 most powerful religions, which are Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is about a New Age of wisdom and strength.

2 - what kind of contact you still have with the church of satan ? after anton lavey death how is the church about dogmas,followers?

VC- I don’t. I resigned from the organization back in 2000. And since I am no longer involved with them I really don’t see a need to talk about them.

3 - occultism,satanism and paganism must be exposed among people through internet ,tv,magazines etc?

VC- I agree that information should be able to be obtained by those who realy want to know what it is about. But the problem is it all depends who is giving the information. So in the end, it all depends on your contacts and connections.

4 - war is it a good or bad thing for mankind?

VC- Life is War! There is no getting around it. And it will never stop.

5 - what do you think about beliefs,religions around the world?fanaticism?terrorism?

VC- It is all a part of the human condition. Mankind has endless flaws and we just have to learn to deal and react to them. Dying is easy, living is hard!

6 - you think that christianity has some guilt by the evil existent around the world? what the better way to erradicate it?

VC- Christianity has been doing the same atrocities for years. They are used to these brutal things. If they can’t show you the way to Heaven, they surely will break you down and drag you there! (Ha, Ha)

7 - what is the true satanism, in your opinion?

VC- A philosophy that is being true to yourself and no one else! Living your life the way you see it should be. Not feeling guilty about what you do.

8 - a lot of people knows the black bible you really think the people understand real message of this book?

VC- Not really. In fact, most people who comment to me about it always think it is about “devil worship” and “reverse Christianity”, which is far from the truth.

9 - which is your opinion about heaven and hell? our world is a really fucking hell?

VC- I don’t believe in either one. And as you said, this world is a living fucking HELL!
10 - what you want to talk to the people with your own music?

VC- Just listen to the music and it will speak for itself.

11 - hell final?

VC- Thanks for the support! We hope everyone buys our new album. You can check us out at Keep the Darkness alive!

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