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Witchburner (Germany)

1 - talk in a brief words about bands history?
The idea of Witchburner came to life in 1992. Me (Tankred) and Florian Schmitt (guitarist on the first album) were just fans and wanted to play our own music. In the beginning it was just the two of us jamming around and we didn..t take it that serious. Everything developed to the next level when we met Tony and Seegel. As soon as we got into our first rehearsal room we were writing songs for the first album and in the meantime we played our first gigs. In 1997 Florian Schmitt left the band because of personal reasons and we recruited Christoph Ungemach as our new guitar player. We continued to play gigs and recorded our second album "Blasphemic Assault" which got us the deal with Undercover Records. After a short 3 day tour with Goddess Of Desire and Sacred Steel I left the band in 1998 and Seegel continued to keep Witchburner alive within the years. The band had to struggle several line-up changes, Tony left and Andy joined to fill the bass players position, but always managed to play shows and record new albums as well as material for other releases. In 2008 Marcel left the band and I joined Witchburner on guitar again. At the moment we are working on new songs for the follower of "Blood Of Witches".

2 - what the band talk about behind your lyrics?

The lyrcis have to fit with the music. It..s all about the typical thematics thrash metal bands in the 80..s were writing about. We are not philosophers or something we write our lyrics as they come. Mostly they are about party, war and death.

3 - what do you think about modern thrash metal?

We are not into modern stuff. Most of those modern oriented bands have nothing to do with "real Thrash Metal".

4 - what are musical influences of the band

All german thrash bands of the 80..s. Especially Sodom and many other bands.
But we also try to do our own thing and every member of the band for sure has its own personal influences as well.

5 - what do you think about split release with brazilian band bywar?
It..s definitively a good thing which stands for the friendship and connection between Bywar and Witchburner.

6 - one day everyone will die how the band see the death?

We don..t think about it. We are just “now”.
Sooner or later everybody will pass away.
So why should we waste time thinking about it?

7 - what the band knows respect brazilian metal scene?
Sure we have respect for the barzilian metal scene.
A lot of good bands are from Brazil, Bywar, Violator and many others.

8 - what are the plans of the band for a new full lenght?
We already started to write songs for a new album. As soon as there is enough material composed we will enter the studio and start to record . In my opinion it will turn into the best Witchburner album so far.

9 - witchburner thinks humanity is in the end?
Yes, humanity will kill itself!

1O - thrash final?
Greets to all the thrash maniacs out there!
For the future we hope to play some shows in Brazil. sure it will happen some day.

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