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Nunslaughter (Usa)

1 - mankind signify something for you? what do you think about religion,politics and society?
Mankind is just another bug on the earth that will soon be extinguished. There is no benefit to mankind.

Religion was created by man to justify our existence. Rather than just admit we are an anomaly man created some kind of magical reason for our existence.

Politics are corrupt and very few have the betterment of their constituents in mind.

Society is hanging on by a tenuous link

2 - in fact what is thought about band lyrics behind?

Most of the lyrics are to hold a mirror up to the hypocrisy of the Christian faith. The rest are to tell stories about the dead.

3 - exists some conflict problem among band´s work and your own label´s work?

No problems at all. I make the decisions for the band. Most of the time I do release NunSlaughters material. We like to work with a variety of labels and bands.

4 - what you hate in this world?

5 - at present, you think positive or negative labels and bands by heaps?

It is positive but eventually most of the people will leave the underground and only the strong will be standing.

6 - death metal is a way of life for you? if not, what meaning?

I think it is more METAL is a way of life. I listen to lots of different music and everyday I search out a new bands to add to my collection. For me this is what I do and what I live for.

7 - you appreciate some personality got idols?some reference? what do you think about hitler,charles manson,aleister crowley,anton lavey,nietzsche?

I would say I look up to Cronos for lyrics, Dogs for loyalty, and myself for integrity!

8 - how do you see the old and the new music formats to the music? what do you think about lp,cassete,vhs,dvd,mp3,etc?

I think the MP3 format sounds bad but I understand people wanting to download music. The music industry just needs improve the sound quality.

LP’s are ok but I enjoy 7”s better…ha But vinyl is my preferred format.

VHS always sucked. Once the tape is damaged you are fucked. I like DVD’s and Blue Ray formats much better.

9 - how do you see death metal scene world wide? are there food bands? are there different styles?

Over all with the advent of email and the internet aggressive music has moved forward but it is not as exclusive as it once was. Before when you saw someone with an underground metal band shirt you knew he was one of the few now I just figure they got it on ebay.

I dig grind and black metal for sure. There are people out there making music that tests to boundaries but I don’t much care for it.

10 - nunslaughter band members have some extra activity far band activities?

All of us have other bands or projects. Our guitarist has Nekrofilth our bassist has Crucified Mortals the drummer has a few things he works on and I have some projects working but nothing solid yet. Music is our way of life.

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